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During times of universal deceit, telling the truth
becomes a revolutionary act. ~ George Orwell

Is Daylight Savings Time Dangerous?

Google Is Evil ~ for using insinuation to destroy a cancer stricken US Veteran's web pages

Google faces mass legal action
in UK over data snooping

By Jane Wakefield Technology reporter, 30 November 2017, BBC Source

Google is being taken to court, accused of collecting the personal data of millions of users, in the first mass legal action of its kind in the UK.

It focuses on allegations that Google unlawfully harvested information from 5.4 million UK users by bypassing privacy settings on their iPhones.

The group taking action - Google You Owe Us - is led by ex-Which director Richard Lloyd.

He estimates the users could get as much as "several hundred pounds each".

The case centres on how Google used cookies - small pieces of computer text that are used to collect information from devices in order to deliver targeted ads.

The complaint is that for several months in 2011 and 2012 Google placed ad-tracking cookies on the devices of Safari users which is set by default to block such cookies.

'Abuse of trust'

The Safari workaround, as it became known, affected a variety of devices but the UK case will focus on iPhone users.

Mr Lloyd said: "In all my years speaking up for consumers, I've rarely seen such a massive abuse of trust where so many people have no way to seek redress on their own."

He added: "Through this action, we will send a strong message to Google and other tech giants in Silicon Valley that we're not afraid to fight back."

Mr Lloyd said Google had told him that he must "come to California" if he wanted to pursue legal action against the firm.

"It is disappointing that they are trying to hide behind procedural and jurisdictional issues rather than being held to account for their actions," he said.

Google told the BBC: "This is not new - we have defended similar cases before. We don't believe it has any merit and we will contest it."

US precedent

Those affected do not have to pay any legal fees or contact any lawyers as they will automatically be part of the claim, unless they wish to opt out.

The case is being supported by law firm Mishcon de Reya, which specialises in large-scale litigation.

Although there is no precedent for such a mass legal action in the UK, there is in the US.

Google agreed to pay a record $22.5m (£16.8m) in a case brought by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on the same issue in 2012.

The firm also settled out of court with a small number of British consumers.

The case will be heard in the High Court, probably in spring 2018. ~ View comments

Have the Reaping what we sow _or_ Have the Strumabteilung returned? Returned?

Redshift Happens!

Red Pill == Knowledge, freedom and the (sometimes painful) truth of reality ~ Graphic: C. SpanglerBlue Pill == Falsehood, security and the blissful ignorance of illusion ~ Graphic:  C. Spangler

Red Pill: Knowledge, freedom and the (sometimes painful) truth of reality

Redshift: In physics, redshift happens when light or other electromagnetic radiation from an object is increased in wavelength, or shifted to the red end of the spectrum. In general, whether or not the radiation is within the visible spectrum, "redder" means an increase in wavelength – equivalent to a lower frequency and a lower photon energy, in accordance with, respectively, the wave and quantum  theories of light.

The Rolling Stones | Doom and Gloom via Trunk Animation

Blue Pill: Falsehood, security and the blissful ignorance of illusion

Blueshift: A blueshift is any decrease in  wavelength, with a corresponding increase in frequency, of an  electromagnetic wave; the opposite effect is referred to as  redshift. In  visible light, this shifts the color from the red end of the spectrum to the blue end.

Nobody for President on the Road
Nobody for President Gallery @ via Sharon Paltin, M.D. Visit Gallery

Nothing else matters, Metallica arr. Karianne Brouwer violin, Maaike Schoenmaker cello

Psycho Killer via Yellow Bird Trio

Friends In High Places Watching the Actions of Ajit Pai

FCC Releases Net Neutrality Killing Order,
Hopes You're Too Busy Cooking Turkey To Read It

by Karl Bode Wed, Nov 22nd 2017 11:21am

Broadband ~ Filed Under: ajit paifccnet neutrality, techdirt Permalink, Short link from the nothing-to-see-here dept

As we noted yesterday, the FCC is trying to use the Thanksgiving holiday to distract the press and public from its blatant handout to one of the least liked and least competitive industries in America. As we also noted yesterday, trying to bury such an epic middle finger to consumers behind the cranberry sauce is an obvious underestimation of just how unpopular this plan is, and the policy, political, and cultural backlash it's going to generate for years.

That said, all six of you not currently driving long distances, buying turkeys and potatoes, or otherwise distracted by holiday preparation can now read a fact sheet provided by the FCC (pdf) explaining what Ajit Pai and his lobbying friends in the telecom industry have planned for you.

To Ajit Pai's credit (and I'm using that term loosely here), the rules do pretty much everything he promised they would, including rolling back the Title II classification of ISPs as common carriers that gives the FCC its ability to enforce net neutrality. Without that authority, the FCC can't really protect you as giant broadband providers abuse the lack of competition in the last mile (a lack of competition Ajit Pai refuses to acknowledge, much less actually fix). ISPs have been very busy trying to claim that gutting this authority doesn't kill net neutrality protections, though we've already explained at length why that's nonsense.

