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200904.28 - 00:18 UTC

Doing 'fire watch' chores and came inside.

It has been 8 years since we had a real winter and each year something new seems to happen during the spring.

This year it is rattlesnakes coming down the mountain (two months early at a minimum), headed for the streams below, and having their babies on the property, rather than up among the cinder cone ridges above; which gives true meaning to "snake in the grass."

I do not mind rattlesnakes and respect them, but younger ones do not know how to control their venom and that raises havoc with the other animals.

200904.28 - 15:40 UTC

Finished morning chores and waiting for work data to arrive.

Before April slips away I would like to share something I wrote over twenty years ago.

RISKS-FORUM Digest Tuesday 11 April 1989 Volume 8 : Issue 54

FORUM ON RISKS TO THE PUBLIC IN COMPUTERS AND RELATED SYSTEMS ACM Committee on Computers and Public Policy, Peter G. Neumann, moderator

Date: Tue, 11 Apr 89 08:12:04 PDT
From: (Curtis Spangler)
Subject: NSA and Not Secure Agencies

San Francisco Chronicle, Chronicle Wire Services, April 11, 1989:

"Computer Group Wary of Security Agency

A public interest group said yesterday that the National Security Agency, the nation's biggest intelligence agency, could exert excessive control over a program to strengthen the security of computer systems throughout the federal government.

The group, Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility - based in Palo Alto - urged key members of Congress to focus "particularly close scrutiny" on the agency's role in helping to implement legislation aimed at safeguarding sensitive but unclassified information in federal computers.

"There is a constant risk that the federal agencies, under the guise of enhancing computer security, may find their programs - to the extent that they rely upon computer systems - increasingly under the supervision of the largest and most secretive intelligence organization in the country," it said."

Story Time

Despite what one might think is truth, there always seems to be another version of the story.

I was visiting Raleigh, North Carolina, dropped by the Computer Sciences building at U.N.C., and rather than go into the long version, hooked them up to USENET.

One of the kids in the room later became one of the founders of an alternative software company, where I participated as a developer. Finding proof is somewhat hard, (otoh) I happen to have copies of all the developer list exchanges and software I contributed as: anon or anonymous, which was originally encouraged by my MIT sponsor.

The gist of the developer story is 'the kid' came up with a method of 'decreasing overhead' using binaries.

Being from the 'show me the source, old school' and having been involved with psychology, at one time, I knew folks had a tendency to be lazy when a system presented shortcuts and felt this binary method would create security problems down the road.

The immediate response was anger and rather than discuss what I was suggesting, (smile) I got tossed off the developer list. On getting tossed four times, I walked away, shaking my head.

Twenty years later organizations like CERT proclaimed these binaries were a key vulnerability in this alternative operating system..., and although I was originally correct, ...Nobody will remember that.

(sigh) Here is what ties the above into the present and why I continue shaking my head in disbelief.

On December 22, 2000: SELinux Background

Researchers in the National Information Assurance Research Laboratory of the National Security Agency (NSA) worked with Secure Computing Corporation (SCC) to develop a strong, flexible mandatory access control architecture based on Type Enforcement, a mechanism first developed for the LOCK system. The NSA and SCC developed two Mach-based prototypes of the architecture: DTMach and DTOS. The NSA and SCC then worked with the University of Utah's Flux research group to transfer the architecture to the Fluke research operating system. During this transfer, the architecture was enhanced to provide better support for dynamic security policies. This enhanced architecture was named Flask. The NSA integrated the Flask architecture into the Linux® operating system to transfer the technology to a larger developer and user community. The architecture has been subsequently mainstreamed into Linux and ported to several other systems, including the Solaris™ operating system, the FreeBSD® operating system, and the Darwin kernel, spawning a wide range of related work.

Continues shaking head... A few of my non-anonymous contributions:

Beta Test FRG-9600 Source Code Fragment -1989
Path: gmdzi!unido!mcvax!uunet!!!ucbvax!hoptoad!cas
From: cas@hoptoad.uucp (Curtis Spangler)
Newsgroups: rec.ham-radio
Subject: Beta Test FRG-9600 Source Code Fragment
Message-ID: <7637@hoptoad.uucp>
Date: 13 Jun 89 13:57:24 GMT
Reply-To: cas@hoptoad.UUCP (Curtis Spangler)
Organization: Nebula Consultants in San Francisco
Lines: 10
Posted: Tue Jun 13 14:57:24 1989

I have a source code fragment for controlling the YAESU FRG-9600 scanner.
This fragment is translated from the Basic program listed in the FRG-9600
Service Manual to the C programming language using Turbo C version 1.5.
It may work on other YAESU (C.A.T.) devices with modification (not tested).
If you are interested in 'beta testing' this code please send email.
Curtis Spangler {sun,pacbell,uunet,pyramid,amdahl}!hoptoad!cas
N6ECT P.O. Box 170031, San Francisco, California, 94117-0031
"Without love in the dream, It will never come true." J. Garcia / R. Hunter

Quake - Howto with RH 4.0 & 233MHz UDB - 1996
Quake - Howto with RH 4.0 & 233MHz UDB
curtis (
Sun, 03 Nov 1996 09:07:11 -0700

This document assumes you have read all related quake and xquake posts in
the axp-list. Take only what you need to make yours work. The ftp sites
were good 01 Nov 96.

/root]# tellme
Linux 233MHz-Alpha-UDB 2.0.20 #1 Thur Oct 10 10:27:16 EDT 1996 alpha
Red Hat release 4.0 (Colgate) gcc version 2.7.2
/root]# mkdir /usr/quake
/root]# cd /usr/quake
quake]# ftp
ftp> bin
ftp> tick
ftp> cd /pub/linux/kernel/testing/
ftp> get alpha-ELF-xquake.gz
ftp> close
ftp> open
ftp> cd /.1/idstuff/quake/
ftp> get
ftp> close
ftp> open
ftp> cd /pub/DEC/Linux-Alpha/X11/
ftp> get axpbin-Xtga-BETA-0.2.gz
ftp> close
ftp> quit
quake]# unzip /usr/quake/
quake]# cat QSW101.1 QSW101.2 QSW101.3 QSW101.4 QSW101.5 QSW101.6 QSW101.7 > quakedata.exe
quake]# lha -x quakedata.exe
quake]# gunzip -d /usr/quake/alpha-ELF-xquake.gz
quake]# chmod +x alpha-ELF-xquake
quake]# gunzip -d /usr/quake/axpbin-Xtga-BETA-0.2.gz
quake]# mv /usr/X11R6/bin/XF86_TGA /usr/X11R6/bin/XF86_TGA.orig
quake]# mv axpbin-Xtga-BETA-0.2 /usr/X11R6/bin/XF86_TGA
quake]# /usr/quake/alpha-ELF-xquake
[the above will also work with 'xquake' from the alpha_linux_quake101.tgz distribution]
if you received your UDB with linux/alpha installed, make a floppy with the vmlinux.gz
image on it and set it aside. you might be glad you did.

I want Nobody to control my life. How about you?

200904.29 - 18:26 UTC

Finished morning and fire watch chores. Waiting for some work data to arrive.

