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I had an extensive music education as a child / student and had not exercised 'it' for over forty years.

The first four Podcast music compositions, Introduction, Inside Job, Passing Time, and Mood Loops, took 7 hours, 22 minutes to create; from 'open Mac Mini box until completed, as you hear them'. Bluz Ate My Song - was created with 'stock' GarageBand and M-Audio Oxygen 8 MIDI Keyboard Controller.

These are 'no frills', 'raw tunes', created with GarageBand without 'mixdown' or enhancement. I left them as they were created, in order to show improvement.

United State Cafe

1975 Music Sets
Recorded at the United State Cafe

United State Cafe Espresso Machine ~ Photograph by James Stark
United State Cafe Espresso Machine ~ Photograph by James Stark

C. Spangler doing sound for half a million people
Sound and Recording by C. Spangler

[Note: The following MP3 Complete Sets are not, and will not be, listed in the iTunes RSS feed due to size of files]

July 29, 1975 = Tuesday Night Class, featuring Keith Lampe A.K.A. Ponderosa Pine & more:

MP3: 83.4 MB =

August 02, 1975 = Robin Kilgore:

MP3: 91.1 MB =

August 09, 1975 = Jumpin Jupiter:

MP3: 136.9 MB =

August 12, 1975 = Gabriel Gladstar:

MP3: 101.6 MB =

August 13, 1975 = Happy Valley String Band:

MP3: 75.3 MB =

August 26, 1975 = Honey Creek:

MP3: 43.6 MB =

These recordings were never intended to be professional. They are a reminder of the bands and music I loved. Unfortunately, I was not able to record all of the people who performed at the United State Cafe ... Curtis

Jumpin Jupiter - Hgongcrazy a.k.a. Howie Hollenberg, drums and percussion, Sunny a.k.a. Rick McNees, synthesizer and keyboards, Larry Dunn, guitars and vocals, harmonica, Larry Klein, 6 string bass, vocals, and Kathleen McCarthy, vocals.

Howie has a web page [hgongcrazy] at:

Reeling Round the Sun © 1975 Jumpin Jupiter, written by Larry Dunn

Freedom Dance © 1975 Jumpin Jupiter, written by Larry Dunn

First Day © 1975 Jumpin Jupiter, written by Bill and Steve Weitzman

Why Not Try Love Again © 1975 Jumpin Jupiter, written by Rick 'Sunshine' McNees and the band.

Under-Rail © 1975 Jumpin Jupiter, written by Rick 'Sunshine' McNees

Happy Valley

Toad Suckers 1975 Rusty Gauthier and Friends

Remnants of Paradise © 1979 Erik Moll Music (ASCAP/TONO) - Erik Moll, Rusty Gauthier, Larry Klein, Jim Zeigler, and Howie Hollenberg played on this recording.

Waltzing on the Stars © 1979 Erik Moll Music (ASCAP/TONO) - Erik Moll, Rusty Gauthier, Loren Lawner, and Ralph Penunuri.

Erik's web page is located at:

Bobby Kent - (Soul Is Satisfied) - Actually Bobby Kent and the Christian Cadillac featuring members of Glide Memorial Choir) - 1975.

Robbie Basho - (Wounded Knee) - 1975.

John & Michael Lewis - (Cello and Electric Piano) - 1975.

Laura Allan - (Native American Ceremonial Song) - 1975.

Robin Kilgore - 1975.

Mobius - 1975.

Gabriel Gladstar - 1975.

Ralph Eno - (Kiss Up & We're Snapping) by Freaky Ralph, Jeff Ross, and the Pointless Sisters) - 1975.

A descriptive companion page containing the above performers (United State Cafe) is located at:

Steven Leech+ Legends of Wilmington Jazz

2 web~book chapters:
from Steven Leech

RAW SUCK a book by Sreven Leech

Click to play C-FACTORS:

Click to play WURM SYNDROME:

Book: Raw Suck by Steven LeechBook: back Raw Suck by Steven Leech

Nobody for President

Country Joe McDonald - Converted 1980 Nobody for President Video by Country Joe to MP3.

