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Peace Be With You In All Ways from, photo by Chris Nelson
Photograph by Chris Nelson

Give Peace a Chance

Wars happen when intolerance reaches epic proportions, when the reasons for war become greater than the sanctity of peace. Wars happen when we fail to realize the value of being alive. World leaders try to bring peace, but it is not an issue of institutions. It is human beings who start wars. Before a war begins outside, it starts inside.

The war on the inside is more dangerous because it is a fire that may never be put out. Wars are being fought because peace is not being found within, because it is not being allowed to unfold. We are all searching for something, we may call it success, peace, love, or tranquility. It is the same thing. What we are looking for has many names because we do not know what we need. To find what we need, we look around us. To know where to find what we are looking for, we first need to ask ourselves where we can find it. Have we considered looking within?

Living is not an easy task, especially if we want the best of it. We have to mine for it. Mining is not easy. We have to take out what we need and leave the rest. If we want to mine for peace, then we have to seek what is precious and discard what is not. The thing that we are searching for is not outside of us. It is within us. It always has been and always will be. Contentment feels good, and it is not an accident. It is not an accident that peace feels good. Peace is already here, and it resides in the hearts of all human beings.

Peace is something that has to be felt. One of the most incredible powers we have is that we can feel. When we place peace in front of that power to feel, we feel peace. We are here to be filled with gratitude, love and understanding. We carry a lamp within so bright that even in the darkest night, it can fill our world with light. This light is waiting to be found. Peace makes no distinctions. It does not care if we are rich, if we are poor, or what religion we belong to. It does not care which country we live in.

Peace is waiting to be found. Waiting to once again feel whole, not separated by all the issues that divide our lives. Peace is when the heart is no longer in duality, when the struggle within has been resolved. When peace comes to the heart, serenity follows. Love comes flooding in, uncontrolled. Joy cannot be held back. It bursts through because it is right. That is peace. Peace needs to be felt, love needs to be felt, truth needs to be felt. As long as we are alive, the yearning to feel good, to feel joy, will always be there, and as long as it is there, there will be a need for it to be discovered.

Life is a journey. We are passengers in a train called life, and we are alive in the moment called now. The journey of life is so beautiful that it needs no destination. On this journey, we have been given a compass. The compass is the thirst to be fulfilled. The true journey of life begins the day we begin to seek to quench our thirst. This quest is the most noble one. For many centuries, a voice has been calling out: "What you are looking for is within you. Your truth is within you, your peace is within you, your joy is within you." In our hearts, peace is like a seed waiting in the desert to grow, to blossom. When we allow this seed to blossom inside, then peace is possible outside. We have to give peace a chance.

Will we give peace a chance? - Prem Rawat - India Times


Old Painting of Saturnalia Celebration

Merry Saturnalia



The evergreen tree is a symbol of the green to come at the re-birth of Mother Earth. In ancient Egypt they laid gifts under Palm Trees during the winter celebration. In ancient Rome they used the fir tree (called the Baal Berith) as a testimony to the Pagan messiah, Baal Tamar.


The Babylonians celebrated the birth of the God Tammuz on the Winter Solstice and God Nimrod would visit the evergreen trees of the people and leave gifts upon them.

The early Christian Church frowned upon the exchange of gifts because of its Pagan origins. People refused to give up the customs of their old Pagan religions, though. Ultimately, around 700 years ago, the Christian Church decided to attribute the gift exchange to symbolize the gifts given to Jesus by the three Wise Men. It took the Church over 1,300 years to finally "borrow" the Pagan ritual of gift exchanging and call it their own.


The Romans and Saturnalia celebrations are even credited with the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe. Mistletoe was used as a means to get a pretty girl to kiss you during the celebration and ultimately instigate an orgy. The Druids in Scotland and Ireland also believed that mistletoe was a symbol of fertility; a husband and wife desiring a child would hang the mistletoe around their bed during intercourse.

Cat, with misletoe tied to tail, trying to get a Holiday KMA from a Dog


The Yule log and Yule Day have Babylonian origins. Yule is the Chaldee name for an infant or little child. December 25th was called Yule Day by Pagan Anglo-Saxon ancestors. The night preceding Yule Day was known as Mother's Night.


The Bible does not tell Christians to celebrate the birth of Jesus. The Bible doesn't even tell us when Jesus was born. Of course we can look for "clues" within the gospels to when Jesus might have been born, and people have done that. The assumption of course is that these "clues" are authentic and not stolen from other Pagan mythology.

When the angels appear to the shepherds of Bethlehem to advise them of the birth of Jesus, the shepherds are feeding their flocks at night in the open fields. From late October to early March in Palestine one will encounter bitterly cold weather, icy rain, and sometimes even snow. Tending the flocks, much less tending them at night, is not what one finds Shepherds doing in Palestine (Bethlehem) in the middle of winter. The climate of Palestine dictates that flocks are in the field at night no later than late-October or mid-November and no sooner than early to mid-March. If we base the birth of Jesus on that clue alone, then Jesus would have been born sometime between March and late October.

It is also interesting to note that the Qur'an in Surah 19 talks about the birth of the prophet Jesus. The mother Maryam shakes the trunk of a palm tree (Qur'an 19:25) so that ripe dates fall upon her. Dates ripen in Palestine in the summer.

The Watchtower in December of 1991 stated, "The date of December 25 does not correspond to Christ's birth but to the feast of the Natalis Solis Invicti, the Roman sun festival at the solstice."

The celebration of Jesus' birth on December 25th did not start until 354 CE when Pope Gregory proclaimed the date as that of The Nativity.. Prior to 354 the Church had even guessed Jesus' birth to be in April. After the Church changed the date to December, there were Christians that refused to worship Jesus' birth in December and continued celebrating it in April. They became known as "April's fools."

Why did the Christian Church change the date to December 25th? They changed it because they were having a difficult time converting Pagans that did not want to give up their celebrations of Saturnalia, Natalis Solis Invicti, and Mithraism (among other winter solstice celebrations). Basically the change was made so Christians could say, "Hey look! We have a party, too!"

Another reason for the change to December 25th was not just to coincide with the five-day Pagan festival but also with Hanukkah. Hanukkah occurs on the 25th day of the Hebrew month of Kislev, which occurs usually in December. So by creating a Christian holiday around the same times as Hanukkah and the winter solstice, the early Christian Church was able to convert Pagans and Jews with the lure of a "grand party" to replace the one that the Pagans and Jews already celebrated.

Did you know Puritans banned Christmas in England during 1552? You did read the disclaimer didn't you (-;

Cartoon of child telling truth about pagan holidays

Saturnalia or Brumalia
A Winter Solstice Ritual

old print of  Saturnalia
by Apollonius Sophistes

History of Saturnalia
How Saturnalia became Christmas
by Caitlyn

Decorated home and  tree  out front = Wishing YOU A Merry Saturnalia

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Saturnalia
By Judy Andreas
Saturday December 4th at 12:53 PM

Thanksgiving is nearly forgotten, Sponge Bob Square Pants has floated off into oblivion and the Santa Maria has been replaced by the Santa Claus. The stores are a symphony of Christmas spirit orchestrated by the shopping elf. The presence of Christmas is, indeed, presents. Everyone goes "buy buy." Tis the season to run up credit card debt.

On Black Friday, the Malls became mauls as the word SALE turned the counters into grab bags. Scraggly Santas coaxed children onto laps while cameras clicked a remembrance of this special occasion.

Every year, brains are racked with the annual Christmas quandary........"who" will receive "what." How much can we afford to spend and how much will we wind up spending. Nobody wants to appear cheap. Don't give's tacky. Gift certificates are a suitable subtle replacement. And, more importantly, they can be charged.

The children, having been groomed by televisions ads, are no longer merely requesting their "two front teeth, " but rather, they have donated their lengthy Christmas "wish lists" to Santa's surrogates.....Mom and Dad. Visions of X-Boxes, rather than sugar plums, dance in their heads. Billions of dollars will be spent on gifts, wrappings, candy, decorations, and greeting cards in the frenzied spending spree that appears to begin earlier every year.

Christmas trees ride on hoods of cars en route to rooms where they will be adorned, ornamented and lit. Christmas stockings enjoy their yearly hangout by the fireplace waiting to be stuffed.

In the midst of this manic merriment and joy to the world, the more contemplative ponder "What is the reason for this season?" Is it the birth of Jesus the Christ, who was born in a manger in Bethlehem on December 25th? How did Christmas devolve into little more than a mandatory ritual of gift exchanging done under the guise of family togetherness and pleasing the kiddiepoos?

