Amateur Radio Public Seismic Network (ARPSN)
N6ECT-1/ARPSN-1 Seismic Alert System

Mark Products L15B Sensor - North/South Acceleration
Mark Products 4.5Hz L15B Sensor - N/S Acceleration - ADC Bits: 16 SPS: 100 - Low Pass Filter: 5.000 Hz / Poles =1

Mark Products L15B Sensor - East/West Acceleration
Mark Products 4.5Hz L15B Sensor - E/W Acceleration - ADC Bits: 16 SPS: 100 - Low Pass Filter: 5.000 Hz / Poles =1

NOTE 202109.21:
Due to fire & floods there is no "Current Seismicity".
I am attempting to rebuild another PSN from the pieces I have.
The original Redwood City PSN is now located at:

PSN Heliplots can be observed here:

Adobe; without regard to anyone's work or content, scuttled FLASH!
I am working on a fix to replace all ARPSN Flash Animation.

[OLD] Current Seismicity
Hidden Valley Lake (95467) & Cobb Mountain (95426), Lake County, California, USA
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NOTE 201605.03: I am soon at the point of seismic station
reconstruction and should be online within a month or two.

NOTE 201510.10: There will be another slight delay:
Valley Fire: Photographs & Story


Upper East Backyard
ARPSN seismic station, Flying Snail Ranch: Backyard, North Section, Eastern Ridge
91m/300ft waterfall (white pictured) falls into pool, joins 2 streams, and flows south.


There is nothing left.


[Click to view Seismic Shed Construction ~ Seismic Log ~ ARPSN]




Ranch ~ Seismic
[Click to view Assembling VolksMeter II - 2CUG Kit ~ Seismic Log ~ ARPSN]


Ranch ~ Woodstove

[Click to continue viewing Valley Fire photographs and story]

How's the Weather?
An N6ECT-2 Weather Experiment - Located At Seismic Sensor Vault - [ 202110.01 Not In Service ]
Flying Snail Weather 2011-2012

Year Runs from July 1st to June 30th
Mountain locationMeadow Location
2014~2015 = 23.31 inches of rain
2014~2015 = 56.92 inches of rain
2013~2014 = 14.14 inches of rain

2012~2013 = 52+/- inches of rain
2011~2012 = 42.05 inches of rain
2010~2011 = 64.36 inches of rain
2009~2010 = 67.24 inches of rain