We live in a remote rural area, on the sunny side of a mountain, where approximately twelve families live. It is whispered house developers are upset because we protect the mountain by refusing to release any of the land. On the other sides of the mountains, surrounding our little area, there are thousands of people.

According to my neighbors (one quarter mile south (late seventies) and one mile north (mid nineties and recently moved)) our utility services (electric and telephone) have not been upgraded for over sixty-five (65) years.

For the past fifteen (15) years a small group of neighbors have been trying to get PG&E to move utility poles out of a dangerous canyon below and up to the road above, where they belong, providing easy service access (about a 2 mile stretch).

Because of this, there are times during the Winter we sit without electricity while everybody else on the other side of the mountains has power and PG&E executives have no clue of, or obviously ignore dangers they expose their excellent service people to!

This is not an 'us against them thing' because this job was slatted four (4) times, for completion, and each time == PG&E pulled the funds. One time, a 'higher up' within PG&E messed up and sent a letter saying this was going to be done by a certain date and time. When that time had 'come and gone', with the job not completed, we inquired as to why, and never got an answer. It was about this time mysterious things began happening... to a point where they were recorded.

Dangerous Transformer Above Pine tree with dry Pine needles below it PG&E refuses to look at - for almost 5 years
Ancient [Dangerous] PG&E Transformer Above Digger Pine Tree Containing Dry Pine Needles

For four (4) years PG&E has been asked to replace an ancient transformer that sits above a Digger Pine filled with dry pine needles because these transformers are known for catching on fire. Nobody from PG&E has ever looked at it; however, a company they contract showed up and poisoned a perfectly good tree that was 10 to 20 feet away from the tree below the transformer... and, PG&E now repeatedly calls our home to inform us our dog should be locked up when their meter reader arrives. ((fwiw) Meter Readers use some sort of binocular to read meters up here, never, ever, get out of their trucks, and we believe this is more PG&E executive harassment because we asked questions a long time ago.)

If the ancient PG&E transformer ever explodes, this is what will burnIf the ancient PG&E transformer blows up, this is what it will burn
If the ancient PG&E transformer catches on fire, this is probably what it will burn down; including the ranch.

Finally, we are surrounded N/S/E/W by high speed Internet (I have a broadband map and RF detectors.) which we can not receive due to what is known as "FM Shadow", there is no cable access, satellite television and Internet have reception problems during the winter, there are no direct television signals, and we are forced to use DIAL-UP over a line with static noise to reach Internet.

I have been asking AT&T seventeen (17) years for something better than dial-up to no avail and THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT US!

Dial-up denies Pursuit of Happiness, eliminates Net Equality, and created a disgruntled dial-up 'tweet' called Bitter...

200904.30 - 13:13 UTC

Currently roasting coffee and uploading work data.

14:25 UTC

Waiting for espresso machine to warm up before I go back to 'fire watch'.

In answer to, "Why UTC?", I feel everybody should be on the same clock, & use UTC because of this, disapprove of Daylight Savings Time, believe it should be eliminated in favor of Standard Time, and if given choice, would implement UTC a.k.a. GMT.

Under Standard time, I rise at 3:00 AM, do my chores, and am finished by 7:00 PM; giving me one hour to either play or catch up on 'piles of to-do stuff' which surround my workstation.

Animals seem to understand Standard time and will not adjust to Daylight Savings Time. I always have to remember to subtract an hour during DST when feeding and caring for them.

Everybody in the United States must have heard the following at least once: "SPRING Ahead, FALL Behind;" meaning, set clocks ahead one hour in the Spring, and set them back an hour in the Fall (Autumn).

Under Daylight Savings Time, I am actually getting up at 2:00 AM, which breaks my conditioning of getting up at 3:00 AM, and am finished by 8:00 PM, or later. I see no "Savings" here and it takes until the end of May for me to adjust to DST. During Fall re-adjustment begins again.

My father said DST was instituted by government during a period of time when Children were used for farm labor and by Corporations (Child Labor).

Daylight Savings Time is no longer necessary and confusing to humans and animals.

For the 'time challenged', we are on PDT, at the moment, and 14:25 UTC is 07:25 PDT, or 7:25 AM.

200905.01 - 11:25 UTC

Currently setting up May pages.

Wonder of wonders, as if by magic our dial-up connection slowly started to improve yesterday and I almost fell off my chair last night when my average speed returned a blazing 3.4 KB/s during a ten megabyte upload. Normally, we're lucky to get a 1.7 to 2.2 KB/s average, so ? thanks AT&T. Now about that broadband...

200905.02 - 18:09 UTC

Working on last of the May updates and waiting for data. Currently it is raining, which is appreciated, and I am working on, "A Painful Internet Exit":

Is Internet FUBB ?

My recollection of what gave birth to Internet was the question: "What if everybody had access to this information?"

Most of the early 'tank folks' (think tank) had at least one PhD and there is a reason I mention this. If one is into graduate realities, one should realize years leading up to, and including first year PhD candidate are actually about 'how to write a thesis' and the rest of it is 'making observation ++ describing it ++ making 'it' better'. There is a book called, "The Politics of Experience" by R. D. Laing that will explain one aspect of where I am headed with this, if one is interested, and it is fair to mention I was recruited for introducing computer communication to an elder Emeritus crowd, when micro computing first 'took hold'.

When Usenet/UUCP became established, the educational level was primarily undergraduate through graduate, plus a small group of astute tinkers, ...and may have encompassed twenty-eight thousand (28,000) to thirty-two thousand (32,000) people at Internet entry point.

There is a 'historic' write-up on how certain things leading up to Internet came together, but it omits a story. Although my name does not appear, I attended a lot of these meetings, and will provide proof/source later.

I advocated hard and strong to extend computer based research facilities into everybody's hands because the information available was incredible and a concept of sharing 'with everyone' appealed to me.

If I recall correctly, there were seven or nine telephone lines in "our basement" connected to our ex-partner's Sun 360/C, and all was well.

Then it happened... I started seeing 'group' messages having a section marked <flame on> (saying something mostly emotional - followed by) <flame off>, references to "flame proof suit", and a 'negative trend' forming, which I had experienced before.

There was a gathering in our basement and talk of getting as many universities linked into Usenet using their WATS telephone lines during off hours, as possible. The excitement was high as I stepped out from the shadows and said, "I'm not so sure expanding Usenet is a good idea anymore and here is why."

I pointed out negative stuff starting to appear in 'groups' and told them a personal experience that had recently occurred in San Francisco's Tenderloin District; involving a gun shootout over who controlled a CB Frequency, where one man died.

Long before the 'shootout' and 'CB Craze' struck the United States there was a wonderful San Francisco based CB community made up of very nice people who would chat during commute times. Some of the folks were amateur radio operators, some of the folks had no technical background but liked to talk, and for all the years of participation (UT), I do not recall one negative incident.

As the CB fad became popular something new manifest called "Channel Master," which can be portrayed as cercopithecoid male dominance, and unfortunately there is evidence this type of behavior is currently appearing within socnets and corporate media blogs.