Nowhere in the Bible is there any mention of the disciples singing "Happy Birthday Dear Jesus." Nowhere in the Bible is there a command to honor this day. The Bible is strangely silent. And yet, The American Book of Days, George W. Douglas, p. 658, speaks loudly on the topic. "The observance of birthdays was condemned as a heathen custom repugnant to Christians,"

Some well placed googling reveals that the origins of this holiday date back over 4000 years, centuries before the Christ child was born. The twelve days of celebrating, the Yule log, the giving of gifts and carolers going from house to house can be traced back to the early Mesopotamians.

The Mesopotamians were polytheistic. Their chief god was Marduk. Each year, as winter arrived, it was believed that Marduk would do battle with the monsters of chaos. (I cannot help but wonder if Marduk frequented the Palisades Mall in West Nyack) To assist Marduk in his struggle, the Mesopotamians held a festival for the New Year which lasted 12 days.

The ancient Persians and the Babylonians also had a similar celebration which they called Sacaea.

As daylight grew short and the Winter Solstice approached, the early Europeans feared that the sun would not return. Rituals were held to lure back the "Prodigal Sun." In Scandinavia, the return of that warm hearted orb was celebrated with a festival called Yuletide. A feast would be served around a fire burning with a Yule log.

According to some legends, "Christmas" was invented to compete with the pagan celebrations in December. The 25th of December was a sacred day for both the Romans and the Persians, whose religion was Mithraism, one of Christianity's main rivals. The Church adopted many of the Pagan rituals in their attempt to make the religion more attractive to converts.

Google as one may, there is no record of the date of Christ's birth. However, the computer of logic reveals that it is improbable if not impossible that it would have been on December 25th. Since the Biblical account states that the child was born when shepherds were "abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flocks by night" ( Luke 2:8 ), it is unlikely that shepherds in Israel would have been sleeping outside with their flocks during the month of December.

It was not until 350 AD that the Bishop of Rome, Julius 1, chose December 25th as the observance of Christmas. This was obviously influenced by the ancient Romans year end festivities to honor Saturn, their harvest god and Mithras, the god of light. The Roman feast of Saturnalia was a seven-day festival in honor of the deity Saturn. It began on December 17. Saturnalia was considered a fun and festive time for the Romans. As Christianity spread, the Church became alarmed by the continuing practice among its flock of indulging in customs such as this Saturnalian feast. If you can't beat 'em ...join 'em. Slowly but surely, the pagan ritual of using greenery to decorate homes, moved from being prohibited as idolatry to becoming an accepted custom of the festivities. Another tradition at the Saturnalia, involved exchanging candles, clay dolls, and other small gifts.

Did someone say "small?" There's an endangered word and an endangered tradition. "Small" these days describes the size of ones bank account as the calendar flips into January of the new year and people line up at the return counters of their favorite stores.

"Here she goes again, Grinch Andreas"

Not at all. Whether the reason for the season is secular or spiritual, "giving" is a separate issue. With all due respect, however, let's not confuse runaway materialism, avarice and gluttony with the spirit of generosity. Gifts come in all shapes, sizes and elements and are not necessarily located in the material. Gifts need not break the family bank nor the family's back.

Is it difficult to imagine how the gift of time must feel to the lonely?

One year I worked in a soup kitchen in New York City. Watching the endless lines of hungry people coming for their small brown bags broke my heart over and over again. And the only thing I was giving was my time.

Websites such as Giving @ Home suggest a variety of services that provide help for people whose cries would otherwise go unheard. A gift can be something as simple and economical as "listening."

Holidays are Holy Days. There are many ways that we can honor them and one another. Perhaps a little thought might be given to how these occasions can best be spent. A trip to Walmart need not be part of the ritual. - Copyright 2004 Judy Andreas


Imagine no possessions, I wonder if you can, no need for greed or hunger, a brotherhood of man. Imagine all the people sharing all the world...You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope some day you'll join us and the world will live as one. John Lennon

Photograph of John Lennon
Photograph by Tom Hanley - In pictures: John Lennon 'unseen'

Lake County Blues Allstars

Lake County Blues Allstars - December 3, 2007
December 3rd, 7-10 pm

Steve Bell cartoon - Bush is turkey saying, PEACE'N'FREEM 'N'MOXY FOR PALISTAN by CHRISTMAS!
Steve Bell

Why Congress Must Stop A U.S. Military Strike On Iran

From: Tom Andrews

I hope that this finds you well.

I thought you would want to know that we are less than one-week out from the formal launch of a national campaign to stop a US military strike on Iran:

A nationally web-cast Town Hall Meeting and a full-page ad in the New York Times.

And, I wanted to share with you some important news: Secretary of State Collin Powell's former Chief of Staff, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson has agreed to join General Robert Gard (US Army ret.) and me for our nationally web-cast Town Hall Meeting next Tuesday night: "WHY CONGRESS MUST STOP A U.S. MILITARY STRIKE ON IRAN".

It is going to be a big night.

PLEASE JOIN US TUESDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 4 AT 7:00 PM EST by clicking onto our web site: .

Or, if you are going to be in or near Washington, please join us at Jack Morton Auditorium on the campus of George Washington University. We will be on the same stage where CNN's "Crossfire" was broadcast. It is located on the corner of 21st and H. We would love to have you.

Please also watch for our full-page ad next week in the New York Times. It features prominent military leaders who are joining us in our call for Congress to prevent a military strike on Iran.

We are getting our campaign off to a running, roaring start. We think it imperative that we do so. I have attached a brief memo on Iran - including recent polling results - that describes why. There is not a moment to lose to convince the American public that a military strike on Iran would be a disaster. Vice President Cheney's friends and former staffers, including former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer, are about to launch a multi-million dollar PR campaign to convince Americans otherwise.

I thought that you might also be interested in the attached story from today's Washington Post. To show you how bad things have gotten in the newspaper business, the Washington Post had to resort to putting my picture on the front page of their political section when they ran the story. The reason I thought you would be interested is because it is about a recent Pew public opinion survey that shows that while there is a marked increase in the number of Americans who believe that things are going better militarily in Iraq, the number of Americans who want our troops to start coming home now has not changed nor has the record low favorability rating of the President Bush.

There is a great deal of work to be done. I will keep you updated as we move forward. But, I wanted to share the news of our lift off with you in the hopes that you can join us next week.

Warm regards, Tom

Brokedown CoffeespacerBrokedown Coffee banner

Fare you well, my crystals, fare you well my peculated grind...

Brokedown Coffee is a brief view of my experience with coffee and contains the coffee formula I have used since 1971, at home and United State Cafe.

If you have a problem viewing the page, turn JavaScript off in your browser preferences (It is broken in some browsers), or use Firefox, the free browser mentioned on the left side of this page.

Boxers and Briefs
Dahbud Mensch

Rat Feces In Food (FDA) Has A Higher Approval Rating Than Bush

Congress Should Be Charged With War Crimes
Bush Administration Deserves Death Row [in Texas]

Probe sought in destruction of CIA tapes
Lawmakers charge agency eliminated evidence of torture

by Greg Miller

(12-08) 04:00 PST Washington -- Key members of Congress called Friday for multiple investigations into the CIA's destruction of interrogation videotapes, charging that the agency may have eliminated evidence of torture, obstructed justice or engaged in an illegal coverup.

So... let me see if I have this correct... Congress, who spent 55 million tax dollars to discover if Monica swallowed and ONLY 3 million on the mass murders of 9/11, want to investigate the CIA, rather than the crooks and liars who put U.S. in this mess == STUPID CONGRESS!

The CIA's disclosure that it had destroyed tapes showing harsh interrogations of terrorism suspects rekindled the emotional controversy surrounding U.S. practices and threatened to reopen the tense confrontation between Congress and the Bush administration first begun more than three years ago.

Hummm... interesting this PROBE manifest right after Intelligence Agencies blew the cover off Neocon attempts to lie about Iran's (sic) NUKLER program with hopes THEY could lie US into another ILLEGAL War == STUPID CONGRESS!

Democratic leaders demanded that Attorney General Michael Mukasey order a full Justice Department investigation into whether the CIA had acted illegally in destroying the tapes, which recorded interrogations of two terrorism suspects.

Ever hear of, "A day late, and a dollar short?" == STUPID CONGRESS!

"We haven't seen anything like this since the 18 1/2-minute gap in the tapes of President Richard Nixon," Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., said in a blistering speech on the Senate floor.