During 1980, Jim Maxwell, of Jim Maxwell & The Sundown Band, gave me a Nobody For President 45 record with permission to use it for Nobody.

Jim Maxwell - vocal, guitar, Roy Marden - guitar, vocals, Jerry Shebeski - drums, Joe Jedrlinic - bass guitar, Craig Grant - vocals, percussion, David Peel - vocals, percussion, Joanna D'ascoli - vocals, Sherwin Winnick - mix consultant, Recorded at Dreamland Studios, N.Y., Mixed at Sundown Recording, L.I., N.Y., Special Thanks: Andrea Katz, Cover Design: Harry Wasserman, Promotion: Michael Luckman.


Rubbermaid - Cucumber, Entrepreneur, Secretary for a Day. Rubbermaid's Page Located at:

Mike Wilhelm

Born in Los Angeles in 1942, Mike Wilhelm learned blues guitar in his teens from legendary Tennessee bluesman Brownie McGhee and Texas songster Mance Lipscomb. A U. S. Navy veteran, he is perhaps best known as one of the founding members of San Francisco's first psychedelic rock group, the Charlatans (1964-69). He led his own hard rock group, Loose Gravel, from 1969 until 1976 when he joined cult heroes and power pop originators the Flamin' Groovies, playing with them until 1982. Mike's Page & MP3 Information Page.

In the late 60's, when asked to name his favorite guitarist on the San Francisco scene, Jerry Garcia replied, "Mike Wilhelm."

Long Gone Stranger Blues © 2007 Mike Wilhelm - Ramblin' - Written by Robert Johnson - Worn Out Suits - Written by Dave Edmunds

TOKYO, 1997 - Kyon, Mike, Yotchan

Mike Wilhelm provided a series of live MP3s recorded at Yukotopia (Deadhead's Land), Tokyo, Japan, January 16, 1997 [Right click above graphic to save CD cover] - Kyon - Keyboard, Mandolin - Mike Wilhelm - Guitar, Vocal - Yotchan - Guitar, Harmonica, Vocal:

Key To The Highway - Walkin' The Dog - No Sugar In My Tea - Someday You'll Call My Name - Down The Road A Piece

200808.13 - Mike Wilhelm has provided new MP3s for your listening pleasure:

Love In Vain - Betty & Dupree - Key To The Highway - The New New Old Pawnshop Blues - See See Rider

The Charlatans, 1964, Golden Gate Park Conservatory
Charlatans, 1964, Golden Gate Park Conservatory
George Hunter, Dan Hicks, Mike Wilhelm, Mike Ferguson, Richie Olsen

Charlatans live at the Fillmore:

I Saw Her - lead vocal by George Hunter - On The Road Again - lead vocal by Dan Hicks

Archival Track Details
by Mike Wilhelm

Chris Wilson & ex-Flamin' Groovies: If Wishes Were Horses (Chris Wilson) - Sympathy For The Devil (Jagger/Richards) - The Derelict (Fifteen Men On A Dead Man's Chest Traditional/arranged by Mike Wilhelm)

Loose Gravel: When You Got A Good Friend (Robert Johnson) - Hear The People (Wilhelm/Kunstler)

Loose Gravel (trio): Medley: Sittin' On Top Of The World / It's All Over Now (traditional, arr. Wilhelm/B. Womack) - I'm Not Satisfied (Frank Zappa) - Waitin' In Line (Wilhelm/Kunstler)

Flamin' Groovies: Live, Valencourt Plaza, San Francisco 1979, Let It Rock -> I Want You

Mike Wilhelm: Jesse's Theme

The Flamin' Groovies
Flamin' Groovies

Learn more about Chris Wilson and his new album, "Second Life"

Bottle Rock Blues & Rhythm Band
Mike Wilhelm & his Bottle Rock Blues & Rhythm Band, Recorded Live at Linton's