Anyhow... Two men wanted to be dominate male of a CB frequency, they refused to work it out, continually insulted each other, interfered with each others communications and lives (like cutting antenna cables, slashing tires, etc.) until they 'popped' or 'became unglued'.

When this happened they met in the Tenderloin; and, as if in an old western movie, had a shootout, where one man died over control of a stupid CB frequency!

I made more than one attempt to parallel what happened in CB radio to new 'flames' appearing in 'the groups', but it did no good, and was voted down, causing that which became Internet to continue moving forward.

I now believe Internet has reached a stable negative threshold and all I can say is, "Be Careful Out Here, Nobody will protect you all the time."

200905.04 - 20:30 UTC

Came in from roasting coffee and prepping for next rain, which should arrive in a few hours.

Story Time

May 5th (imo) should be a 'Major" day of remembrance for San Francisco Bay Area 'Ground Control' because that is when the 1968 KMPX strike ended.

At 8 p.m. on Friday, April 7, 1967, Tom Donahue cracked open the microphone in the KMPX studio at 50 Green Street in San Francisco, firing a figurative shot that would echo across the radio landscape forever. BAY AREA RADIO MUSEUM

Donahue was replaced by Bob Prescott because Tom and other radio personalities played some songs certain individuals wanted banned from radio play.

At around one o'clock Monday morning, March 18, 1968, KMPX staff a.k.a. "AAFIFMWW - North Beach Local No. 1" began picketing Green Street's KMPX headquarters, accompanied by the Grateful Dead, Blue Cheer, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Jefferson Airplane (I may be wrong on the Airplane ...or they showed up late.) and a small group of supporters who were tuned to the radio station, or called by a friend. BAY AREA RADIO MUSEUM

In the morning, as earlier events slowly settled for some supporters, I sat with my back to the wall, near the station entrance door, as the sun came up.

Across from me was a large truck, with it's back door open, used by KMPX striking staff. It was also the location of free coffee & donuts supplied by (iirc) Metz Superior Donuts from the Haight/Ashbury.

Sitting next to me was a guy who looked sort of familiar, so I struck up a conversation and discovered he had been doing some art work for Chet Helms, who was also a friend of mine. I also discovered we were both veterans, had past history with Greenwich Village, were currently making our living selling underground newspapers, and that he had an old, nicely running, Chevy.

Not having a car myself, I suggested a partnership, where we would pick up papers at the Berkeley Barb office on University Ave. and sometimes at the Print Mint, in the Haight/Ashbury, mid week, drive down to San Jose State College Friday morning, and sell the papers for twenty-five cents (normally fifteen cents in San Francisco). (plus): We received more tips in San Jose because we were an oddity to people at that time and applied a Digger concept of humor to those we met.

My friend and partner of those days became well known within Punk culture: James Stark.

There is something else interesting about all of this in the realm of coincidence, or "small world," as I call it.

The guy that fired Tom Donahue sold the radio station and purchased a local television station.

An old friend of mine, who was tight with Doug Weston, the guy who started the Troubadour down in L. A., became one of the 'station partners' and ended up doing a totally outrageous television show called "20/20 Vision" with Eric Nord and Alicia Love. In fact, it was so outrageous the FCC demanded it be taken off the air, and it was. (grin)

(fwiw) I was part of a small group of people Doug Weston would take to see Lenny Bruce, when Lenny would perform at the hungry i. Another interesting fact is, when Lenny wrote his autobiography, "How to Talk Dirty and Influence People" my friend Paul Krassner was his editor, and when I was a college student, driving cab in San Francisco, Enrico would have me personally pick him up at closing time and take him to his home.

(grin) I will not get into specifics, but anybody working in TV knows some shows have their own complete crew, they are usually the only ones on-board during a late evening, live show, and such was the case with 20/20 Vision. (smile) It was indeed, a very special crew of highly trained individuals. Of interest to me was a guy working on commercials, who was very much into animation, Karl Cohen, who later ran Intersection for the Arts and helped with events at the United State Cafe; including "Movie Night".

The Troubadour became a rage of the L. A. scene for a while and the floor manager; the same guy who would throw John Lenon out for being an ass when John and Yoko were having problems, later became one of my flat mates in the Haight/Ashbury. ((fwiw) Don't worry folks, I have no intention of talking about bathtubs in living rooms. (chuckle))

When Doug opened Troubadour North in San Francisco some of the 'old crew' went back to work, and continued working when it changed ownership and became known as "The Boarding House".

My flat mate joined the staff, which had perks for me, because if there was a show I wanted to attend, all I had to do was say so, and in most cases ended up with a front row table or seat.

The last time I saw Tom Donahue was at The Boarding House. My wife and I were sitting in the center 1st and 2nd seats of the first row on the right, facing the stage. Across the aisle from us on the left was Tom, his wife, and a very dear old friend, James Redo, who did several sketches of Tom and his wife.

As I said, "small world."

200905.06 - 10:00 UTC

Currently changing the meaning of words.

During the 1970s Hacker was a perfectly good term defining someone who would spend great periods of time hacking away at something until it was understood/fixed/etc. and destroyed by an alleged literate corporate media because THEY could not make the distinction between hacker equals good and cracker equals bad. Obviously corporate media are full of Crackers.

The new word for Hacker will be Tinker.

200905.07 - 02:04 UTC

Currently setting up for 2nd download attempt.

Here is a perfect Bitter example:

Late this morning, while using an Adobe CS4 product, I saw data start to transfer and discovered Adobe Updater was running a forty-six (46) megabyte update.

I decided this was fine, because, usually, via dial-up my download average, on a good day, is one hour, ten minutes per ten megabytes of data. During downloads, browsing, email, etc. will not work, and the following happens often:

data transfer

The above image shows 27.6 MB of 46.6 MB downloaded with approximately 2 hours 24 minutes remaining, before completion. Then the following appeared:

internal error

So, after tying up my machine for most of the day, with the modem still connected/operating, Adobe's download crashes saying, "Internal error. Could not download the requested file."

200905.14 - 02:00 UTC

I'm in the middle of multiple large update downloads. The next one says 42 hours download time and the one after that says 48 hours.

As I have stated before, during these downloads no one is able to access email, Internet, etc. and is another Bitter example.

200905.16 - 14:00 UTC

Currently thinking about incredible people I am no longer able to visit with anymore. I really miss you Miki and my wonderful visits to Mexico!

Miki Shapiro
Miki Shapiro

Miki Shapiro, 77; queen grande dame of the 60’s Hollywood scene, died Friday, January 5th, 2007 in Encinitas, Ca. Miki was born Helen Jean McNabb to Addison J. McNabb and Thelma Noble McNabb in Columbus, Ohio on December 25th, 1929. She attended Grandview High School where she was known for her adventurous spirit, non-conformity and wild get-togethers. She followed her brother, Bob McNabb.