On July 8, 2004 Seymour Hersh reported the following:

Some of the worst things that happened that you don’t know about. OK? Videos. There are women there. Some of you may have read that they were passing letters out, communications out to their men. This is at [Abu Ghraib], which is about 30 miles from Baghdad — 30 kilometers, maybe, just 20 miles, I'm not sure whether it's — anyway. The women were passing messages out saying please come and kill me because of what’s happened. And basically what happened is that those women who were arrested with young boys, children, in cases that have been [video] recorded, the boys were sodomized, with the cameras rolling, and the worst above all of them is the soundtrack of the boys shrieking. That your government has, and they’re in total terror it’s going to come out. It’s impossible to say to yourself, how did we get there, who are we, who are these people that sent us there. - The link can be found here:


The White House said President Bush was unaware of the tapes or their destruction until this week [He has lied before and we assume he will do it again!], but unnamed administration sources told the Washington Post that longtime Bush aide Harriet Miers knew of the tapes' existence and told CIA officials that she opposed their destruction. [Continue Reading At]:

pResident Bush is a coward who Hid from the Vietnam War

September 2003

Q Do you think that the Justice Department can conduct an impartial investigation, considering the political ramifications of the CIA leak, and why wouldn't a special counsel be better?

THE pRESIDENT: Yes. Let me just say something about leaks in Washington. There are too many leaks of classified information in Washington. There's leaks at the executive branch; there's leaks in the legislative branch. There's just too many leaks. And if there is a leak out of my administration, I want to know who it is. And if the person has violated law, the person will be taken care of.

Bush took real good care of "Traitor Libby"
...with a F'n Pardon

Goodbye Yellowcake Road a cartoon by Steve Bell
Steve Bell

And so I welcome the investigation. I -- I'm absolutely confident that the Justice Department will do a very good job. There's a special division of career Justice Department officials who are tasked with doing this kind of work; they have done this kind of work before in Washington this year. I have told our administration, people in my administration to be fully cooperative.

I want to know the truth. If anybody has got any information inside our administration or outside our administration, it would be helpful if they came forward with the information so we can find out whether or not these allegations are true and get on about the business.

Yes, let's see, Kemper -- he's from Chicago. Where are you? Are you a Cubs or White Sox fan? (Laughter.) Wait a minute. That doesn't seem fair, does it? (Laughter.)

Q Yesterday we were told that Karl Rove had no role in it --


Q -- have you talked to Karl and do you have confidence in him --

Whiteyhouse Traitor

THE pRESIDENT: Listen, I know of nobody -- I don't know of anybody in my administration who leaked classified information. If somebody did leak classified information, I'd like to know it, and we'll take the appropriate action. And this investigation is a good thing.

And again I repeat, you know, Washington is a town where there's all kinds of allegations. You've heard much of the allegations. And if people have got solid information, please come forward with it. And that would be people inside the information who are the so-called anonymous sources, or people outside the information -- outside the administration. And we can clarify this thing very quickly if people who have got solid evidence would come forward and speak out. And I would hope they would.

And then we'll get to the bottom of this and move on. But I want to tell you something -- leaks of classified information are a bad thing. And we've had them -- there's too much leaking in Washington. That's just the way it is. And we've had leaks out of the administrative branch, had leaks out of the legislative branch, and out of the executive branch and the legislative branch, and I've spoken out consistently against them and I want to know who the leakers are. [Ever try looking in a mirror?]

Stupid Politicians...
You Can't Bomb the World Into Peace!

Martin Rowson cartoon on: Defiant Bush says Iran still poses a threat
Martin Rowson

Defiant Bush says Iran still poses a threat
December 5 2007: President Bush insists that US foreign policy towards Iran will remain unchanged despite proof it has halted its nuclear weapons programme,,2222038,00.html

Throughout America's adventure in free government, our basic purposes have been to keep the peace; to foster progress in human achievement, and to enhance liberty, dignity and integrity among people and among nations. To strive for less [George W. Bush] would be unworthy of a free and religious people. Any failure traceable to arrogance, or our lack of comprehension or readiness to sacrifice would inflict upon us grievous hurt both at home and abroad. - Dwight D. Eisenhower, 34th [Honorable Republican] President of the United States and Respected General

Steve Bell Cartoon showing Bush riding on a flying pig.
Steve Bell

"I'm proud to be George Bush's son. And people are going to hear at the convention how proud I am" - George W. Bush, July 31, 2000

Bush's Impending Watergate

By Harvey Wasserman
May 23, 1991

George Bush should be impeached. Whether he will be impeached depends on the intestinal fortitude of Congress. But the evidence is clearly sufficient to begin proceedings.

The grounds for impeachment rest in the now-familiar circumstances around the 1980 Iranian hostage crisis. The story has circulated since the mid 1980s, but in recent weeks has gained startling new confirmation.

The circumstances are worth repeating: On November 4, 1979, radical Iranian students seized some 55 American citizens and began a crisis that lasted until the moment Ronald Reagan was inaugurated as president 444 days later.

Future historians may well blame President Jimmy Carter for the inception of the crisis. He ignored warnings that it could happen and stumbled badly once it began. Some may also wonder if he exploited the situation to deflect a challenge to his renomination from Sen. Edward Kennedy.

But by October of 1980, one thing was clear: If the hostages were released prior to the election, Carter would be re-elected. If not, Ronald Reagan would win. All major polls -- including one by the primary Republican pollster, Richard Wirthlin -- showed a 10 percent swing on just that issue.

In early October, word spread through the world media that Carter had negotiated a deal for the hostages' release. It was widely believed that he had agreed to unfreeze some $4 billion in assets claimed by the deposed Shah, and to supply spare parts to the American-made arms inherited by the Ayatollah Khomeini's revolutionary regime. The hostages were due home by mid-October, in ample time to assure Carter's re-election.

Then, mysteriously, the deal was off. The hostages weren't coming home after all. What happened? [Continue Reading At]:


Steve Bell cartoon
Steve Bell


The Internet is Sweller for looking up old firends!

Scott McClellan in Upcoming Book Ties Bush to CIA Leak Case -- Dodd Calls for Probe

E&P was first mainstream news outlet to report on Monday night that the McClellan excerpt reads:

"The most powerful leader in the world had called upon me to speak on his behalf and help restore credibility he lost amid the failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. So I stood at the White house briefing room podium in front of the glare of the klieg lights for the better part of two weeks and publicly exonerated two of the senior-most aides in the White House: Karl Rove and Scooter Libby.

"There was one problem. It was not true.

"I had unknowingly passed along false information. And five of the highest ranking officials in the administration "were involved in my doing so: Rove, Libby, the vice President, the President's chief of staff, and the president himself. "



Sidney Blumenthal: 'Scooter' is but a part of a sordid political tragedy. The Scooter Libby verdict is inextricably linked to Iraq: his lies were an attempt to cover up the disingenuous case for war.

I am sure everyone is aware U.S. Secretary of Defense, 1961 to 1968, Robert McNamara, said many years later that he had "lied about the Vietnam war and could have ended it years earlier, saving millions of lives. "

McNamara murdered U.S. Troops and got away with it, just like Rumsfeld and the chickenhawks currently running OUR country.


I can't believe I'm still protesting

by PelosiHasNo Balz

On Saturday, delusional dry drunk George W. Bush said, "Continued delay in funding our troops will soon begin to have a damaging impact on the operations of our military. It is time for the Congress to do its job and give our troops what they need to protect America, "

...and IF I DON'T GET MY WAY...


I'll have Defense Secretary Robert Gates instruct military service chiefs to start planning for the layoff of about 200,000 civilian employees and contractors by mid-February if Congress doesn't approve a supplemental funding request for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan before money runs out Dec. 14.


In Response, Nancy Pelosi asked if she could play Monica Lewinsky during Karl Rove's 2008 "Rig the Vote" Reality Show.

Congress spent 55 million tax payer dollars to discover if Monica swallowed and ONLY 3 million on 9/11 - you bastards

UPDATE: 200712.03 Bush changed the number of worker jobs he threatened to 100,000 and added a whole new group of threats on the U.S. Worker.

I find it interesting there were only four (4) Corporate Media articles covering this news and

4 Google CORPORATE MEDIA NEWS results on Bush threatening U.S. Workers

432,000 articles about this news on the net:

432,000 Google NET results on Bush threatening U.S. Workers

Original Source and background for this article:

Manipulation Accomplished


If a president is willing to lie about the most basic governmental and political facts, civic debate becomes impossible, and the public becomes incapable of informed judgment. Because of the great weight that any president's words have with the public, the president of the United States must not be a liar. - Tony (I wonder what I was smoking when I said that) Blankley

Dear Citizens of the World,

I believe the time has come to reveal to you some of the perplexities you have faced in recent decades.