Throughout the order, the FCC repeatedly tries to claim that the very real harms we've seen in the broadband sector thanks to a lack of healthy competition are entirely "speculative" and "hypothetical":

"Because of the paucity of concrete evidence of harms to the openness of the Internet, the Title II Order and its proponents have heavily relied on purely speculative threats. We do not believe hypothetical harms, unsupported by empirical data, economic theory, or even recent anecdotes, provide a basis for public-utility regulation of ISPs.428 Indeed, economic theory demonstrates that many of the practices prohibited by the Title II Order can sometimes harm consumers and sometimes benefit consumers; therefore, it is not accurate to presume that all hypothetical effects are harmful."

You know, speculative instances like that time AT&T blocked customer access to Facetime in order to drive them to more expensive mobile data plans. Or the time AT&T throttled users then lied about it (something AT&T's still fighting a lawsuit over). Or that time Comcast applied arbitrary and completely unnecessary usage caps and overage fees to its broadband service (again, thanks to a lack of competition), then exempted the company's own content from those caps while still penalizing competitors. Or how about that time Verizon blocked competing mobile wallets from even working on its phones to give its own payment platform an advantage?

There's plenty more very real, very non-speculative examples where that came from, and the problem gets worse if you look at the bad behavior by ISPs on the privacy front (also caused by a lack of competition). Like when AT&T decided to charge users hundreds of extra dollars a month just to opt out of snoopvertising, or the time Verizon was busted covertly modifying user packets to track users around the internet without telling them -- or letting them opt out.

If you think these very real market harms are "speculative" you've been in a coma for the last decade. Yet this argument that net neutrality is an entirely theoretical problem sits at the heart of the FCC's order. It's an order that makes it abundantly clear that the real goal is to completely dismantle the FCC's authority over broadband mono/duopolies, then shovel any remaining authority to an FTC that's technically incapable of actually policing abuses in the sector. Anybody framing this as anything other than a grotesque example of crony capitalism is either viciously misinformed -- or intentionally lying to you for personal financial benefit.

One thing of particular note in the Orwellian-named "Restoring Internet Freedom" order is the fact that the FCC wants to ban states that try to protect net neutrality and consumer welfare in the wake of the federal handout to industry. The agency doesn't specifically spell out how it intends to do this, but it's something ISPs like Comcast have been lobbying for for several months. ISPs have similarly been lobbying the government to ban states from protecting your broadband privacy after the GOP and Trump administration rushed to kill fairly basic broadband privacy protections earlier this year.

For years, ISPs have quite literally been allowed to write awful protectionist state laws that prohibit towns and cities from building their own broadband networks, or even striking public/private partnerships with companies like Google Fiber. Even in cases where the private sector refuses to. When folks pointed out that maybe giant uncompetitive duopolies shouldn't be allowed to write shitty state law, ISPs and their pay-to-play allies insisted this was an assault on states' rights. But when these same states try to protect consumers, you'll notice these concerns magically disappear.

Another thing to note: the FCC's original net neutrality order contained some very useful transparency rules that required that ISPs be entirely candid about what kind of traffic management they're using on your connection. And while Pai and his friends at Comcast have made a big deal about how they'll be retaining some of these protections, the order itself makes it abundantly clear that they intend to strip out most of the enforcement mechanisms that actually make these transparency protections work. For example, the order proclaims:

"Our enforcement changes will ensure that ISPs will be held accountable for any violations of the transparency rule.

But then proceeds to point out how it intends to eliminate most of the safeguards in place to ensure these requirements are actually adhered to:

"We eliminate the formal complaint procedures because the informal complaint procedure, in conjunction with other redress options including consumer protection laws, will sufficiently protect consumers. Additionally, we eliminate the position of Open Internet Ombudsperson because the staff from the Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau—other than the Ombudsperson—have been performing the Ombudsperson functions envisioned by the Title II Order. We also eliminate the issuance of enforcement advisory opinions, because enforcement advisory opinions do not diminish regulatory uncertainty, particularly for small providers. Instead, they add costs and uncertain timelines since there is no specific timeframe within which to act, which can also inhibit innovation."

The FCC's order also makes it clear that it wants to do away with protections governing interconnection. You'll recall that as people got wise to how ISPs were trying to throttle or otherwise hamstring competitors, ISPs got more creative -- and began intentionally letting interconnection points with transit operators and companies like Netflix get congested. Why? ISPs like Comcast and Verizon hoped to 1) kill the common practice of settlement-free peering, and 2) force companies like Netflix to pay an additional toll if they wanted video packets to reach subscribers on time, and intact (aka "double dipping" or more bluntly, extortion).

Unnoticed by many in the lawsuit by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman against Charter over slow speeds was the fact that Charter executives were busted candidly discussing this strategy to drive up costs for competitors and transit operators. When the FCC passed its 2015 net neutrality rules, this behavior mysteriously and magically ceased. Not surprisingly, the FCC is eager to eliminate any protections for this kind of anti-competitive behavior, insisting said protections were "unnecessary" and could magically be resolved by "market forces":

"We believe that applying Title II to Internet traffic exchange arrangements was unnecessary and is likely to inhibit competition and innovation. We find that freeing Internet traffic exchange arrangements from burdensome government regulation, and allowing market forces to discipline this emerging market is the better course. Indeed, the cost of Internet transit fell over 99 percent on a cost-per-megabit basis from 2005 to 2015.