Miki Shapiro was a big part of the community here in the early days. She threw the parties, entertained the famous and held a “salon” for the intelligencia of the times. She and her husband, Bennie Shapiro, operated the Renaissance Night Club and the Crescendo on Sunset Blvd, where a multitude of artists performed. Bob Dylan, Peter, Paul & Mary, Miles Davis, Lennie Bruce and Lord Buckley were just a few of the artists. Bennie left the nightclub life to open his own talent agency, taking many of the artists of the times with him. Being a concert promoter, film producer and entrepreneur led Miki and Bennie to be the center of the most exciting era. The Monterrey Pop Festival was just one of their successful endeavors. The movers and thinkers and celebrities of the time all gathered at the Shapiro’s. Timothy Leary, Allen Ginsberg, Alan Watts, Hells Angels, The Black Panthers, The Diggers, Merry Pranksters, Sean Connery, Mikhail Barishkonov, Marlon Brando, Miles Davis, The Beatles, Ravi Shankar, Dylan, Rolling Stones, Jim Morrison, the Grateful Dead, Momma Cass and the Mama’s and Papa’s, Janis Joplin, Dennis Hopper, Jack Nicholson, Huey Newton, one never knew who they would run into at the Shapiro’s on Kings Road,.

The accompanying photo is from her house in Yelapa at her daughter Michele's Birthday Party that has Tabitha (7 years old) Sam, Tom and Catherine, Michelle, Marc, Orange Charlie "Chicharro", Joan and Cali and Joe, Electra and Jorge . 1987 Casa Suenos, Yelapa

Down the road, I will post some Yelapa things I have.

200905.24 - 16:00 UTC

Working on, what I call, Compensational Math to replace a broken HF transceiver.

Compensational Math

Compensational Math can be applied to many things and in this case I will use coffee for an example.

While living in a city we bought roasted beans and drank double latte's at our 'favorite coffee place'. Between beans, store latte's, and tips, we spent about $300 a month or $3,600 a year on coffee.

I know $3,600 +/- is an amazing figure and if one 'buys out', open a calculator and figure how much is spent on coffee; remembering, two double latte's 7 days a week equals about $2,920 per year with tips.

Trips to a coffee shop ended when we moved from the city to a remote, located, area (too far to drive for coffee) and the cost of roasted coffee beans, including shipping, was ranging between 40 and 60 dollars a month, or rounded off to about $600 a year.

I was impressed with the cost reduction, and evoked, what I term as, or call, "compensational mathematics", which allows me to spend money on things (all my coffee equipment and green beans) that ultimately save me money.

For example, under compensational math, the move to the ranch was now saving us 3,000 dollars a year on coffee.

The cost of my first year roasting beans, sans electricity and equipment, was 280 dollars => insert "compensational math" and: city = $3,600/year -> country = $600/year -> roasting my own beans = $280/year = = now saving us $3,320 per year.

Today, my cost is around $364/year because I use organic beans.

Brokedown Coffee

200906.01 - 14:00 UTC

Currently cleaning up pages for June.

Month and a Half Without Television, Sort Of

As some are aware, AT&T, via DishNetwork, turned off our TV by mistake on April 15, 2009 (the bill was paid in advance) and the only thing we could do to 'get even' was cancel our television subscription; saving us around $1500 per year.

I constructed a homebrew television antenna and can pick up NBC from Sacramento, ABC from San Francisco, and PBS from San Francisco, quite clear; which show programs produced or directed by relatives, and a handful of fuzzy channels, in-between. My wife's comment was, "Less bad channels to choose from" and I agree.

(otoh) I do miss the SciFi Channel, Comedy Channel (Jon, Stephen, and their crews), Free Speech TV, Link TV, CSPAN (I, II), MSNBC (Keith, Rachael, Chris, David S.), and Escándalo TV (Chary, Marisa, Felipe, Lilia, Bailarinas, Franchis). I really enjoyed all of your presentations!

The following links have been returned to the Links page:

Free Speech TV - Link TV

200906.03 - 23:00 UTC

Wasted Time - another large update crashed by dial-up

Nobody Cares 10.5.7 Broke Apple's USB Modem Or About Dial-Up Users. Plus, I have about 150 MB of downloads 'remaining in the wings'.

200906.04 - 12:30 UTC

Shortly after posting today's notes about Congress giving a free pass to Criminal Telecoms, our main computer phone line went dead. Go Figure! [The phone started working about twenty minutes later.]

About 2 hours later a very big electric spike hit the house (I have the data and pictures) but fortunately it didn't seem to have any effect on my new and improved spike killer and I assume it happened because a deer bumped into a PG&E pole in that hard to reach canyon below.

200906.05 - 15:00 UTC

Currently doing net traffic analysis for yesterday.


Software update downloads have been happening all week; starting 200905.31 and should be finished in four hours, thirty-one minutes.

I have a data throttle running (sigh) which allows me to upload work data at 150 Bytes per second and it took two hours to upload the morning update pages; something that normally takes fifteen minutes.

Internet available for dial-up users is no longer fun.

200906.08 - 12:00 UTC

Ignore Alien Orders; especially if they come from Congress.


I joined the military to protect the United States Constitution from those who would prevent liberty, freedom, and pursuit of happiness of United States citizens.

When CONGRESS gave immunity to Telecoms for:

Violation of the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution

Violation of the First Amendment to the Constitution

Unlawful electronic surveillance or disclosure or use of information obtained by electronic surveillance in violation of 50 U.S.C. §1809.

Unlawful interception, use or disclosure of Class communications in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 2511

Unlawful solicitation and obtained disclosure of the contents of communications in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 2702(a)(1) or (a)(2)

Unlawful solicitation and obtained disclosure of non-content records or other information in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 2702(a)(3)

Violation of the Administrative Procedures Act

Violation of the constitutional principle of separation of powers

I felt my military service for the United States had been voided and was reminded of a young African American I met in Austin, Texas, who was pursued by an undercover agent for three months, to buy some marijuana for him.

Even though this young man was constantly asked to do this illegal act, he resisted for over three months, finally broke down, and obtained three marijuana cigarettes for the agent.

He was arrested on the spot and spent twenty (20) years in prison.

NO TELECOM CORPORATE CRIMINAL EXECUTIVE WENT TO PRISON and we are left to assume, that despite racism, Congress is a Profit Not People organization who work against true democracy.

SORRY..., but since I am unable to find a honest Telecom and unable to trust a compromised Caller I.D., ...getting me to answer a telephone, anymore, will be somewhat difficult. Futuristically speaking, one might want to learn morse code, because I may reactivate my morse code BBS, constructed during the late '70s.

U.S. Out of North America, Nobody for President, None of the Above on Voter Ballots
U.S. Out of North America, Nobody for President
None of the Above on Voter Ballots
Nobody Is Perfect

200906.08 - 15:00 UTC


Would the World be a better place if Michael Douglas were still alive?


Private Lynndie England (an enlisted person with low rank) has been in prison for a year and a half while Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Neocon Generals, and a big chunk of Congress murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians and walk free.

I Think I Owe Lynndie England an Apology by Tina Dupuy

Exonerate Lynndie England Now! Memos Lift the Veil of Bush Era Torture. by OneOfMany

200906.13 14:00 UTC

Walking Cow

200906.15 12:00 UTC

Currently fascinated with Redoubt Volcano Activity in Alaska.

