Valley Fire ~ 201509.12

Valley Fire Incident Information

Brooks & Dunn "Hillbilly Deluxe" from HQ Productions ~

Saturday Morning Chores

Upper East Backyard
Backyard, Eastern Ridge ~ With 300'/91m waterfall (white water) drop into pool at bottom (old photo).

We were doing chores at "The Mountain" (our small ranch) when we noticed emergency vehicles going by and a helicopter, followed by a plane (fire, water bomber), fly over. Normally, this type of activity would suggest a vehicle accident has occurred somewhere 'up the road'.

We discover a fire is headed towards the ranch and a mandatory evacuation is issued at 15:47 PM (local time), Saturday, September 12, 2015. (fwiw) There are no animals at the ranch in danger's way.

When we leave "The Mountain" there was no smoke plume visible. About a mile down the road I looked in the rearview mirror and start filming:

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