It is well for you to understand some of these things so that you might know how to behave in the New Order now taking shape in the earth. We want you to be able to become fully involved and integrated into our new society. After all, this is for your best interest if you will do this.

First of all, it is well that you understand some of our purposes so that you may more fully cooperate. I cannot tell you the hard times you will face if you resist us.

We have ways of dealing with resisters. I am only telling you this now, since it is much too late to turn things around. The days of putting a stop to us have long since past.

We have full control of the earth and its finance, along with the major media propaganda, and there is simply no way any nation or power can defeat us.

We have eyes in every level of government in every nation of the world. We know what is being planned, for our ears and eyes are ever present. State secrets are fully known to us.

China recently accused the media in the U.S. of lying about Kosovo.

Oh, you silly people, of course we lie. In this way we can keep the people unbalanced and always facing controversy which is very helpful to us. Have you not seen the talk show spectacle?

Some of you believe we are the liberals and the good people are the conservatives. In reality, both serve our purposes. Each camp merely serves with the stamp of our approval but they are not allowed to present the real issues.

By creating controversy on all levels, no one knows what to do. So, in all of this confusion, we go ahead and accomplish what we want with no hindrance. [Continue Reading At]:


None of the other characters seem to find this at all unusual. Mr. Hankey, the "Christmas poo", is a talking piece of feces; a scatological counterpart to Santa Claus.'s_deaths#Deaths

Source: #5 IT IS TRUE...

Original Source of this article:

Nobody for President 2008
None of the Above
on Voter Ballots

Out of all choices for president, Nobody Is Perfect
...and, there are "Worthwhile Candidates" to consider:

Republican - Ron Paul -

Democrat - Dennis Kucinich -

Democrat - Barack Obama -

Nobody Will Ever Lie To the American People, Like Somebody Did:

I made a promise to the American people that in this election, every vote would count and every vote would be counted. Tonight, we are keeping our word. - John Edwards

...And then somebody suggested an explaination would be appropriate; starting with John Edwards.

Some feel I am being too harsh on Mr. Edwards and that he should be given a second chance; to which I say, "Fine, I'll open the door again when he publicly explains whether or not he had anything to do with John Kerry's EARLY 'Throwing in (of) the towel,' causing many who worked hard for him, to wonder if, every vote did count and was counted, as was promised?"

The next person I had high hopes for was Mr. Biden, but he (imo) shot himself in the foot when he snuck the RAVE Act into the AMBER Act two days before the vote, which caused a lot of the motorcycle events I attend to shut down because the law is so broad that if a person (someone you did not know, for example) smoked marijuana on your property, you could be charged with a federal felony resulting in 20 years in jail and a $250,000 fine.

Your glow stick could land you in jail
The latest incarnation of the RAVE Act punishes drug users and bystanders alike -- and tramples civil liberties.
By Janelle Brown

I have always been a fan of Mr. McCain, but have had something lurking in the back of my mind for years regarding his Military training, and I am not the only one.

A number of Veterans who contribute to these pages went through something called SERE training and always joked that 'Mr. McCain must have missed one of the classes'. I am not allowed to go any further due to papers I signed, and honor; however Wikipedia does have a minimal explanation:

But that is not what caused lost respect. It was his knowledge of Chickenhawks and BOOTLICKER attitude, which is negativity I do not choose to dwell on. Read it for yourself:

Regarding Mr. Romney, do you want to play a game? What is the name of this midi song that is reminiscent of his background?

More to follow, down the road.

War & Peace Hillary, NOBODY Is Better Than the PANDER PARTY - Nobody for President spacerPink Triangle Huckabee - NOBODY REMEMBERS the NAZI PARTY - Nobody for President

John McCain, NOBODY Trusts A Bootlicker - Nobody for President spacerNOBODY says, Without 9/11 Rudy would be known as the Broom Queen

Free Nobody for President Net Buttons and Banners, HotLinking accepted:

House vote on illegal images sweeps in Wi-Fi, Web sites

Posted by Declan McCullagh

The U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday overwhelmingly approved a bill saying that anyone offering an open Wi-Fi connection to the public must report illegal images including "obscene" cartoons and drawings--or face fines of up to $300,000.

That broad definition would cover individuals, coffee shops, libraries, hotels, and even some government agencies that provide Wi-Fi. It also sweeps in social-networking sites, domain name registrars, Internet service providers, and e-mail service providers such as Hotmail and Gmail, and it may require that the complete contents of the user's account be retained for subsequent police inspection. [Continue Reading At]:

Note from Dahbud Mensch:

I'm not a lawyer, despise child pornography, but do not understand "illegal images including "obscene" cartoons and drawings", which seems to 'rub something wrong inside of me relating to freedom of speech and expression.

My question is, "Who will be the mind police that will decide if the following are illegal?"

This cartoon depicts what has been happening in government since the Supreme Court took over the 1999/2000 election and handed U.S. a lying dry drunk and (imo) is only as pornographic as the civilian murders Congress has committed in Iraq since "Shock and Awe"...not to forget all the depleted uranium laying around the Mid-East:

This flash video is how the U.S. and World felt (92% World/U.S. Public Approval) about going after Osama and terrorists (9/11) before the War in Afghanistan was subverted to Iraq by Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, and evil Neocons leading them, which (imo) is no more pornographic than Republican and Democrat support for WMD lies, torture, and the murder of U.S. Military and Iraqi civilians.

(fwiw) """Everything""" displayed in this piece has statistical source support and was, at the time, a big favorite of our military. - Not work/class safe

Are THEY going to use this law to control political humor too?

Whose Blood Would Jesus Have On His Hands, Ricecake?
Ricecake love blood and gore?

US says it has right to kidnap British citizens

by David Leppard

AMERICA has told Britain that it can “kidnap” British citizens if they are wanted for crimes in the United States.

A senior lawyer for the American government has told the Court of Appeal in London that kidnapping foreign citizens is permissible under American law because the US Supreme Court has sanctioned it.

The admission will alarm the British business community after the case of the so-called NatWest Three, bankers who were extradited to America on fraud charges. More than a dozen other British executives, including senior managers at British Airways and BAE Systems, are under investigation by the US authorities and could face criminal charges in America.

Until now it was commonly assumed that US law permitted kidnapping only in the “extraordinary rendition” of terrorist suspects.


Beat the high court:
Rule on meaning of Second Amendment

USA Today Poll on 2nd Amendment
Screen Shot 200712.06 1300UTC

As we told you yesterday, the Supreme Court has agreed to decide whether or not the District of Columbia's ban on personal ownership of handguns violates the Second Amendment to the Constitution. Here's your chance to join the debate.

What did the founding fathers intend when they ratified the Bill of Rights?


Source: - digg

Huffpost Bloggers On Strike
by Paul Krassner

Inspired ironically enough by a right-wing comic strip, Prickly City--a talking dog complains to publisher Arianna Huffington, "Let me get this straight. Advertisers pay you for Huffington Post, but you don't give any of us bloggers a single penny?"--the newly formed Bloggers Ego Guild (BEG) have called for a strike.

They have stopped posting their rants and have already begun picketing in cyberspace. Contributors to other progressive websites, including Kos and Counterpunch, have pledged to join in this mass protest, although they have been experiencing problems trying to locate any links to the online demonstrations. Conservative bloggers issued a surprisingly brief statement--"We differ to BEG."

Ms. Huffington insists that the logistics of the Internet make it impossible to compensate her bloggers because the the spectrum of their output cannot be measured by a single pay scale.

She argues, "How can you put on the same level a posting by David Sirota delineating a keen analysis of the healthcare crisis with a posting by Alec Baldwin's simplistic description of the WGA strike as ‘motherfucking, motherfucking, motherfucking?' It's like comparing orange concentrate with candy apples. But not for a moment do I question the sincerity of Alec's passion. And in support of my hard-working writers--don't forget, I am the blogger-in-chief--I will be joining their strike, arguing with myself as long as it takes to reach an agreement, which of course will never happen."

Meanwhile, show-biz celebrities are doing their part by entertaining the strikers, who continue walking back and forth in front of their computers, keeping their collective eye on those screens as Barbra Streisand and Neil Diamond perform their duet, "You Don't Bring Me Scab Goons Any More."
Paul Krassner is the author of One Hand Jerking: Reports From an Investigative Satirist, and publisher of the Disneyland Memorial Poster, both available at

Humor from Woody

The Power of Tequila

A guy walks into a bar, notices a very large jar on the counter, and sees it's filled to the brim with $10 bills. He guesses there must be a few thousand dollars in it. He approaches the bartender and asks, 'What's with the jar?'