Redoubt Volcano

Alaska Volcano Observatory


Close-up view from the north of the active lava dome in the summit crater of Redoubt Volcano. Picture Date: June 09, 2009 12:34:33 ADKT Image Creator: Game McGimsey

Close-up view from the northeast of the active lava dome in the summit crater of Redoubt Volcano. Picture Date: June 09, 2009 12:34:11 ADKT Image Creator: Game McGimsey

Close-up view from the north of the active lava dome in the summit crater of Redoubt Volcano. Picture Date: June 09, 2009 12:32:31 AKDT Image Creator: Game McGimsey

Latest Earthquakes Magnitude 2.5 or Greater in the United States and Adjacent Areas and Magnitude 4.5 or Greater in the Rest of the World


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200906.19 01:00 UTC

Someone is looking
At whatever you do
So always present
Your most charming you.

Looking Up


Episode # 09-24 / 1645th Show

To Be Aired : Monday 6/15/2009 through Sunday 6/21/2009

"Mars And Venus Are At Their Closest On The Summer Solstice.
The First Day Of Summer!"

Horkheimer: Greetings, greetings fellow star gazers. Get ready to say goodbye to spring and hello to summer because this Sunday June 21st summer officially begins in the northern hemisphere at 1:46 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time or your local equivalent. Which means that summer will officially begin at 11:46 p.m. on the 20th in the Rocky Mountain time zone and 10:46 p.m. on the 20th Pacific Daylight Time. At any rate, whatever time zone you're in the beginning of summer is actually an astronomical event and marks the precise moment our Sun reaches its highest point north of the celestial equator. And just coincidentally, this year on the solstice Earth's two neighboring planets will be at their very closest for the entire year and will be a wonderful sight for all of you who get up just before the Sun does. Let me show you.

O.K. we've got our skies set up for this Friday morning June 19th about an hour before sunrise facing east northeast where you will see an exquisite 26 day old, waning, that is shrinking, crescent Moon complete with Earthshine which will look like a dark full Moon nestled within the crescent. And directly below them our two planet neighbors, super brilliant 8,000 mile wide. Earth-sized, Venus and half its size, 4,000 mile wide and much dimmer, Mars. They will be only 2 degrees 4 minutes apart and since a full Moon is _ a degree wide this means that slightly more than 2 full Moons could fit between them. On the next day Saturday June 20th the Moon will have moved well past this sensational duo and will be even skinnier. And Mars and Venus will be even closer only 1 degree 59 minutes apart, which means that slightly less than two full Moons could fit between them. But ta da on Sunday the 21st, the first morning of summer, Mars and Venus will be at their very closest! Only 1 degree 57 minutes apart. Wow! A summer solstice coincidence.

And if it's raining out on Sunday you can go out on the second day of summer, Monday the 22nd and they'll still be extremely close, only 2 degrees 1 minute apart. Wow again! Once more on Friday the 19th the Moon, Mars and Venus will all be close to each other. On Saturday Mars and Venus will move a bit closer and on Sunday, the first day of summer, they will be at their closest for the year! Don't miss this please. And if you have binoculars or a small telescope this sight will be even more wonderful. What a way to start summer.

But once again let me remind you that this closeness is all an illusion due to our perspective from here on Earth. In reality on the first day of summer our Moon will be only 225 thousand miles away whereas Venus will be 77 million miles away. Mars however will be a whopping 179 million miles away! And as a piece of cosmic trivia, on the third day of summer, Tuesday the 23rd, the former ninth planet Pluto will reach opposition which means it will be directly opposite the Sun as seen from Earth. And even though you won't be able to see it, it will be a whopping 2.9 billion miles from Earth. So get thee out on the first morning of summer and watch the goddess of love and the god of war meet. Keep looking up!

200906.27 - 11:00 UTC

Some lessons are hard lessons to learn, but if one considers how steel achieves strength, one will discover the human species has it easy! ~@~


The first person to 'clue me' about anonymity was Emmett Grogan and here is a snip from The Free-Fall Chronicles by Peter Coyote, who was a visitor at our H/A residence:

"Emmett's personal relationship to these formulations of "anonymous" and "free" was always ambiguous and complex. His notion of anonymity was to give his name away and have others use it as their own nom de plume. So many people claimed it for so many purposes that eventually some reporters would assert that there was no Emmett Grogan and that the name was a fiction created by the Diggers to confound the straight world. While Emmett’s largesse was one way of demonstrating lack of attachment to his name, it also made the name ubiquitous, and incidentally made Emmett himself famous among cognoscenti.

Life with Grogan was a daily exercise in such contradictions, a daily refinement of one's understanding of "truth." You could never be sure precisely where and how the hair had been split. If, for instance, he came into a room late for a meeting, he might apologize by telling a story about being attacked by street toughs, waiting to take revenge on him for some earlier intervention in their affairs. The subtext of such a story was always that everyone knew who he was and had some strong opinion about him. Usually we listened to these stories, without believing or disbelieving them, enjoying the drama of life with Emmett as payment enough. However, if someone was pushed to incredulity by a particularly outrageous claim and were to challenge him, Emmett might remove his dark glasses with the air of a smug magician and demonstrate his blackened eye and wounds. The wounds were definitely real, but was the story? If it was true, was it completely or partially true? One never knew and never found out.

"Never let them catch you in a lie," he said to me once at the beginning of a three month "run" one summer at New York's infamous Chelsea Hotel. This remark alerted me to Emmett's awareness of his own self-dramatizing, and the extent to which he used his sense of "theater" as an asset in his work. And what was that work?

The work was to "act-out" the life of your own hero; to live your life as you wanted to and refuse to be defeated by the myriad excuses that most people offered for their not being able to do that. Since this life was engendered in the imagination, imagination was one of the primary tools available for actualizing it."

Playing For Keeps written by Peter Coyote

And from Ringolevio by Emmett Grogan [page 443]:

And so, Emmett remained an anonym to most people and allowed those close to him to drive him nearly out of his mind with their maddening insults to his sense of brotherhood. Some members of the Free City Collective resented his rigid insistence that everything be carried out anonymously, while anyone who wanted to could and was taking credit for "free" things they'd never done and words they'd never spoken or written or thought.

The Summer of Love was mainly the result of such a lie. The Haight Independent Proprietors' Human Be-In lie and its result bore witness to what would be in store for a nation that allowed its children to be lied to by comical, fake-radical politicos whose masquerade they nurtured by giving them profitable access to the mass media. The adventure of poverty by young white people in love ghettos throughout the country, like the Haight-Ashbury and the Lower East Side, was pleasant fakery for most of them. But in the same way that real poverty has always given birth to real revolution, this feigned poverty of the adventurous would breed a false-bottomed, jerry-built revolution in which the adventurers would continue their make-believe and be followed by the rock-concert lumpen, tired of their own voyeurism.

Read Ringolevio By Emmett Grogan online at:

The other two people to clue me to anonymity were Keith Lampe and Richard Stallman.


Dumbassocracy is "Profit Not People" politics based on divide and conquer.

A few days ago I was about to 'tear a new one' in my generation for getting 'stoned out' on corporate drugs and not protecting future X, Y, & Z generations, but felt it would fall on deaf eyes.