In short, the FCC's plan to dismantle net neutrality rules is every bit as bad as most people expected it to be, and potentially a little bit worse. It opens the door to all manner of anti-competitive behavior by AT&T, Verizon, Charter and Comcast, while mindlessly dismissing the very real harms a lack of broadband competition is having on numerous industries. It tries to ban states from stepping in and filling the void in the face of obvious federal regulatory capture, and opens the door to giant, unaccountable ISPs to do pretty much whatever they'd like as they take full advantage of the broken residential and business broadband markets.

It's easy to be disheartened by this grotesque handout to duopolists, but users should take heart in the fact that this FCC order is so aggressively vile and obnoxious as to be potentially legally indefensible. In court, the FCC will have to prove that the broadband market has changed so substantially in the last two years as to justify such a brutal reversal of consumer-friendly policies. It will also have to defend the fact that it ignored 22 million, largely oppositional public comments on the FCC effort, and turned a blind eye to numerous instances of fraud and abuse of the comment system in order to downplay the massive backlash to its plan.

Even if the FCC does manage to win in the courts, it then has to stop the inevitable political backlash that is likely to eject Ajit Pai and friends from power. That's why you'll likely see an ISP effort in the new year to try and pass a new net neutrality law ISP lackeys and sockpuppets will breathlessly claim "solves" this problem once and for all, but will be integrated with so many loopholes as to be effectively useless. It's real purpose: to prevent the FCC from revisiting this subject down the road under the guise of "putting this issue to bed once and for all."

The problem for ISP lobbyists is that we're entering an election season, and countless politicians are going to be tripping over themselves to distance themselves from the unpopular policies of the current administration. You're not going to find a more unpopular policy than this myopic assault on net neutrality and the health of the internet.

That said, it's important to remember that net neutrality isn't a fight that magically ends with the passage or elimination of consumer protections, strong, weak, or otherwise. Since net neutrality violations are just a symptom of a lack of competition in the broadband market, it's a battle we're going to have to fight in perpetuity -- or at least until somebody in the United States government discovers the fortitude and courage to actually stand up to AT&T, Verizon, Charter and Comcast and begins implementing policies that finally attempt to actually fix our obvious competitive logjam.

Friends In High Places Watching the Actions of Ajit Pai ~ The time to act is now.

Steven Leech ~ Boptime + Legends of Wilmington Jazz

On Saturday’s Boptime we begin at 6am (EST) with the 1956 Broadway musical Li’l Abner, from Al Capp’s famous comic strip, and with lyrics from Johnny Mercer. We continue into the 7am (EST) hour with more from this day in 1956, the #1 tunes, the movies playing around town, and more. After a visit from Michael Ace on Rockabilly Ridge at 8am (EST), at 9am (EST) it’s Beatlemania!!! from this day in 1966, including a couple Delaware Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Selections, and more great tunes from this day in 1966. ~ Steve

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Keep the Net Neutral

FCC plans total repeal of net neutrality rules

By MARGARET HARDING MCGILL, 11/20/2017 07:17 PM EST, Updated 11/20/2017 07:58 PM EST ~ Politico Source

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai will reveal plans to his fellow commissioners on Tuesday to fully dismantle the agency's Obama-era net neutrality regulations, people familiar with the plans said, in a major victory for the telecom industry in the long-running policy debate.

The commission will vote on the proposal in December, some seven months after it laid the groundwork for scuttling the rules that require internet service providers like Comcast or AT&T to treat web traffic equally.

President Donald Trump-appointed Pai’s plan would jettison rules that prohibit internet service providers from blocking or slowing web traffic or creating so-called paid internet fast lanes, the people familiar with the changes said.

Pai also will follow through on his plans to scrap the legal foundation that the FCC’s old Democratic majority adopted in 2015 to tighten federal oversight of internet service providers, a move he contends has deterred the industry from investing in broadband networks. Internet providers have feared that legal foundation, if left in place, could set the stage for possible government price regulation of internet service.

The chairman’s approach, to be voted on at the FCC’s Dec. 14 meeting, would also get rid of the so-called general conduct standard, which gives the FCC authority to police behavior by internet service providers it deems unreasonable. 

The plan includes transparency rules that would require internet service providers to inform their customers about their practices on issues such as blocking and throttling. Major internet providers, including Comcast, have publicly said they will not block or throttle web traffic.

The FCC will look to another agency, the Federal Trade Commission, to police whether internet service providers are acting in an anti-competitive manner.

An FCC spokesman declined comment on the plan.

Supporters of the existing rules, including tech giants like Netflix and left-leaning digital activists, say they are necessary to ensuring the internet remains a level playing field. But critics, including Pai, have said they are too burdensome and deter investment in broadband networks.

The agency is expected to approve the rollback at its next meeting given the Republican majority, but the issue is likely to end up in court yet again. A federal appeals court upheld the current net neutrality rules in June 2016, siding with the FCC against a challenge from AT&T, USTelecom and other industry trade groups. This time, it’s likely to be net neutrality advocates taking the agency to court.

The move could also re-ignite interest in legislation to codify net neutrality rules, which Republican lawmakers and ISPs have pushed for this year. Some FCC watchers believe Pai’s dismantling of the rules could bring Democrats to the table to negotiate a legislative solution to the debate.

Pai’s rollback of the net neutrality rules will top his list of deregulatory accomplishments since Trump appointed him chairman in January. The longtime GOP commissioner has lived up to his promise the agency would take a “weed whacker” to federal regulations, slashing rules on media ownership, business broadband and the transition from copper to fiber services.