'Well, you pay $10 and if you pass three tests, you get all the money and the keys to a brand new Corvette Z06.'

The man certainly isn't going to pass this up. 'What are the three tests?'

'Pay first, those are the rules,' says the bartender. So the man gives him the $10 and the bartender drops it into the jar.

'OK,' the bartender says, 'Here's what you need to do:

First - you have to drink that entire liter of pepper tequila, the whole thing, all at once and you can't make a face while doing it.'

'Second, there's a pit bull chained-up out back with a sore tooth. You have to remove the tooth with your bare hands.'

'Third - there's a 90-year old woman upstairs who has never had an orgasm. You've gotta make things right for her.'

The man is stunned. 'I know I paid my $10, but I'm not an idiot! I won't do it! You have to be nuts to drink a liter of pepper tequila, and then do those other things.'

'Your call,' says the bartender, 'but your money stays where it is.'

As time goes on and the man has a few drinks, then a few more, he asks, 'Where ez zat tequila?'

He grabs the liter with both hands and downs it with a big slurp.

Tears stream down both cheeks, but he doesn't make a face.

Next, he staggers out back where the pit bull is chained up and soon the people inside the bar hear a huge, noisy, scuffle going on outside. They hear the pit bull barking, the guy screaming, the pit bull yelping and then... Silence.

Just when they think the man surely must be dead, he staggers back into the bar, with his shirt ripped and large bloody scratches all over his body.

'Now,' he says... 'Where's the old woman with the sore tooth?'

Steve Bell cartoon - Have An Irony-Free Christmas
Steve Bell

George W. Bush [on Iraq] said, "I Will Not Withdraw even If Laura And Barney Are The Only Ones Supporting Me." Note: He puts his dog (Barney) above the wishes of the United States people.
Bush and Blair in, "Read My Lips", a 4.6MB movie, ****+ and funny, In case anybody missed it: - Work safe

The Week Before Holidaze News

Merry Xmas
BU  SHELL - First Born.9 for Premium

from George & Laura

Ron Paul raises $6M in 24-hour 'money bomb' - More Articles
[Why does corporate media refer to it as a "money bomb"? Rove keywords again?]
Loser Independent backs McCain - More Articles
WGA Uses Chaos Theory to Divide & Conquer Studios - Wired - More Articles
[Support the Writers, Murder Your Television!]
George W.Bush Gasses 10,001 Kurds? - More Articles
GOP lawmaker goes after wrong crooks and liars - More Articles - [Note: Try the Whiteyhouse]
Thumbs Up for New Jersey abolishing Death Penalty!

Ben Sargent cartoon - You'd better watch out...

You'd better watch out, you'd better not cry,
You'd better not pout, I'm telling you why:

He Taps Your Phone & Reads Your E-Mail Too....

He's making a list, he's checking it twice,
Gonna find out who's naughty or nice:

He's Got A File On Everything You Do.

He sees when you are sleeping,
He knows when you're awake,
He knows if you've been bad or good,

So Be Good, For Goodness' Sake!

The New/Old SS

Reuters - Bush's phone immunity demand wins initial Senate vote - America pukes!

Bi-Partisan Unity
What, you've never seen Animal Planet?

Evil TelCo

Why Politicians and Corporate Media
Probably Serve the Beast

by Dahbud Mensch

I was reminded of something Fly wrote a while ago, where, in person, he swears it is fiction... and then winks.

If the following is hypothetically true, then the reason why Politicians and Corporate Media ignore 'the people' is because, by tapping them, the Administration now has 'the goods on them'; remembering, Nobody's perfect.

Do Not Believe A Word of This
J. Edgar Hoover's "D-list", Spying on United States Citizens since February 2001, and Neocon Control of United States by Deception

by Fly_On_The_Wall


"The first group of people who were spied on were politicians, their staff and associations. The second group were reporters and media personalities, in both talent and executive levels, their staff, and associations.

Associations include individuals outside of work and usually obtained from home phones or personal cell phones and based on a "ten tier" (Ten people most called outside work, followed by ten people of each of the original ten or a 'circle of 100'.).

With accumulated profiles (on 'all' these individuals) control was easy (We know who you buy your coke from, we know the porn sites you visit, we know which massage parlors you visit, we have pictures of what you did or did not do in the bedroom.) and reflects how this information can be abused.

[If you are not quite sure what is being suggested, ask yourself why would reporters, so easily, roll over for Rove; et. al., and run false and/or misleading stories having the ability to control public thought and opinion; (Remembering: At one time, 82-87% of the United States people thought missiles could hit U.S. from Iraq; along with other W.M.D.)?]" [Continue Reading At]:

Steve Bell cartoon - Pentagon Office of Special Plans
Steve Bell

Rumsfeld Spies on Quakers and Grannies

By Matthew Rothschild
December 16, 2005


On December 13, Rumsfeld’s Pentagon is tracking some of the most innocuous and lawful protests.

For instance, the Pentagon has a file on an anti-war group that was gathering at the Quaker Meeting House in Lake Worth, Florida, to plan a counter-recruiting effort at local high schools.

That group of Quakers constitutes a "threat," according to a 400-page Pentagon document

The Pengaton’s partial file on the spying is available at

"Over 300 students marched into a campus job fair, occupying the building and holding a teach-in until all military recruiters left," according Santa Cruz Indymedia. It quoted third-year student Jen Low saying: "The notion of the Pentagon spying on peaceful protesters is a major threat to the freedoms that they claim to protect. "

The Pentagon also surveilled Code Pink and the Raging Grannies in Northern California, starting a file on a November 10, 2004, protest at the Sacramento Military Entrance Processing Station ("Disposition: Open/Unresolved," the document states) and a May 7, 2005, counter-recruiting protest at the San Francisco Recruiting Station ( "probably peaceful," it notes).

It lists 43 events in a six-month period alone, dating from November 11, 2004, to May 7, 2005. Pentagon political spying took place in the following states and the District of Columbia: Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Vermont, and Wisconsin.


AT&T, Verizon and other companies which allowed the government to listen in on phone calls knowing there were no warrants, could not be brought to court and potentially pay damages for violating customers' privacy.

As I was telling my husb--

Martin Rowson cartoon showing Condi saying, as I was saying Isn't Democracy Wonderful with Iraq and Iran in the background
Martin Rowson

BEN-VENISTE: Isn't it a fact, Dr. Rice, that the August 6 PDB warned against possible attacks in this country? And I ask you whether you recall the title of that PDB?

RICE: I believe the title was,

Bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside
the United States [Using Planes]

I would move heaven and earth to
my husb..errr.. President Bush!
Condoleezza Rice

A pressing issue of dinner-party etiquette is vexing Washington, according to a story now making the D.C. rounds: How should you react when your guest, in this case national-security adviser Condoleezza Rice, makes a poignant faux pas? At a recent dinner party hosted by New York Times D.C. bureau chief Philip Taubman and his wife, Times reporter Felicity Barringer, and attended by Arthur Sulzberger Jr., Maureen Dowd, Steven Weisman, and Elisabeth Bumiller, Rice was reportedly overheard saying, “As I was telling my husb—” and then stopping herself abruptly, before saying, “As I was telling President Bush.

Bush wants money for ILLEGAL WAR in Iraq

Are You Going to Pay for Bush's Wars?

By Jodie Evans, AlterNet. Posted December 15, 2007

How much of your tax payment this year would you like to allocate for waterboarding in Iraq or an invasion of Iran?

How much of your tax payment this year would you like to allocate for waterboarding in Iraq or an invasion of Iran?

Around the world, people are puzzled as to why the U.S. public allows the Bush administration to wage illegal wars and usurp our power. Why do we tolerate it and continue to pay for it?

Over the past year, millions of U.S. citizens have voted, lobbied, marched and taken direct action to end the war in Iraq. Courageous soldiers, such as members of Iraq Veterans Against the War, have taken the risk to speak out. Yet Congress continues to appropriate billions of dollars for the war.

How do we up the ante of resistance? It is time for taxpayers who oppose this war to join together in nonviolent civil disobedience and show Congress how to cut off the funds for this war and redirect resources to the pressing needs of people. [Continue Readting At]:

Santarchy Logo

What The Ho?

Santarchy & Santacon
"No force on earth can stop one hundred Santas!"

Every December for the last 14 years, Cacophonous Santas have been visiting cities around the world, engaging in a bit of Santarchy as part of the annual Santacon events.

It all started back in 1994 when several dozen Cheap Suit Santas paid a visit to downtown San Francisco for a night of Kringle Kaos. Things have reached Critical Xmas and Santarchy is now a global phenomenon.