[To Be Continued and here is a hint where this is headed]:

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

"I'd like to show you some very interesting conditioning for Alpha Plus Intellectuals. We have a big batch of them on Rack 5. First Gallery level."

The Foundation Series by Isaac Asimov

The premise of the series is that mathematician Hari Seldon has spent his life developing a branch of mathematics known as psychohistory.

It uses the law of mass action to predict the future on a large scale, such as of planets or empires.

Using these techniques, Seldon foresees the fall of the Galactic Empire, which encompasses the entire Milky Way. He also predicts that there will be a thirty-thousand-year dark age before the next great empire rises.

To prevent this, he decides to create a small secluded haven of technology in a corner of the galaxy (on the planet Terminus) called the Foundation, whose job it will be to preserve knowledge after the collapse, thus reducing the time required for the next Empire to rebuild. If done properly, it will take only a thousand years before the next empire rises.

200906.30 - 11:30 UTC

Cultivate Understanding

200907.10 - 12:55 UTC

Even if it is impossible to come up with a wrong conclusion, still a way will be found to do it.

Why I Can't Join Your Facebook Page or SocNet ...or... "Help I'm A Rock" by Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention ?

I would love to participate on your Facebook page ..or.. SocNet, but am confined to something most do not recall, called: "dial-up;" a medieval torture device imposed on remote, rural, small populated communities by Bushit Constitutional Criminals.

The first dial-up modem I used was during 1966 and (iirc) cost around ten thousand dollars. It was used to upload and download data from San Francisco to Chicago and back again, at 300 baud.

By 1977 dial-up was starting to grow because of a new, technical, micro computer, public reality called BBS (Bulletin Board System), and there were around seven in operation; most of which were on the West Coast.

I was personally involved with four of them (two ran on an Apple, one ran on a HP, one ran on a DEC-PDP, mine ran on an IMSAI 8080) and was a visitor at the others. [During those days I did a lot of work with RS-232 (serial i/o), built/wrote a number of "stack dialers", was an advocate of CP/M & ASM, ran a Morse Code BBS, and provided my work FREE to anyone requesting it.]

During 1980 I joined a digital data repeater project headed by Dr. Hank Magnuski and became part of a founding group of Amateur Radio operators who introduced Packet Radio (wireless data transmission or communication) to the United States.

During 1984, while doing research at Stanford, I became the first person to transmit and receive wireless quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) which gave the world sixteen (16) signals to play with, rather than the two (FSK) signals they had before; completing another goal of a project originally called ALOHA. Sources for all of the above are located in the 'papers' section of the Pacific Packet Radio Society [] page.

Near the end of the '80s hoptoad was in 'Our basement' and running UUCP/USENET on around eight telephones; another FREE service.

The next thing to manifest was Internet.

For the past 18 years I have been restricted to dial-up and have written about why. The 'short of it' is, we live in a remote rural area with twelve other families. Even though high speed internet is available a few miles away, the mountains block the signal (FM Shadow), and although it is not written, it is obvious 'providers' can not profit from so few people, and thus, we are ignored. [It's called, "Profits Not People." - Read about Congress Approved, Telecom Constitutional Crimes here, near the bottom.]

Because of dial-up and today's bloatware software with no regard for modem users, I am no longer able to keep up with Internet, which is 'a bummer'.

One more thing to show love and care by those who would watch over dial-up users, Apple's last update, be it 10.5.7 or firmware (I do not know), broke Apple's USB Modem's ability to connect via V.92 and HAS NOT BEEN FIXED, yet.... Does PLEASE do any good anymore? Please...

(fwiw) Via dial-up, it takes about twenty minutes to log into Facebook and about ten minutes to get to a page, eliminating any possibility of fun, and...

Fun is good.

200907.15 - 19:55 UTC

In any collection of data, the figure that is most obviously correct ... beyond all need of checking ... is the mistake.

Damn Snakes

I debated about writing this, but figured it was so odd, I needed a record.

If one recalls, I wrote about rattlesnakes on 200904.28 - 00:18 UTC (located in the Bitter Archive).

Today is a similar story; however, this time I have confined myself to the 'indoors' because it is (in a manner of speaking) too 'weird outside'.

I do not know if it is due to heat or 'what', but as I sit here and type, there is a form of migration going down, in broad daylight, where most of the critters that normally stay at the top of the mountain, are coming down, and are literally 'all over the place'.

A number of rattlesnakes have passed over our driveway parking area (it is literally wiggling out there and are hard to see (our rattlesnakes have a green tint and blend in quite well)).

A small 'three, plus, footer' is sitting about 10 feet from the front steps, at the moment; at least until the cats see it, and a number of snakes scurried during morning watering; enough to make me come inside.

Also... a number of animals that are normally nocturnal (out at night) have been crossing the above road (since this morning, leading up to this afternoon) and getting hit by cars; causing an excessive amount of buzzards and crows to be in the area.

I heard foxes and wild pigs 'moving down' last night and in some ways it is like 'the critters' are trying to escape from the top. ???

The mountain lions may start moving in a few days (they follow the wild pigs) and that usually gets interesting.

There is a small, natural spring, lake in the woods, above us, where they (most of the 'upper mountain critters') usually stop, but this time they are, apparently, bypassing it. (fwiw) We also noticed water we get from another spring (above the lake) is warm and we've never noticed that happening before. (otoh) There are a number of hot springs in the area, but none near our water feed.

After one lives in a remote rural area, for a while, one notices most local changes, and based on considerable experience; nothing like this has happened here before.

200907.25 - 14:00 UTC

Currently answering a question, "What is Hiranyaloka?" [Question asked because of this very old page.]


CHAPTER 43: The Resurrection of Sri Yukteswar

Give Peace a Chance

Wars happen when intolerance reaches epic proportions, when the reasons for war become greater than the sanctity of peace. Wars happen when we fail to realize the value of being alive. World leaders try to bring peace, but it is not an issue of institutions. It is human beings who start wars. Before a war begins outside, it starts inside.

The war on the inside is more dangerous because it is a fire that may never be put out. Wars are being fought because peace is not being found within, because it is not being allowed to unfold. We are all searching for something, we may call it success, peace, love, or tranquility. It is the same thing. What we are looking for has many names because we do not know what we need. To find what we need, we look around us. To know where to find what we are looking for, we first need to ask ourselves where we can find it. Have we considered looking within?

Living is not an easy task, especially if we want the best of it. We have to mine for it. Mining is not easy. We have to take out what we need and leave the rest. If we want to mine for peace, then we have to seek what is precious and discard what is not. The thing that we are searching for is not outside of us. It is within us. It always has been and always will be. Contentment feels good, and it is not an accident. It is not an accident that peace feels good. Peace is already here, and it resides in the hearts of all human beings.

Peace is something that has to be felt. One of the most incredible powers we have is that we can feel. When we place peace in front of that power to feel, we feel peace. We are here to be filled with gratitude, love and understanding. We carry a lamp within so bright that even in the darkest night, it can fill our world with light. This light is waiting to be found. Peace makes no distinctions. It does not care if we are rich, if we are poor, or what religion we belong to. It does not care which country we live in.