Ripple | Playing For Change | Song Around The World via Playing For Change

Myths of Mass Deception

Myths of Mass Deception: Thanksgiving

Turkeys at Flying Snail Meadow

Cree Prophecy

Only after the last tree has been cut down,

Only after the last river has been poisoned,

Only after the last fish has been caught,

Only then will you find money cannot be eaten.

Thanksgiving Is A Celebration of Genocide

The End of American Thanksgivings, The Black Commentator, Issue 66

Nobody but Americans celebrates Thanksgiving. It is reserved by history and the intent of "the founders" as the supremely white American holiday, the most ghoulish event on the national calendar. No Halloween of the imagination can rival the exterminationist reality that was the genesis, and remains the legacy, of the American Thanksgiving. It is the most loathsome, humanity-insulting day of the year - a pure glorification of racist barbarity.

We at [Black Commentator] are thankful that the day grows nearer when the almost four centuries-old abomination will be deprived of its reason for being: white supremacy. Then we may all eat and drink in peace and gratitude for the blessings of humanity's deliverance from the rule of evil men.

Thanksgiving is much more than a lie - if it were that simple, an historical correction of the record of events in 1600s Massachusetts would suffice to purge the "flaw" in the national mythology. But Thanksgiving is not just a twisted fable, and the mythology it nurtures is itself inherently evil. The real-life events - subsequently revised - were perfectly understood at the time as the first, definitive triumphs of the genocidal European project in New England. The near-erasure of Native Americans in Massachusetts and, soon thereafter, from most of the remainder of the northern English colonial seaboard was the true mission of the Pilgrim enterprise - Act One of the American Dream. African Slavery commenced contemporaneously - an overlapping and ultimately inseparable Act Two. [Continue reading at Source]

Turkey In A Tree
Thanksgiving, Celebration of Genocide
Native American Holocaust Absolution by Pilgrims

Skipping past the signing of the Mayflower Compact, the first concerns of the new arrivals were finding something to eat and a place to settle. After anchoring off Cape Cod on November 11, 1620, a small party was sent ashore to explore. Pilgrims in every sense of the word, they promptly stumbled into a Nauset graveyard where they found baskets of corn which had been left as gifts for the deceased. The gathering of this unexpected bounty was interrupted by the angry Nauset warriors, and the hapless Pilgrims beat a hasty retreat back to their boat with little to show for their efforts. Shaken but undaunted by their welcome to the New World, the Pilgrims continued across Cape Cod Bay and decided to settle, of all places, at the site of the now-deserted Wampanoag village of Patuxet. There they sat for the next few months in crude shelters - cold, sick and slowly starving to death. Half did not survive that terrible first winter. The Wampanoag were aware of the English but chose to avoid contact them for the time being.

In keeping with the strange sequence of unlikely events, Samoset, a Pemaquid (Abenaki) sachem from Maine hunting in Massachusetts, came across the growing disaster at Plymouth. Having acquired some English from contact with English fishermen and the short-lived colony at the mouth of the Kennebec River in 1607, he walked into Plymouth in March and startled the Pilgrims with "Hello Englishmen." Samoset stayed the night surveying the situation and left the next morning. He soon returned with Squanto. Until he succumbed to sickness and joined his people in 1622, Squanto devoted himself to helping the Pilgrims who were now living at the site of his old village. Whatever his motivations, with great kindness and patience, he taught the English the skills they needed to survive, and in so doing, assured the destruction of his own people. [Continue Reading at Source]

National Day of Mourning - Plymouth, Mass.
Native American Issues & Causes & NDN News Website -

The Thanksgiving Myth
by John Two-Hawks

Let me begin by stating that thousands of years before the 'official' Thanksgiving Day was proclaimed by Governor Winthrop of the Massachussetts Bay Colony in 1637, North American Indigenous people across the continent had celebrated seasons of Thanksgiving.

'Thanksgiving' is a very ancient concept to American Indian nations. The big problem with the American Thanksgiving holiday is its false association with American Indian people. The infamous 'Indians and pilgrims' myth.

It is good to celebrate Thanksgiving, to be thankful for your blessings. It is not good to distort history, to falsely portray the origin of this holiday and lie about the truth of its actual inception. Here are some accurate historical facts about the true origin of this American holiday that may interest you. [Continue Reading at Source]

Develop Your Mind, NOT Sacred Sites

Develop Your Mind, Not Sacred Sites

In an 1868 treaty, drafted at Fort Laramie in Sioux country, the United States established the Black Hills as part of the Great Sioux Reservation, set aside for exclusive use by the Sioux people. However, after the discovery of gold there in 1874, the United States confiscated the land in 1877. To this day, ownership of the Black Hills remains the subject of a legal dispute between the U.S. government and the Sioux.