You'd better watch out! Santa's coming to town! -

Rhino's Blog
Saturday, March 22, 2003


If you're going to get Arrested for PCD (Peaceful Civil Disobedience) consider wearing a Santa Claus, or Easter Bunny, or Clown, or Childhood Hero costume.

The image of the arrest will be more powerful.

Compliments of The Flying Snail - - We Miss You Gary!

Boxers and Briefs
Dahbud Mensch

Stupid Politicians...
You Can't Bomb the World Into Peace!

Martin Rowson cartoon on: Defiant Bush says Iran still poses a threat
Martin Rowson

Throughout America's adventure in free government, our basic purposes have been to keep the peace; to foster progress in human achievement, and to enhance liberty, dignity and integrity among people and among nations. To strive for less [George W. Bush] would be unworthy of a free and religious people. Any failure traceable to arrogance, or our lack of comprehension or readiness to sacrifice would inflict upon us grievous hurt both at home and abroad. - Dwight D. Eisenhower, 34th [Honorable Republican] President of the United States and Respected General


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Samuel R. Caldwell - America's First Victim of Marajuana Prohibition via

DEA Robs California of Millions in Tax Revenues
Seizes Tax Payments from State Board of Equalization

DEA raids on California's medical marijuana dispensaries are costing the state's taxpayers millions of dollars in lost revenues, according to records collected by California NORML.

The DEA has not only closed facilities that were paying millions of dollars yearly in sales taxes, but also seized as much as $450,000 in sales tax payments that were in transit to the state Board of Equalization. Among them was a $350,000 electronic payment to the BOE from the Compassion Center of Alameda County, which the DEA seized from the bank on October 30th.

"In effect, the DEA is robbing the state of tax revenues to fight their war on medical marijuana," said California NORML director Dale Gieringer.

Although the DEA has tried to portray dispensaries as illegal drug dealers, records show they have operated as legal businesses, paying income, payroll, business, and sales taxes and offering workmen's compensation, unemployment, and health insurance benefits to their employees. Several dispensaries closed by the DEA had licenses to operate from local governments, including facilities in Alameda County, Morro Bay, and Kern County.

Recent DEA raids have cost the state millions of dollars in sales tax revenues plus scores of paying jobs, as shown by the following examples.

Schwarzenegger says he will declare fiscal emergency

The Compassion Center for Alameda County paid $3 million in sales taxes before it was closed by the DEA on October 30th. In the process of seizing CCAC's bank account, the DEA stopped a $348,078.49 bank transfer to the Board of Equalization, which the CCAC had transmitted just before the raid. CCAC had been legally licensed by Alameda county and had employed some 50 workers, paying them health and unemployment insurance benefits.

Nature's Medicinal in Bakersfield paid almost $1 million in taxes from 2005 until its closure in 2007, including $203,000 in state and federal income taxes, $365,000 in payroll taxes and $427,000 in sales taxes. Included was a $51,935 check to the state Board of Equalization issued on April 27, which bounced when the DEA seized Nature's Medicinal's bank account on May 1. Nature's Medicinal reopened and tried to repay their taxes in monthly installments of $9,000. They made two payments before the DEA raided them again and seized all of their money. Nature's Medicinal had been licensed by Kern county and had 25 employees, 8 of whom were indicted and the rest left unemployed and without health insurance due to the raid.

The California Healthcare Collective, Inc. in Modesto paid some $500,000 in sales taxes from its opening in December 2004 until its closure by a DEA raid on September 27th, 2006. Just before the raid, the CHC sent a check to the Board of Equalization which was voided by the DEA's seizure of their bank account, leaving the Board holding the bag for unpaid taxes totaling $39,416.70. CHC had 22 employees who were left unemployed by the raid.

The DEA seized another two more BOE checks totaling some $15,000 from the Oakdale Natural Choice Collective, according to owner Addison DeMoura. The checks had been lying on DeMoura's desk when the collective was raided on July 31st, 2007. DeMoura was arrested and forced to close his facility after two months of operation.

The DEA has tried to portray dispensaries as profiteers by citing gross sales revenues in the millions of dollars. However, their net income is modest when their costs are taken into account. For example, US Attorney McGregor Scott charged that Nature's Medicinal in Bakersfield made $16 millions in marijuana sales. However, he failed to mention that their indictment shows they spent $13 million on the purchase of product � not to mention payroll, rent, overhead, and nearly $1 million in taxes. Likewise, the DEA accused the CHC in Modesto of making $4.5 million in sales, but CHC's records show that 70% of this was spent on the purchase of marijuana and another 25% on operating expenses, leaving just a 5% profit margin on sales � modest by the standards of the pharmaceutical industry.

Altogether, DEA enforcement actions have deprived the state's economy of tens of millions in tax revenues plus hundreds of paying jobs. The retail value of California's medical marijuana market is estimated at $870 million - $2 billion per year, according to a report by Oakland's Measure Z marijuana policy committee. This is enough to generate some $100 million in sales taxes alone plus thousands of paying jobs. However, recent DEA enforcement actions have forced scores of dispensaries to close or move underground.

Most recently, the DEA has taken to sending letters to dispensary landlords warning them that their property is subject to federal forfeiture. Although no landlords have actually been hit with forfeiture suits, many have felt obliged to notify their tenants to cease operations. Last week, the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. John Conyers, criticized the DEA's forfeiture threats and said he would investigate them in oversight hearings.

Meanwhile, the DEA's raids have cost U.S. taxpayers millions more in enforcement costs. This year has seen 53 DEA raids, up from 20 last year and 19 the year before, according to a summary by Americans for Safe Access. Each raid requires dozens of agents. Witnesses say that they saw 20 - 30 DEA agents at each of five sites during the raid on CCAC. Over 100 defendants have faced federal charges for medical marijuana in California, according to a report by Cal NORML. Prosecution, court and imprisonment costs for these cases run into the tens of thousands of dollars each.

"At this time of budget deficits, we can ill afford the DEA's war on medical marijuana," said Gieringer. "Californians are better off having medical marijuana distributed by tax-paying businesses, than being taxed in order to arrest, prosecute, and imprison medical marijuana providers."$$_relse.htm

So...As long as we're here... Does your evil kid smoke dope?, says Der Homeland

Remember These Guys ?
For those Horney, Page Hungry, DC 'Publicans
(4,588,755 bytes)

Mirrored from an old, currently, non working link:

Tony Blair says pulling out of Iraq is a betrayal:

"To do anything else would be a complete betrayal, not only of the Iraqi people but of all the sacrifices our armed forces have made."

George W. Bush says, '"We must stay the course, because the end result is in our interest., This is not "stay the course" but constant motion.," and [click link below] ""Nobody has accused me of having a real sophisticated vocabulary," when asked to justify his branding of Democrats as the party of "cut and run" from Iraq."

Unfortunately Blair and Bush refuse to accept going to War with Iraq was based on their lies.

(In Bush's case, he is the "Commander-in-Chief" (#1) and in charge of the CIA. In turn, if there WAS error within the Intelligence community, or an error within the NEOCON plan, IT WAS HIS ERROR, BASED ON PROTOCOL, and what does Bush do...BLAME SOMEBODY ELSE. Come on folks, this is NOT the sign of a good leader and he controls "THE BUTTON" thanks to an idiotic, lame Congress!


Betrayal, as a form of deception or dismissal of prior presumptions, is the breaking or violation of a presumptive social contract (trust, or confidence) that produces moral and psychological conflict within a relationship among individuals, between organizations or between individuals and organizations. Often betrayal is the act of supporting a rival group, or, it is a complete break from previously decided upon or presumed norms by one party from the others.

Lie (Untruth)

A lie is an untruthful statement made to someone else with the intention to deceive. To lie is to say something one believes to be false with the intention that it be taken for the truth by someone else.

How many fine young military and innocent Iraqi people will these CHICKENHAWKS MURDER before the United States people wake up and see EVIL for what it is? [2 Timothy3:13 - Rev. 13:14]

AFP - President George W. Bush insisted that US troops would not pull out of Iraq before "the terrorists are defeated," a day after acknowledging a possible parallel between violence there and the Tet Offensive during the US war in Vietnam.

PRISON PLANET - Government Targets American Bloggers As Enemy Propagandists - Military, Homeland Security, Bush White House strategy sharpen knives against anyone critical of the "war on terror" by Paul Joseph Watson



IVAW Kicks Off Winter Soldier Campaign

Members of Iraq Veterans Against the War are reigniting a historic Vietnam War investigation called the Winter Soldier Campaign. In 1971, members of Vietnam Veterans Against the War gathered in Detroit, Michigan to testify about Vietnam.