Big Boss Man featuring Neon Napalm and Mike Wilhelm - Got My Mojo Workin' featuring Mike Wilhelm and BRB&R Band - House Of Blue Lights featuring Neon Napalm and Mike Wilhelm - New Old Pawnshop Blues featuring Mike Wilhelm - The Thrill Is Gone featuring Neon Napalm

Hound Dog - Bottle Rock Blues & Rhythm Band - This is the audio from the video of our encore at the Blue Wing as shot by Cornelius. Eric Roach on guitar (second solo). - Mike Wilhelm

Take Me Back is from Flamin' Groovies, Now Personnel are: Chris Wilson, vocal & guitar; Cyril Jordan, vocal & guitar; George Alexander, vocal & bass; Mike Wilhelm, guitar; David Wright, drums. Both tunes from the late '70s and songwriting credit is Jordan/Wilson.

In The USA is from Flamin' Groovies, Jumpin' in the Night. Personnel are: Chris Wilson, vocal & guitar; Cyril Jordan, vocal & guitar; George Alexander, vocal & bass; Mike Wilhelm, guitar; David Wright, drums. Both tunes from the late '70s and songwriting credit is Jordan/Wilson.

Ladyfriend - Here's another Flamin' Groovies track, a cover of an obscure Byrds tune that only appeared on the flip side of a 45 single. Ladyfriend was written by David Crosby. We opened our show at Le Pavillon de Paris with this song and it tore the crowd up.

I Got Mine - Mike Wilhelm, acoustic 12-string and vocal; Riley Osbourne, piano; Waller Collie, bass; Fred "Freddie Steady" Krc, drums. Krc is pronounced "Kirch". Recorded in Austin, March, 2000.

Sweet Home Chicago - New Bottle Rock Blues & Rhythm Band track.

More information about Mike Wilhelm's (above) songs is located at:

More Information about Mike Wilhelm is located at:

Vocal Energy Health
Vocal Energy Health
Keith Lampe (Ponderosa Pine), Vocals and Doug Adamz, Tibetan Bell

Part One:

Part Two:

With VEH (Vocal Energy Health), after a few sessions of imitating these sounds, one can start doing them alone or--even better--with others; creating an effective practice that requires no gear. - Ponderosa Pine

201111.28 - Keith Lampe, Ro-Non-So-Te, Ponderosa Pine, Transition Prez, 1993, doing Mr. Tambourine Man:

Science Faction

An example of what I labeled science faction would reference "From the Earth to the Moon" by Jules Verne, point out how people at that time could not believe a trip to the moon was possible, and bring up NASA's Apollo 11.

The first of this series is titled, Rebirth of Evil:

One night / early morning, during the 1970s, a tape was shoved through my mail slot with no identification or label, that was wrapped in a torn, small, brown, paper bag.

Although somewhat outdated, the similarities between what was suggested would happen leading up to 1984, and 1999 to the present are amusing.

If you found Rebirth of Evil interesting, or funny, read:

Dear Citizens of the World

consider the current state of things, with science faction in mind and then watch this:

The second of the series is titled, UFO-1974 ~ Click to play:

While participating with an amateur radio network during 1974 I heard a high speed Morse code message that repeated three times, without identification, and went silent. The message stated a time, date, frequency, and requested the broadcast be recorded. The broadcast was on high frequency radio and starts off with poor sound and gets better a few minutes after the start.

Even though some of the information is a little off the suggested timeline, it is important to remember this was 1974 and that some things mentioned, in some cases, pertain to today.

Of interest are claims the government is being taken over, references to oil crisis, and a disaster on the 'Gulf Coast'.


The following Movies are located on this site (Due to low volume there is no RSS feed.):


NCast Dancing Frogs -

1960s Indy film clip - Standing on seat of chopper (motorcycle) with arms outstretched, coming down mountain. - Clip is old, dark, degraded, and short. Effects added to distract from poor quality:

READ MY LIPS - originally appeared at: (currently non-working) and was/is Mirrored at:

Gay Freedom Day - June 26, 1977
Gay Freedom Day - June 26, 1977
Sound by: C. Spangler
Armistead Maupin & Bobby Kent and The Christian Cadillac

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