Turkeys in front yard

I'm Sorry You Have Taken So Long to Say You're Sorry
by David Pego

"I think America clearly knows the atrocities - the holocaust, the land theft, the boarding school experience completely wiping out the language and cultures of our Native brothers and sisters." ~ Source

Turkey on car


Robbie Basho ~ Wounded Knee ~ Click-to-play

Laura Allan ~ Ceremonial Song ~ Click-to-play

A Question Of Honour, Sarah Brightman via Roland Baldwin

America's Priorities
America's Priorities = IPHONE RELEASE DAY and BLACK FRIDAY rather than a PTA MEETING or ELECTION DAY

Sprung ~ Harley-Davidson® Springer® Enthusiast

Ride Free II via Paul Bokhari

Malcolm Young dies; AC/DC guitarist was 64

Girls Got Rhythm ~ AC/DC via Peezin Queues

by  | The Mercury News Source [Photos at site]

PUBLISHED: November 18, 2017 at 7:58 am | UPDATED: November 18, 2017 at 8:41 am

By MARK KENNEDY, AP Entertainment Writer

NEW YORK (AP) — Malcolm Young, the rhythm guitarist and guiding force behind the bawdy hard rock band AC/DC who helped create such head-banging anthems as “Highway to Hell,” ”Hells Bells” and “Back in Black,” has died. He was 64.

AC/DC announced the death Saturday on its official Facebook page and website Saturday. A representative for the band confirmed that the posts were true. The posts did not say when or where Young died, but said the performer had been suffering from dementia. He was diagnosed in 2014.

“It is with deepest sorrow that we inform you of the death of Malcolm Young, beloved husband, father, grandfather and brother. Malcolm had been suffering from Dementia for several years and passed away peacefully with his family by his bedside,” one of the posts read.

The family put out a statement posted on the band’s website calling Young a “visionary who inspired many.”
While Young’s younger brother, Angus, the group’s school-uniform-wearing lead guitarist, was the public face of the band, Malcolm Young was its key writer and leader, the member the rest of the band watched for onstage changes and cutoffs.

AC/DC were remarkably consistent for over 40 years with its mix of driving hard rock, lusty lyrics and bluesy shuffles, selling over 200 million albums, surviving the loss of its first singer and creating one of the greatest rock records ever in “Back in Black,” the world’s second best-selling album behind Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

The Glasgow-born Young brothers — who moved to Sydney, Australia, with their parents, sister and five older brothers in 1963 — formed the band in 1973. They were inspired to choose the high-energy name AC/DC from the back of a sewing machine owned by their sister, Margaret.

Angus experimented with several different stage costumes at first — including a gorilla suit and a Zorro outfit — but the school uniform was a natural, since he was only 16 at the time.

The Youngs went through several drummers and bass guitarists, finally settling on Phil Rudd on drums in 1974 and Englishman Cliff Williams on bass three years later. Their original singer was fired after a few months when they discovered Bon Scott, who was originally hired as the band’s driver.

FIB 5 Minute Web-Doco ACDC MASTERS OF MUSIC Vol 14 “Rock” via Fashion Industry Broadcast

By 1980, the band was on a roll, known for its high energy performances and predictably hard-charging songs. Their album “Highway To Hell” was certified gold in America and made it into the top 25 Billboard album charts, and the single “Touch Too Much” became their first UK Top 30 hit. But on Feb. 18, 1980, everything changed — Scott died of asphyxiation after choking on his own vomit after an all-night drinking binge.

The band decided to keep going and hired English vocalist Brian Johnson at the helm. The newly reconfigured group channeled their grief into songwriting and put out 1980’s “Back In Black,” with the songs “You Shook Me All Night Long,” ”Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution” and “Hells Bells.” The cover of the album was black, in honor of Scott’s death.

The band continued with a studio or live album every few years , blending their huge guitar riffs with rebellious and often sophomoric lyrics — song titles include “Big Balls,” ”Beating Around the Bush,” ”Let Me Put My Love Into You” and “Stiff Upper Lip.” AC/DC won only a single Grammy Award, for best hard rock performance in 2009 for “War Machine.”

Rolling Stone said in 1980 that “the AC/DC sound is nothing more and nothing less than aggressively catchy song hooks brutalized by a revved-up boogie rhythm, Malcolm’s jackhammer riffing, Angus’ guitar histrionics and Johnson’s bloodcurdling bawl.”

In the book “The Youngs: The Brothers Who Built AC/DC” by Jesse Fink, Angus Young said the formula worked. “We’ve got the basic thing kids want,” he said. “They want to rock and that’s it. They want to be part of the band as a mass. When you hit a guitar chord, a lot of the kids in the audience are hitting it with you. They’re so much into the band they’re going through all the motions with you. If you can get the mass to react as a whole, then that’s the ideal thing. That’s what a lot of bands lack, and why the critics are wrong.”

AC/DC’s infectious, driving sound stretched further than rock arenas. The song “Shoot to Thrill” was heard in the film “The Avengers,” ”Back in Black” made it into “The Muppets,” ”Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” was played in “Bridesmaids” and their songs were included in the “Iron Man” franchise. On TV, the band’s music was heard in everything from “Top Gear,” the “Hawaii Five-0” reboot, “Glee,” ”CSI: Miami” and “The Voice.”

Though the band championed good-natured hell-raising, it had to weather suggestions in the 1980s that they were a threat to the moral fabric of society. There were rumors the band’s name stood for Anti-Christ/Devil’s Children and many were shocked when it was learned that serial murderer and rapist Richard Ramirez identified himself as a fan and left an AC/DC baseball cap behind at a crime scene.

In 2014, the band released “Rock or Bust,” the first AC/DC album without Malcom Young. Even so, he is very present on the record since the 11 songs are credited to the Young brothers (Angus said he built the album from guitar hooks the two had accumulated over the years).

Around the album’s release, Angus Young told The Associated Press that Malcolm was doing fine, but that he couldn’t perform anymore.