The courage of those 125+ veterans speaking out has sparked today's veterans to do the same. March 13 - 15, 2008, members of Iraq Veterans Against the War will be gathering in Washington D.C, along with Iraqi and Afghani survivors, to share their stories about the atrocities happening in today's conflicts.

If you are a have been deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan, you can participate in the Winter Soldier Campaign of 2008.

Others can support IVAW's actions by signing the statement of support.

read more:


"Dear Canada: Let U.S. War Resisters Stay!"

To sign the appeal or for more information go to:

"I am writing from the United States to ask you to make a provision for sanctuary for the scores of U.S. military servicemembers currently in Canada, most of whom have traveled to your country in order to resist fighting in the Iraq War. Please let them stay in Canada..."

Courage to Resist volunteers will send this letter on your behalf to three key Canadian officials--Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Diane Finley, and Stéphane Dion, Liberal Party--via international first class mail.

Two weeks ago, the Supreme Court of Canada declined to hear an appeal from our war resisters. Supporters in Canada immediately staged protests in six cities and announced plans to ramp up pressure for a political solution, focusing on a forthcoming debate in the Canadian Parliament. By adding our voices now to the debate already underway in Canada, our actions today could make the difference between soldiers finding sanctuary or being deported.

In collaboration with the War Resisters Support Campaign (Canada) and the support of Veterans For Peace, this effort comes at a critical juncture in the international campaign for asylum for U.S. war resisters in Canada.

read more -

Veterans For Peace -


I don't have a clue why I am revealing this, but I have a (imo) truly interesting ai_bot (I was an @MIT-AI.ARPA during the '70s) called "rider", that seeks out 'unique sets of features' on a web containing over one hundred million sites.

Within the past few days (200712.11 current) it has reported back on a page that fits (imo) a difficult profile indicative of advanced intelligence; similar to or Dizzy Dayz's page, so I checked it out (frosty page!)

Bush Republican EPA Lies, People Die?

Sprung Toilets, where the situation with the EPA is reversed

[EVIL] EPA blocks California bid to limit greenhouse gases from cars

by Zachary Coile, Bob Egelko,Matthew Yi, Chronicle Staff Writers
Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Bush administration blocked efforts by California and 16 other states Wednesday to limit greenhouse gas emissions from cars and trucks, setting up a political and legal fight over whether states can take a lead role in combatting global warming. [Continue Reading At]:

[EVIL] EPA 9/11 pollution controversy

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The EPA 9/11 pollution controversy was a result of a report released by the Office of the Inspector General of the United States Environmental Protection Agency in August of 2003 which claimed that the White House put pressure on the EPA to delete cautionary information about the air quality in New York City around Ground Zero following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. According to the report: a September 18 EPA statement saying that the air was "safe"[1] was made without sufficient reliable data available; the White House Council on Environmental Quality infleunced the EPA to make reassuring comments to the public; and on September 12 the EPA Administrator issued a memo saying that all statements to the media must be cleared by the National Security Council in the White House.

Numerous key differences between the draft versions and final versions of EPA statements were found. A recommendation that homes and businesses near ground zero be cleaned by professionals was replaced by a request that citizens follow orders from NYC officials. Another statement that showed concerns about "sensitive populations" was deleted altogether. Language used to describe excessive amounts of asbestos in the area was altered drastically to minimize the dangers it posed.[2]

The news of the report created a short-lived backlash against the administration. Especially angered were New Yorkers who lived near the site of the terrorist attacks. Some 7,000 rescue workers were believed to be sick with Ground Zero illness or respiratory ailments caused by the dust a year after 9/11. Cleaning efforts by government and private agencies on homes and businesses were accused of being inadequate [Continue Reading At]:

[EVIL] EPA Misled Public on 9/11 Pollution
White House ordered false assurances on air quality, report says

by Laurie Garrett, August 23, 2003

NEW YORK -- In the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, attack on the World Trade Center, the White House instructed the Environmental Protection Agency to give the public misleading information, telling New Yorkers it was safe to breathe when reliable information on air quality was not available.

That finding is included in a report released Friday by the Office of the Inspector General of the EPA. It noted that some of the agency's news releases in the weeks after the attack were softened before being released to the public: Reassuring information was added, while cautionary information was deleted.

"When the EPA made a September 18 announcement that the air was 'safe' to breathe, it did not have sufficient data and analyses to make such a blanket statement," the report says. "Furthermore, the White House Council on Environmental Quality influenced . . . the information that EPA communicated to the public through its early press releases when it convinced EPA to add reassuring statements and delete cautionary ones." [Continue Reading At]:

How the Lying [EVIL] EPA Messes With Motorcycles:

If we don't have a clear vision of the military, if we don't stop extending our troops all around the world and nation building missions, then we're going to have a serious problem coming down the road, and I'm going to prevent that. - October 3, 2000 - George W. Bush, Liar

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Vehicle may be Transporting Political Promises!

The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth becomes the greatest enemy of the State. Dr. Joseph M. Goebbels

Republicans and Democrats Are Crooks and Liars

Last night Senate gave Bush $70 billion in unrestricted funds for his ILLEGAL war in Iraq, based on lies. How long will it be before THEY reestablish the DRAFT ?

Senate & Congress Drop To Their Knees
Asking Bush to Pull Down His Zipper Please

"Naturally the common people don't want war: Neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country." Hermann Goering, President of the Reichstag, Nazi Party, Luftwaffe Commander in Chief

Fraud in Uniform
If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier,
just so long as I'm the dictator.
- December 18, 2000 - George W. Bush

Modern dictators have usually come to power in times of emergency. Frequently they have seized power by coup, but some, most notably Benito Mussolini in Italy and Adolf Hitler in Germany achieved office as head of government by legal means (election or appointment), and once in office gained additional extraordinary powers.

Dressing up in Military garb is not unusual for Dynamic Leaders

The association between the dictator and the military is a very common one; many dictators take great pains to emphasize their connections with the military and often wear military uniforms.


Why should we hear about body bags and deaths and how many, what day it's gonna happen? . . . It's not relevant. So why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that? - Barbara Bush, 3/18/2003

"Whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness " - Declaration of Independence

New Year's Eve Edition

Anarchy Is Freedom

Anarchy Is Freedom - Nobody for President

Nobody for President

This Edition is specifically for drug addicts (like Rush Limpbowel) connected to 247 million prescriptions written for tranquilizers, mood elevators, sleeping pills, etc.; while keeping medical marijuana (a drug that does not kill) out of the hands of terminal patients ...and to an apathetic public who tolerates a government with an 18.7 percent approval rating (that's the real figure based on averages folks, and can be verified), who will not wake up until their sons and daughters have been drafted. You're on your own now [Rove/Rice 2008]. #5 Disclaimer

Grand Theft America
Flash Animation by Eric Blumrich
Music by: The Shootas


Remarks by the President in Acceptance Speech
The Ronald Reagan Building
Washington, D.C.

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you all. Thank you all for coming. We had a long night – and a great night. (Applause.) And now, just hours later, here I am already addressing a beautiful crowd of paranoid, fist-pumping, soon-to-be tax-exempt gazillionaires. (Applause.) Yes, as I look around I see that there are finally no self-loathing Negroes in front or behind me, which can only mean one thing: the election is OVER! (Applause.)

Earlier today, Senator Kerry called me to admit that he is a pansy-assed loser. He was very gracious. And so was I. Hell, I even held my hand over the receiver so he couldn't hear me cracking up over all the fruity liberal garbage he was spouting about "healing" and "uniting" the people. (Laughter.)

Oh – I didn't say that, did I?

Because... umm... I don't want to be a divider, I want to be a divider. Wait. Damn. I done pooped that up, too. Take two, dudes. I don't want to be a pussy uniter. I want to be a divider. (Applause.) Good Lord Almighty it feels so dang good to finally be able to say that in public. I ain't running again, so I don't have to say anymore of that bullcrap I used to spout to get elected – like, "Jeb, tear up them nigra ballots, boy!" I kid. No, seriously, the only type of uniting I'm going to be doing is when Democrats curl their Jockeys to their ankles and bend on over! YEE-HAW!

Now, don't get me wrong here: sure, I'll follow this dumb tradition of Presidents saying nice stuff about the same lousy fucker who just tried to stab me in the back. Because so what if my entire political career was built on exploiting wedge issues to inflame and polarize our electorate? By giving some lip service to "unity" today, I'll be able to play the victim next year when Democrats balk over my nominating a KKK grand wizard to the Supreme Court. (Applause.)