Peace is waiting to be found. Waiting to once again feel whole, not separated by all the issues that divide our lives. Peace is when the heart is no longer in duality, when the struggle within has been resolved. When peace comes to the heart, serenity follows. Love comes flooding in, uncontrolled. Joy cannot be held back. It bursts through because it is right. That is peace. Peace needs to be felt, love needs to be felt, truth needs to be felt. As long as we are alive, the yearning to feel good, to feel joy, will always be there, and as long as it is there, there will be a need for it to be discovered.

Life is a journey. We are passengers in a train called life, and we are alive in the moment called now. The journey of life is so beautiful that it needs no destination. On this journey, we have been given a compass. The compass is the thirst to be fulfilled. The true journey of life begins the day we begin to seek to quench our thirst. This quest is the most noble one. For many centuries, a voice has been calling out: &quote;What you are looking for is within you. Your truth is within you, your peace is within you, your joy is within you.&quote; In our hearts, peace is like a seed waiting in the desert to grow, to blossom. When we allow this seed to blossom inside, then peace is possible outside. We have to give peace a chance.

Will we give peace a chance? - India Times 2/25/2000

201004.03 - 23:30 UTC

"I'm Lookin' For My Friends" - Sid


Wandering down the short path of life one encounters another being traveling a similar path and there is familiarity. Why?

How it comes together


Despite what one is led to believe, Everybody does the same thing, and it falls under a concept: "Things do not change, people do."

What one sees in another person is really what one likes and dislikes about oneself.

Under a "First Impression" scenario, people we like have qualities we lack or want and people we dislike have qualities we would like to, for the most part, rid ourselves of.

Unfortunately due to complexity, simple concepts are hard to overcome, but there is a way, in a manor of speaking, to "beat the system."

Personal experience shows most humans have a casual reflection with those they encounter and the percentages of like and dislike, usually, amount to fifty-one (51%) over forty-nine (49%); providing for limited margin of success within extended engagement.

If, for example, one encounters Somebody having a 'phenomenal' ninety-five percent (95%) of qualities one likes ... and the reflection is mutual, ... one 'has been blessed' and should strictly follow Murphy's law, (sic): "If it ain't broke don't fix it."

What that means is, one should be 'overly grateful' for ninety-five percent (95%) of positive qualities and 'never take them for granted', else the following may appear.

In the "95/5" scenario, there are those who cannot resist testing the remaining five percent (5%) and this type of focusing will inspire a 'downward spiral syndrome' that will put any relationship in jeopardy; i.e., if one pursues this 'testing path', the percentage of success will diminish; as in, one can turn a positive ninety-five percent (95%) reflection into a ninety-four percent (94%) reflection, etc., and if not realized, this effect will continue to spiral exponentially into negative territory, eventually breaking the original bond.

There is also a variable one must be aware of that involves a flawed "It takes two to tango and three to tell the truth" logic. I say flawed because there are instances where a majority of two will choose to lie; subverting the truth of one. This can also be caused by knowing half truths, but that is another story.


Some may have noticed Dahbud's Flashbacks have been pulled from the 2010 Archive and placed into another directory. Here is a 'round about' why.

Previous to Internet, a majority of lusers had graduate degrees. In turn when Internet manifest, some of the first sites were written in 'graduate caliber'.

When Internet 'caught on', or started to become popular, there were about eighteen thousand (18,000) Web sites and my award wining page was located at (if clicked, one gets forwarded to 'NobodyforPresident dot org).

Nobody's pages focus on placing "None of the Above" on voter ballots and use a humorous approach to elections; encouraging people to register and vote for the candidate of their choice, or Nobody; albeit (at that time) graduate humor.

By the way did you know, "Out of all choices for President, Nobody Is Perfect!", "Nobody Will Love You When You Are Down and Out!", "Nobody Brought Peace to Our Times!", and ... "If Elected president, there will never be a need for another presidential election because Nobody lives forever!"

Today there are over 100 hundred million (100,000,000) Web sites and 550 million (550,000,000) to 1 billion (1,000,000,000) Web pages, which, loosely, would indicate the 18,000 original Web sites now fall in at less than 0.0018 percent of the current Net population; that is, if they still exist.

There is something else I need to insert that deals with personal choice and Google ratings before I get back to Dahbud.

The original intent of Internet (I was there, in the shadows) was to share information freely (period) and I do not recall any mention of profit.

'Now-A-Days' almost every Web site has multiple advertisements, or 'adverts'.

If one notices, there are none [adverts] on FlyingSnail and that is personal choice because I still hold to the original 'free' concept of 'making stuff available'; however, am often asked what I get, out of doing what I do, on Internet.

The answer used to be, "The fun of competing with other Web sites in order to gain high Google rank," but that has changed to, "I'm wrapping Internet things up, because it is almost impossible to compete with so many Web pages." Then, there is dial-up.

The reason for this attitude change is due to something that personally happened, where years were spent attempting to do all the right things in order to make a great page, finally ending up with a Google page rank of six (6), which was more than acceptable, and then, instantly plummeting to a rank three (3). For the past few years the main page has sat on a rank four (4), where it sits now, and the highest ranking page I have is a five (5). I know the how and why, but that is not important, and this is where Dahbud reenters.

During July, 2001 I posted the following disclaimer thinking it would be obvious to readers what was going to happen, and Nobody seems to have read the page, or numbers 4, 5, 6, and 10:

1. Be a Fundamentalist -- make sure the Fun always comes before the mental. Realize that life is a situation comedy that will never be canceled. A laugh track has been provided, and the reason why we are put in the material world is to get more material. Have a good laughsitive twice a day, and that will ensure regularhilarity.

2. Remember that each of us has been given a special gift, just for entering - so you are already a winner!

3. The most powerful tool on the planet today is Tell-A-Vision. That is where I tell a vision to you, and you tell a vision to me. That way, if we don't like the programming we're getting, we can simply change the channel.

4. Life is like photography. You use the negative to develop.

5. It is true. As we go through life thinking heavy thoughts, thought particles tend to get caught between the ears, causing a condition called truth decay. So be sure to use mental floss twice a day. And when you're tempted to practice tantrum yoga, remember what we teach in Swami's Absurdiveness Training class: *Don't get even, get odd.*

6. If we want world peace, we must let go of our attachments and truly live like nomads. That's where I no mad at you, you no mad at me. That way, there'll surely be nomadness on the planet. And peace begins with each of us. A little peace here, a little peace there, pretty soon all the peaces will fit together to make one big peace everywhere.

7. I know great earth changes have been predicted for the future, so if you're looking to avoid earthquakes, my advice is simple. When you find a fault, just don't dwell on it.

8. There's no need to change the world. All we have to do is toilet train the world, and we'll never have to change it again.

9. If you're looking to find the key to the Universe, I have some bad news and some good news. The bad news is: there is no key to the Universe. The good news is: it has been left unlocked.

10. Finally, everything I have told you is channeled. That way, if you don't like it, it's not my fault. And remember, enlightenment is not a bureaucracy. So we don't have to go through channels.