“It was progressing further, but he knew he couldn’t do it,” Angus Young said of his older brother’s dementia. “He had continued as long as he could, still writing. But he said to me, ‘Keep it going.'”

The fate of the band was also put into doubt by the retirement of Williams, legal trouble for Rudd and Johnson’s hearing loss, which forced him to leave. The band enlisted Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose to sing on tour in 2016.

Does the Government Represent The People?

Corruption is Legal in America via Doku Mentor

Senate chooses Wall Street over
consumers, seniors, and service members

By LINDA LIPSEN, Opinion Contributor ~ 11/17/17 01:25 PM EST ~ The Hill Source ~ Credit: Reddit


After 10 p.m. on a recent autumn night, Vice President Mike Pence and 50 U.S. senators decided that consumers should lose the right to hold massive financial institutions like Wells Fargo and Equifax accountable.

It’s a disgrace.

The bill they passed, signed soon after by President Trump, wiped out a recently finalized Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) rule restoring Americans’ constitutional rights to access the courts when financial giants break the law. “Forced arbitration” lets big banks use the fine print of customer agreements to steer consumers into a rigged arbitration system—hidden from public view and often designed and controlled by the banks.

Wall Street worked overtime to kill the CFPB’s rule because forced arbitration allows big banks to cover up scandals and avoid public accountability. Most senators know that it’s wrong to give entities like Equifax and Wells Fargo the power to strip Americans of their rights, but they waited until after hours when the public wasn’t looking and did it anyway.

To make matters worse, the Senate’s defenders of forced arbitration seem to have no grasp of the facts at all, and real people will pay the price.

To those fact-deprived senators, I ask one simple question: do you honestly think that service members who are defrauded while serving overseas, or seniors who are abused in nursing homes, or women who are sexually harassed at work should be forced to go it alone in a secretive arbitration process? Would you want that for your loved ones? 

Some said that forced arbitration is better for consumers but the data shows the opposite. On average, 6.8 million consumers recover at least $440 million in cash relief in class actions, after deducting all attorneys’ fees and court costs—compared to just 16 consumers who receive cash relief in arbitration each year. The truth is, big banks know that if consumers with small dollar losses can’t band together to hold them accountable in court, very few can afford the time and expense of going it alone against a massive financial institution.

Others hid behind false claims that small banks and credit unions would be hurt, but 97 percent of credit unions don’t use arbitration clauses, and only 8 percent of smaller banks do in their checking account agreements. The credit unions even admitted “very minimal usage, if any,” but that didn’t stop misinformed senators from using them as a prop.

Incredibly some even claimed that the CFPB rule would force consumers into court. This is false. The rule simply restored Americans’ ability to choose to join with other consumers to hold mega banks accountable—or go to arbitration. Individuals can’t be forced to bring a civil claim in court if they don’t want to. To suggest otherwise is absurd.

And of course, despite the fact that over 370 organizations as varied and respected as the American Legion, the Military Coalition, AFL-CIONAACP and AARP, all want the rule upheld, Wall Street interests dusted off their old saw about “trial lawyers”—but that’s what you do when you don’t have facts or logic on your side. 

And to those who voted to retain Wall Street’s power to force Americans into arbitration, please explain to your constituents why entities like Wells Fargo and Equifax deserve more protection than service members, seniors and consumers. Why are the American public’s constitutional rights less important than special favors for Wall Street? Why do banks get to sue their customers but their customers can’t sue them?

Equifax tried to steer its 145.5 million data breach victims into this rigged system. Wells Fargo did the same after opening millions of fraudulent accounts in its customers’ names, and separately operating a years-long scam in which customers were slapped with illegitimate overdraft fees. Is this the kind of behavior that Mike Pence and half the Senate should be protecting? 

The American public overwhelmingly says “no.”

Madcowdelic by C. Spangler
This (sic) bumpersnicker is in memory of Paul Krassner's Fuck Communism! bumper sticker which one can see in a new tab or window by clicking on Fuck Politicians
In memory of Paul Krassner's (sic) bumpersnicker.

American Dream by George Carlin, [Not Work Safe = Language] from Felly
Nobody for President 2020 = NONE OF THE ABOVE on Voter Ballots

Keep the Net Neutral


Big Cable's pillow talk with FCC to forbid
US states from writing own net neutrality rules

You've got the authority, big boy, CTIA tells Pai... And such strong arms

By Kieren McCarthy in San Francisco 17 Nov 2017 at 21:46, The Register Source, Credit: Reddit

The stomach-churning love-fest between the American cable industry and FCC Ajit Pai continues apace with Big Cable now pillow talking the federal regulator into how to prevent individual US states forming their own net neutrality protections.

Pai is expecting to call for a vote on dismantling net neutrality rules on December 14 – despite widespread opposition to the idea – but cable companies are worried that state legislators will simply write their own laws to effectively reintroduce them.

And so, joining a determined campaign by cable giants Verizon and Comcast to lobby against such actions, the wireless comms trade association CTIA has joined the fray, sending a letter to the FCC informing it how it can usurp such state efforts.

"Broadband internet access is an interstate offering properly classified as an information service," the association, which represents wireless giants from Sprint to AT&T, stated, reflecting the ongoing dispute about how internet access should be regulated in law.

