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17 February 1999

"Animation for the Appliance Challenged" is presented as a litmus for the person who 'wants to test the water' in Animation, 3D, and 'cool' geometry using Blender.

Okay, the geometry part is an option and mentioned because I was impressed by the struggle of 15th century European artists who found "a way of evoking three-dimensional space and depicting solid form in a way that was systematic and consistent" (Alan Watt and Mark Watt, 1992, p.11).

These pages were initiated on my arrival at page 63 of the Blender V1.5 Manual. I spent about a month working on the first 61 pages and practiced the tutorials until I could do them from memory.

I would like to publicly thank Ton Roosendaal for his free source contribution. - Curtis ~@~

Watt, A., Watt, M. (1992). Advanced Animation and Rendering Techniques. New York: Addison-Wesley Publishing Company.

Animation for the Appliance Challenged Blender Gallery

by Willem-Paul "kaneda" Van Overbruggen

MooTron 2000
Skywriter's Self Milking BlenderFarm(tm)
Eight Celeron 300A's with 32Meg SDRAM, 100mb ethernet, and 3.2 Gig UDMA disk.
Blender's New Location

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Official Blender Documentation - Take me there

Official Blender Downloads

Europe - (http) -
USA - (ftp) -
Australia - (http) -

Poland - (Provided service when went off line) - - (Provided service when went off line)

Tutorial Locations

[Local] - Beginner's Tutorial on Simple Mesh and Path Movement - Take me there

Rocket3d's Blender Tutorials - Take me there

Wizzbit's Blender Tutorial - Take me there - Take me there

Strubi's Blender Tutorial - Take me there

Ben's Blender Tutorial - Take me there

Carsten's Blender Tutorial (German) - Take me there - Take me there

Daniel's Blender Tutorials - Take me there

tHe IcemAn SR and JR's Blender Tutorials = SR - Take me there = JR - Take me there

jm's Blender Tutorial (French) - Take me there

BlenderCN - China BLender User Group (Chinese) - Take Me There

Blender Forum - Take me there

Blender Search - Take me there

Blender Links - Take me there

Blender Plugins

Bernd's Plugins - Take me there

Blender Miscellaneous

Jan Walter's Blender Pages - Take me there - Take me there

Blender Network Rendering Program
[Local Link] - Take me there

Strubi's Texture Database - Take me there

Blender Animation and Render Studies - Take me there

Daniel's render with "steps" script for generating a renderscript. - Take me there

Jan Walter's Export Blender Animations To Other Renderers and Blender Python page - Take me there

Strubi's Python Info Base - Take me there

Python script for producing involute profile spur gears for Blender - Take me there

Lip Sync - Making Characters Speak - Take me there

Tools I Have Used with Blender

Cinelerra (was Broadcast 2000) - non linear audio/video editor for Linux + other good utilities - Take me there

MainActor - professional video sequencer - Take me there

SOX Sound eXchange - sound file format converter - Take me there

Graphic Utilities for Unix - Take me there

Python HOWTO Documents - Take me there

The Blue Screen Page - Take me there

Synthetic Lighting for Photography - Take me there

Site for 3d files converters = 3ds to VRML for Blender (Linux located in []) - Take me there

Computer Animation and Graphic FAQ's - Take me there

Just Another Blender Page (dxf2obj and 3ds2obj) - Take me there

Mac G4 Screen Shots (1600x1024) - Take me there (1600x1024) - Take me there

This Out-Of-Date page (above) exists because it reminds me of fun I had learning how to use Blender and excellent folks who participated.

I still do animation and offer this old advise for anyone pursuing a career in Animation, "Be careful what you wish for, It might become true." (-;

Long before Blender I was involved with progressive activism. I left the Blender community to eliminate the risk of 'my politics' leaking into 'where it did not belong', which usually leads to some form of divide and conquer.

Nothing has changed during the past 10 years and I am reaching my 'statistical end' of caring.

Nobody Brought Peace To Our Times == Nobody for President == Hire a RIBBON CUTTER!

Thank you for visiting.

Here are some other 'things' I am into:

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