A few years later Somebody tells me in confidence, "Dahbud's articles are hurting your other pages." I explain the story for the (sic) umpteenth time and ask, "Haven't you read the disclaimer," and, "You are aware there are many people who contribute to Snail's pages?"

The response was, "No I haven't read the disclaimer," and, "Yes, I assumed there were others contributing." (fwiw) That was not the first time I had heard comments and replies like those.

So, I explain that I was busy when George W. Bush started running for president, that I personally never found a political system, historically speaking, that pursued perfect peace and harmony, with exception to Sumer, and that there were those not willing to give up 'the struggle'. I also pointed out when Mr. Bush was appointed president by the Supreme Court due to a rigged election in Florida, Dahbud got so angry that all pages leading up to the election were deleted. When Mr. Rumsfeld trashed Vietnam Veterans (I'm one too.) Dahbud went ballistic, and a Web directory was created and given for 'another opinion'. At this point I felt the situation was taken care of, but was wrong.

Most Web folks have a tendency to be 'creatures of habit' and for some reason could not click on Dahbud's new page, resulting in a lot of questions like, "Where did you move Dahbud's stuff?" (otoh) Dahbud was seeing a decline in 'readership' and not happy about it.

The rest of what happened should be fairly obvious if one is a regular reader. Dahbud's stuff ended up on the main page again, which appears, starting in the Archives created on January 2007.

A few years ago my some of my amateur seismic research got noticed by professionals, who were quite excited to see my results. Soon after, there were suggestions that 'some of the things on my pages could get "confused" with my seismic work'. Although extremely polite in trying to be helpful, we all quietly knew a finger was silently being pointed at Dahbud and 'the murmurings' had nothing to do with science.

Enter new problem.

How does one take something away from someone, when what has been given, was given freely in the first place? In other words, how do I get Dahbud off the main page, without hurting feelings, in order to test a 'possible' theory of having people respond better to my seismology work, rather than getting turned off because somebody did not like what Dahbud wrote? ... Fortunately Dahbud knows how to listen, there was no argument, ... and if one has not noticed, I did a 'crap load' of work (page rewrites) to allow for this to happen and promised to help.

End of problem.

Hopefully one day Everybody will understand #10, because in my mind, friendship is far greater than being noticed:

Enlightenment is not a bureaucracy. So we don't have to go through channels. ~@~

201004.11 14:00 UTC

Nobody Gives A Damn - Tweeter And The Monkey Man, Traveling Wilburys

PROBLEM Number One, which has never been looked at or resolved.

PROBLEM Number Two:

An interesting coincidence occurred when Dahbud posted a piece titled, Telecom Crime & Punishment, on a Thursday, several months ago.

The following Friday our data phone line; the one with constant noise and static, which has been repaired year after year, went dead.

Even though a telephone repair truck was sitting at the neighbor's house and a note was left on it's window stating our telephone line was now dead, we were forced to schedule a repair appointment ...for the following Monday.

Since this repair our data phone line has lost the ability to connect at its normal 44,500 KB/s and the log shows a majority of 26,400 KB/s connects, or less, and a few 28,000 KB/s connects.

I am aware most folks do not recall how slow dial-up is compared to any high speed Internet connection, so allow me to explain.

This morning, one email (Mail Activity graphic below) took over an hour to download; something that would take a few seconds via a high speed connect.

In order to compensate for slow delivery, that eats up bandwidth, email has to, now, be run at night, while we sleep, and turned off during the day (Meaning, nothing else can be done with Internet until email downloads complete.)

With the current connection speeds it takes over seventeen (17) minutes to load FlyingSnail's main page ...and, for reference, other pages; especially ones with lots of adverts, can take up to thirty (30) minutes to load:

Mail Activity 0.3 KB/s

When telephone repairs were complete there was something new and dangerous:

Deer Trap ...or...?
Deer Trap ...or... ?

201203.24 - The above wires are still hanging there.

And the walls came down, all the way to Hell, Never saw them when they'were standing, never saw them when they fell - Tweeter And The Monkey Man, Traveling Wilburys

201203.24 - 06:00 PDT

Craton, Fracking, Earthquake, & Booms

Laurentia - North American craton

North American craton

Laurentia (North American craton) is a large area of continental craton, which forms the ancient geological core of the North American continent. Many times in its past, Laurentia has been a separate continent as it is now in the form of North America, although originally it also included the cratonic areas of Greenland and also the northwestern part of Scotland, known as the Hebridean Terrane. During other times in its past, Laurentia has been part of larger continents and supercontinents. It is named after the Laurentian Shield, which in turn is named after the St. Lawrence River.

Laurentia owes its existence to a network of Early Proterozoic orogenic belts. Small microcontinents and oceanic islands collided with the ever-growing Laurentia, and together formed the stable Archean craton we see today.

Lower 48 States Shale Plays
Lower 48 States Shale Plays
Large Image of above map - Related Maps

Hydraulic fracturing in the United States

Hydraulic fracturing or fracking, is the process of utilizing pressurized water, chemical additives, and physical proppants to fracture rock layers and release petroleum, natural gas, or other substances so that they can be extracted. Environmental safety and health concerns about this process have emerged and are being debated at the state and national levels. - Hydraulic Fracturing Environmental concerns

Environmental concerns

Environmental concerns with hydraulic fracturing include the potential contamination of ground water, risks to air quality, the potential migration of gases and hydraulic fracturing chemicals to the surface, the potential mishandling of waste, and the health effects of these, like cancer. Many cases of suspected groundwater contamination have been documented. Valerie Brown, a researcher and science writer, believes that with the explosive growth of natural gas wells in the US, public exposure to the many chemicals involved in hydraulic fracturing is increasing, with uncertain consequences.


A report in the UK concluded that fracking was the likely cause of some small earth tremors that happened during shale gas drilling. In addition, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) reports that, "Earthquakes induced by human activity have been documented in a few locations" in the United States, Japan, and Canada, "the cause [of which] was injection of fluids into deep wells for waste disposal and secondary recovery of oil, and the use of reservoirs for water supplies." The disposal and injection wells referenced are regulated under the Safe Drinking Water Act and UIC laws and are not wells where hydraulic fracturing is generally performed.

Several earthquakes--including a substantial, magnitude 4.0 one on New Year's Eve--that had hit Youngstown, Ohio, throughout 2011 are likely linked to a disposal well for injecting wastewater used in the hydraulic fracturing process, according to seismologists at Columbia University.


It has been noted an explosive sound precedes earthquakes created by manmade injection or during hydraulic fracturing.

Mysterious Booms Rattle Wisconsin City

Mystery Booms in Clintonville, Wisconsin

CNN: Mystery Booms Rock Clintonville, Wisconsin 3/21/2012

Expect A Bumpy Ride In the Future

Earth and the Human body both require lubricants, pores, and gas vents.

Earth's pores and vents are being closed or tapped, lubricants are constantly being depleted, and this is being done for profit without consideration or regard for consequence.

Know Your Earth: A Simple Start

201401.30 - 06:00 PST

In reference to Nobody Gives A Damn and Deer Trap ...or... ? above, downed wires were finally removed and ruts were smoothed out.