It went on: "Interstate services are, of course, within the sole jurisdiction of the FCC, and Congress has advanced a national policy of non-regulation for information services. These two well-established principles represent two inter-related but distinct bases for preemption, which the courts have upheld and the Office of General Counsel recently reaffirmed in a brief to the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit."

What does that mean? It's basically policy wonk foreplay; the equivalent of telling your insecure lover how strong and powerful they are. So much sexier than those other regulators.

"During the meeting, CTIA explained that, in addition to other legal rationales favoring preemption, the Commission is empowered to interpret the Communications Act of 1934, as amended as preempting state and local broadband-specific regulation," cooes the CTIA into Pai's ears, "just as it has previously interpreted the Act to bar communications-specific state and local regulation in connection with voice over Internet protocol."


Dance of the Ninth Circuit veils

The CTIA slowly undresses while reciting the legal precedents and court decisions – even the Supreme Court, baby - that it says means that the FCC can overrule states' efforts to maintain the current status quo. Thirteen pages of pornographic policy posturing.

"The prospect of broadband reclassification here raises serious concerns that state governments will move to adopt new broadband-specific regulations of their own," the org warns. "Indeed, some state and local policymakers have signaled their intentions to consider upending the framework proposed by the Notice by enacting new regulatory mandates of their own."

Scandalous. Surely Pai wants to protect lil' ole CTIA?

"The Commission therefore should pre-empt any state or local broadband-specific regulation, irrespective of whether the state or locality claims that its regulation promotes or supplements federal goals."

They looked at us funny, Ajit. What are you going to do about it?

"Congress has accorded the Commission authority to interpret the Communications Act – including with respect to that Act's preemptive effects… An agency need not issue affirmative rules at all in order to regulate – it need only act within its lawful authority to interpret its implementing statutes."

And so on.

In effect, the CTIA is egging the FCC on in an effort to get it to preemptively challenge the states' ability to come up with their own rules – and hands it a legal game plan to do just that. It is pure, naked flattery with a distinct goal.

It is also highly questionable, heading straight into the age-old issue of states' rights versus federal rights. Can the FCC prevent other states from passing net neutrality legislation? No. Can it challenge their ability to impose them? Possibly – but only if the FCC is willing to push the issue.

Crime passionnel

The federal regulator would have to be willing to move from reversing its current rules – which it claims to be doing in order to lift regulatory barriers – to actively enforcing that approach and preventing others from doing so.

It would be a giant hypocritical leap, but then today's administration has shown itself even more willing than previous administrations to say one thing and do another.

The CTIA even has its own simple anecdote to explain why it makes sense for the FCC to set the rules across the entire US: a train journey.

"A passenger riding on Amtrak between Washington D.C. and New York City travels through five different jurisdictions during the course of a 3.5-hour trip," the letter argued. "If each of these jurisdictions were permitted to enforce its own rules regarding (for example) traffic prioritization, the rider’s mobile broadband usage during the trip would be subject to five different legal regimes, even if the rider spent the entire trip watching a single movie. This would be impracticable, and only underscores the risks inherent in a patchwork quilt of broadband regulation."

The argument is, of course, gibberish: internet users pull content from all over the world every second of every day with it passing through hundreds of jurisdictions. And yet somehow the internet continues to function. How? Because internet traffic is not road or rail traffic.

Whether Pai and the other FCC commissioners are able to see through such obvious, false manipulation or get seduced by the appeal to their own importance, we will have to see. Or perhaps the bigger question: how far is Pai willing to go to please the cable industry? And is he prepared to make a fool of himself doing so? Infatuation is a difficult thing to judge. ® The Register

15 Facts about Net Neutrality

15 Facts about Net Neutrality

FCC Plans December Vote to Kill Net Neutrality Rules

FCC Plans December Vote
to Kill Net Neutrality Rules

By Todd Shields November 15, 2017, 11:22 AM PST
Updated on November 15, 2017, 2:20 PM PST ~ Bloomberg Source

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission next month is planning a vote to kill Obama-era rules demanding fair treatment of web traffic and may decide to vacate the regulations altogether, according to people familiar with the plans.

The move would reignite a years-long debate that has seen Republicans and broadband providers seeking to eliminate the rules, while Democrats and technology companies support them. The regulations passed in 2015 bar broadband providers such as AT&T Inc. and Comcast Corp. from interfering with web traffic sent by Google, Facebook Inc.and others.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, chosen by President Donald Trump, in April proposed gutting the rules and asked for public reaction. The agency has taken in more than 22 million comments on the matter.

Pai plans to seek a vote in December, said two people who asked not to be identified because the matter hasn’t been made public. As the head of a Republican majority, he is likely to win a vote on whatever he proposes.

One of the people said Pai may call for vacating the rules except for portions that mandate internet service providers inform customers about their practices -- one of the more severe options that would please broadband providers. They argue the FCC’s rules aren’t needed and discourage investment, in part because they subject companies to complex and unpredictable regulations.

Democrats and technology companies say the rules are needed to make sure telecommunications providers don’t favor business partners or harm rivals.

Why Republicans Want to Nix U.S. Net Neutrality Rules: QuickTake

The agency declined to comment on the timing of a vote. “We don’t have anything to report at this point,” said Tina Pelkey, a spokeswoman for the commission.

Pai in April proposed that the FCC end the designation of broadband companies as common carriers. That would remove the legal authority that underpins the net neutrality rules.