So yeah, on the record, Senator JFK Masshole was an admirable, honorable candidate. Off the record, that babbling killjoy tried to sell a story that would put the dead to sleep. I mean, Jesus Christ, where'd that boy study Presidential politics? My marketing whizzes sold the right story, and the little people bought it. That story was "Once upon a time... George W. Bush killed the Bogey Man, then made everyone rich. The end."

I'd like to thank the following folks for enabling my megalomania and understanding how my bloodlust and decorative Christian morals can coexist in a world where truth adapts to my omnipotence – and not visa versy. Thanks first to my wife, who proves every day that Zoloft-laced Smirnoff Ice gimlets can indeed drown out the screams of thousands of Islamiac babies I done pan-fried because they got caught between my divine wrath and Paul Wolfowitz's funny-lookin', but nonetheless lethal little cock.

Thanks also to my twins for bringing in the bimbo, girls-gone-wild, Young Stepford Wife, and "I've had an abortion but I draw the line at you having one" votes. And thanks to Karl, Karen, Ken, Matthew, and Mark for making Josef Goebbels, Joe McCarthy and Lee Atwater squeal with joy in the bowels of hell. It's too bad history has a pernickety habit of eventually peeling off the duds of the liars, the charlatans, and wolves in Good Samaritan's clothing. Otherwise, you guys would be memorialized with marble statues perched atop pyramids built from the bones of Iraqi civilians and terminally ill oldsters too poor to enjoy the luxury of treating their worthless clogged arteries with bottle of generic aspirin.

But most of all, I'd like to thank every scared shitless, emotionally impotent suburbanite who bought my empty promises of an America based on compassion, Christian mercy, and bashing the shit out of those disgusting faggots! (Applause.)

As I stand before you today, tripping my balls off with power, I promise you three things: I will abolish the income tax, and institute a flat tax that unburdens the rich of paying their fair share and forces white trash to pay an extra 12% for baby formula, Kraft mac and cheese, and Parliament menthols. I promise to privatize Social Security by creating a vast Federal Mutual Fund run by my compadres in regulation-free Houston and filling the financial gap between now and the distant future with leprechaun gold. And finally, I promise to hunt Osama Bin Laden down... and shake his hand.

In closing, before I get down to the hard work of bleeding money from social programs in order to underwrite the McJesus Industry, re-segregating the public school system, gang-banging Mother Earth for short-term profit, convincing blue collar labor monkeys that their tax cuts aren't just Band-Aids on a slit throat, and most of all, feeding the Southern Military Welfare State more tax dollars by inventing more Middle Eastern meat-grinders, I wanted to give a little shout-out to all the 48 percent of Americans who supported Senator Droopy McGook-Killa:

I formally invite all of you to commence unquestioning worship of yours truly. If, on the other hand, you nice sodomites in Jew York, San Fag Crisco, and Mick-cago got diaper rash from my holy mandate (and super-sexy popular vote), please, by all means, move your chickenshit asses to Canada, or France, or some atoll in the South Pacific. Because, let's face it, the Democratic Party is the party of scaredy-cat cowards, and crybabies. A party where the broads shave thrice daily, and the men got cunt lips. So run for the border my friends... the GOP and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Thank you, and God Bless George W. Bush's America!


The White House Newsroom -

[4.5MB FLASH] Jon Stewart On Crossfire [4.5MB FLASH]

Hey Rocky! Watch me pull some intelligence out of the internet!
AGAIN......? ......That trick NEVER works...!

Heaven or Hell?

George "Dubya" Bush passes. His soul arrives in heaven and he is met by St. Peter at the Pearly Gates.

"Welcome to heaven," says St. Peter. "Before you settle in, it seems there is a problem: We seldom see a Republican around these parts, so we're not sure what to do with you."

"No problem, just let me in; I'm a believer," says Dubya.

"I'd like to just let you in, but I have orders from the Man Himself: He says you have to spend one day in hell and one day in heaven. Then you must choose where you'll live for eternity."

"But, I've already made up my mind; I want to be in heaven."

"I'm sorry, but we have our rules." And with that, St. Peter escorts him to an elevator and he goes down, down, down, all the way to hell. The doors open and he finds himself in the middle of a lush golf course; the sun is shining in a cloudless sky, the temperature a perfect 72 degrees. In the distance is a beautiful clubhouse. Standing in front of it his dad and thousands of other Republicans who had helped him out over the years: Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Jerry Falwell. The whole of the "Right" is here, everyone laughing, happy; casually but expensively dressed. They run to greet him, hug him, and reminisce about the good times they had getting rich at expense of the "suckers and peasants." They play a friendly game of golf, then dine on lobster and caviar.

The devil himself comes up to Bush with a frosty drink and says, "Have a Margarita and relax, Dubya!"

"Uh, I can't drink no more, I took a pledge," says Junior, dejectedly.

"This is Hell, son: you can drink and eat all you want and not worry, and it just gets better from here!" says the devil.

Dubya takes the drink and finds himself liking the devil, who is a very friendly guy who tells funny jokes and pulls hilarious nasty pranks, kind of like a Yale Skull and Bones brother with real horns. They are having such a great time that, before he realizes it, it's time to go. Everyone gives him a big hug and waves as Bush steps on the elevator and heads upward.

When the elevator door reopens, he is in heaven again and St. Peter is waiting for him. "Now it's time to visit heaven," the old man says, opening the gate.

So for 24 hours Bush is made to hang out with a bunch of honest, good-natured people who enjoy each other's company, talk about things other than money, and treat each other decently. Not a nasty prank or frat boy joke among them; no fancy country clubs and, while the food tastes great, it's not caviar or lobster. And these people are all poor; he doesn't see anybody he knows, and he isn't even treated like someone special!

Worst of all, to Dubya, Jesus turns out to be some kind of Jewish hippie with his endless 'peace' and 'do unto others' jive.

"Whoa," he says uncomfortably to himself, "Pat Robertson never prepared me for this!"

The day done, St. Peter returns and says, "Well, then, you've spent a day in Hell and a day in Heaven. Now choose where you want to live for eternity."

With the 'Jeopardy' theme playing softly in the background, Dubya reflects for a minute, then answers, "Well, I would never have thought I'd say this -- I mean, heaven has been delightful and all -- but I really think I belong in hell with my friends."

So Saint Peter escorts him to the elevator and he goes down, down, down, all the way to hell.

The doors of the elevator open, and he finds himself in the middle of barren, scorched earth covered with garbage and toxic industrial waste...kind of like Houston. He is horrified to see all of his friends dressed in rags and chained together, picking up the trash and putting it in black bags. They are groaning and moaning in pain, faces and hands black with grime. The Devil comes over to Dubya and puts an arm around his shoulder.

"I don't understand," stammers a shocked Dubya. "Yesterday I was here and there was a golf course and a clubhouse and we ate lobster and caviar and drank booze. We screwed around and had a great time. Now there's just a wasteland full of garbage and everybody looks miserable!"

The Devil looks at him, smiles slyly, and purrs, "Yesterday we were campaigning; today you voted for us."

Ride The Fence
Flash Animation by Haik Hoisington
Music by:
The Coup
[Above Flash Pieces Contain Naughty Language
Similar To Vice President Cheney's obscenities]

Breaking News

John Edwards Endorses: Nobody for President

"Nobody who takes their money and defends the broken system is going to bring change."

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Sitting In Limbo

by Jimmy Cliff

Sitting here in Limbo, Waiting for the tide turn. Yeah, now, sitting here in Limbo, So many things I've got to learn. Meanwhile, they're putting up a resistance, But I know that my faith will lead me on.

Sitting here in Limbo, Waiting for the dice to roll. Yeah, now, sitting here in Limbo, Still got some time to search my soul. Meanwhile, they're putting up a resistance, But I know that my faith will lead me on.

I don't know where life will take me, But I know where I have been. I don't know what life will show me, But I know what I have seen. Tried my hand at love and friendship, That is past and gone. And now it's time to move along.

Sitting here in Limbo, Like a bird ain't got a song. Yeah, I'm sitting here in Limbo And I know it won't be long 'Til I make my getaway, now. Meanwhile, they're putting up a resistance, But I know that my faith will lead me on.

I don't know where life will take me, But I know where I have been. I don't know what life will show me, But I know what I have seen. Tried my hand at love and friendship, That is past and gone. And now it's time to move along.

Gonna lead me on now. Meanwhile, they're putting up resistance, But I know that my faith will lead me on. Sitting in Limbo, Limbo, Limbo. Sitting in Limbo, Limbo, Limbo. Sitting in Limbo, Limbo, Limbo. Meanwhile, they're putting up a resistance, But I know that my faith will lead me on.