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DiskWarrior - Step 5: Locating directory data (Speed inhibited by disk malfunction)

If the mouse cursor still moves during step 5, then the computer did not hang or freeze. DiskWarrior is still working on reading the directory of the disk.

Such slowdowns are usually the result of having bad blocks on the media. DiskWarrior is having trouble reading data from the locations on disk where the directory structures are stored.

Please let DiskWarrior run for as long as it takes. This can take quite a few hours but should eventually complete. On rare occasions, it might even be necessary to run this for a day or two.

When you run DiskWarrior started up from the CD, and you select Preview at the DiskWarrior report, your new directory and your old directory will appear side by side in the Preview window. At the top of these windows, you will see the name of the disk you are viewing: one will read "your disk (original)" and the other will read "your disk (preview)".

First, compare the original and preview directories. Does it appear that all of your files and folders are there? If so, you can now copy from the rebuilt directory to another drive. To do this, select your other drive in place of "your disk (original)". Now, that column should list the files and folders in the disk you can backup to. In the other column (i.e. the Preview disk), select items (a few at a time) and click the Copy button below the list of files and folders. This will backup your data to that drive.

After DiskWarrior completes, the disk should be in a usable state. However, since the "speed inhibited" message indicates hardware-related issues, the best long term solution is to backup your files, reformat the hard drive, re-install the operating system and restore from backup. When you are reformatting your drive, you should choose to "Zero All Data" (an option in Apple's Disk Utility program).

Evil Cookies Lurking - Be Aware !

Addendum 201012.13: After the below 'flash cookie' procedure is completed (including Browser cookie removal mentioned at the end) one needs to exit the browser and restart it, which was assumed; teaching, once again, never assume ;-)

On a weekly basis I perform a number of computer maintenance tasks and this morning (200612.31), discovered a COOKIE I did not like.

Rather than get into 'what the cookie does', I will share with you, HOW TO LOCATE and ELIMINATE IT .

For years I have used Macromedia's (imo) excellent Flash Cookie Detector that goes beyond what is provided to remove cookies within Browser Preferences; however, it would appear very few know about it, so here is my New Year present for YOU: Macromedia Website Privacy Settings panel (fwiw) Macromedia is now owned by Adobe, of PhotoShop, etc. fame. [click on the following link]:

When the page comes up (Dial-up will require a few moments.) the following will appear along with an explanation, which may be confusing to some. I have provided 'what I do' instructions below.

Adobe/Macromedia Privacy Settings window

If there are COOKIES present they will appear in the [above] empty box at the bottom of the "Settings Manager."

(imo) Selecting "Delete all sites" is the best choice.

I would suggest that Anybody reading this, bookmark the above link, and use it often; especially if one visits Video based sites.

Use your Browser Preferences to remove all other COOKIES.

This cookie eliminator will work with most browsers and operating systems. - 200612.31 - curtis ~@~

Quick Start: Cleaning Audio Using Audacity

Adding an ION USB Turntable to G4 2x500

Updating G4 Dual 500 from 10.1.5 to 10.3.9 using a Mac Mini and the Firewire

DVB and ATSC (Digital TV / HDTV) on the Mac

Constantin von Wentzel's Sharing Apple Base Station Experiences

Rob Frohne's Primestar Dish as an IEEE 802.11 Wireless Networking Antenna
NO RESPONSE 201104.15 -

Trevor Marshall's BiQuad 802.11b Antenna - 11dBi, wide band

The Dock contacts Apple - Dock Outbound Net traffic = Little Snitch

Getting rid of double vision or "Avoiding image persistence on Apple LCD displays":

Recently, while using my "Cinema Display", I thought my eyes were getting double vision, until I found the above link and proceeded to follow their directions.

After two days of using a white screensaver I am no longer seeing a double image on text. In case anybody needs "an all white screen" free jpg, click here (19,503 byte, 1600x1024) - 200601.04

Dumping G4 FCP Video to Mac Mini iMovie HD Using Firewire - [UPDATED 200704.14]

Boot Mac Mini Tiger 10.4.3 from G4 9.2.2 Using Firewire


As a student, I had an extensive music education and have not exercised 'it' for over forty years.

The first four Podcast music compositions, Introduction, Inside Job, Passing Time, and Mood Loops, took 7 hours, 22 minutes to create; from 'open Mac Mini box until completed, as you hear them'.

These are 'no frills', 'raw tunes' created with GarageBand without 'mixdown' or enhancement. I left them as they were created, in order to show improvement.

The above page also contains a brief description on using the Visualizer.


Boot Fedora Core 14 on HP compaq nc6000 using USB Drive
Plus: A little Mac file and folder recovery from a 'spiked USB drive'
Keywords: boot, USB Drive, hp, compaq, nc6000, Fedora 14, success

Updated: 201012.18

GNU/Linux: Replacing boot floppy with GRUB floppy
Keywords: Upgrading Redhat 8 to Redhat Fedora Core 6

Updated: 200701.06 - Added link to Fedora release page
Updated: 200612.23
- Adding new kernel to Grub floppy

Where The Banner Came From

"Keep Your Lawyers Off My Computer" button on top of a Mac Mini

Visit: xlr8yourmac Link to