Pai could also choose not to find authority in the FCC’s powers to promote broadband. That would leave the rules without an apparent legal footing, leading in turn to a conclusion the agency lacks authority even to issue revised, less-stringent regulations.

The April proposal also asked the agency to consider lifting bans on blocking web traffic or on building “fast lanes” that favor those willing to pay more for faster service.

Keep the Net Neutral via McKenna Fryman

Immediate Reaction

News of the December vote drew immediate reactions.

“Abandoning bipartisan net neutrality principles threatens to kill the streaming revolution and will hurt businesses, large and small, who are migrating to the cloud at record speeds,” said Chip Pickering, chief executive officer of the Incompas trade group with members including online shopping giant Inc. and video streamer Netflix Inc.

“Chairman Pai’s affection for AT&T and Comcast holds great political risk for President Trump and the entire Republican Party,” Pickering said in an emailed statement. “No one wants to see the internet turned into cable and have to pay more for streaming services they love."

They Spied, They Lied, and Congress DID NOTHING
Telecom Crimes & Punishment

Commissioner Mignon Clyburn, part of the FCC’s Democratic minority, said the agency is headed down a “destructive path” that doesn’t help consumers.

“What consumers want is access to a free and open internet without fear of being throttled or assessed a toll by their broadband service provider,” Clyburn said in an emailed statement.

Tech’s Agenda in Trump’s Washington: QuickTake Scorecard

The current regulations forbid broadband providers from blocking or slowing web traffic, or from charging higher fees in return for quicker passage over their networks.

Supporters of the rules say they are needed to keep network owners from unfairly squelching rivals and discouraging web startups. Critics say the rules discourage investment while exposing companies to a threat of heavier regulation including pricing mandates, and that marketplace competition will discipline broadband providers.

The regulation survived a court challenge from broadband providers last year.

Trump’s White House has opposed the rules. In July, as Pai’s critics protested, a White House spokesman said the administration “supports the FCC’s efforts to roll back burdensome, monopoly-era regulations.”

— With assistance by Jennifer Epstein ~ The time to act is now.


Steven Leech ~ Boptime + Legends of Wilmington Jazz

On Saturday’s Boptime we begin at 6am (EST) with Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Broadway musical Carousel, from this day in 1946. We’ll round out the hour with selections from another Broadway musical from the same year, this time Irving Berlin’s Annie Get Your Gun. At 7am (EST) we continue with more music from this day in 1946, only a year and 3 months after the end of World War II. In 1952 at this time we were embroiled in another major war, this time in Korea, and in the 8am (EST) hour we’ll play musical selections from this day in that year, along with our regular rundown of the movies playing in local theaters, and other events. At 9am (EST), one of our regular listeners, Steve Ferris, drops in for his Dream Hour. ~ Steve

Boptime: Saturday, 6 AM Eastern, 3 AM Pacific
Go To:
Click on a listening link below the WVUD logo:

WVUD 91.3

Shall we play a game?

"Adventure" Text Game

EA Exec Responds To Battlefront 2
Microtransaction Controversy

by Eddie Makuch, GameSpot Source

Last updated November 14, 2017 at 4:58PM [Video, Images, Etc. at Source]

One of the most-discussed elements of Star Wars: Battlefront II has been around the game's use of loot boxes and microtransactions. The game lets you pay for loot boxes that include items that affect gameplay, and not everyone is happy about this. Now, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen has responded, saying during a speaking event this week that you can expect developer DICE to constantly update the game over time as player feedback comes online as it has this week.

"The beauty of games today is you can constantly tune those games," Jorgensen said during the UBS Global Technology Conference 2017 this week. "So things that we we heard today, we'll tune in the game, and they'll be different tomorrow. Running a live service is all about constantly watching and listening to and reacting to the community to try to develop great gameplay."

Jorgensen said this is very different than the "old days" when people would play a game and then move on. Now, EA wants to keep players engaged--and spending--in a game long after release. For Battlefront II, Jorgensen said "people need to be patient" until EA can find acceptable values for things like hero credit-unlock values and more.

"But also [players should] really understand that we listen to the community very closely and we will always be changing the games to make those games better and make the community more excited about playing those games," Jorgensen said.

Do you solemnly swear

that you will tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth,
so help you God, under pains & penalties of perjury?

Free Candy ~ Lost Puppy ~ Don't tell Mommy ~ Don't Forget to Vote
Don't Forget to Vote via Rainbow Puddle

Phony Alabama robocall
tries to get dirt on Roy Moore

By Joe Tacopino ~ New York Post Source
November 14, 2017 | 7:44pm ~ [Images, etc. at Source]


A robocall received by residents in Alabama uses a phony Washington Post reporter named “Bernie Bernstein” who offers cash for false allegations against Roy Moore.

The voicemail claims to be from a reporter seeking dirt on the beleaguered Senate candidate — regardless of whether the allegations have any merit, according to Alabama’s WKRG-TV.

“Hi, this is Bernie Bernstein, I’m a reporter for the Washington Post calling to find out if anyone at this address is a female between the ages of 54 to 57 years old willing to make damaging remarks about candidate Roy Moore for a reward of between $5000 and $7000 dollars,” the call says.

“We will not be fully investigating these claims however we will make a written report.”

The caller then leaves an email address where he can be reached.

The Moore campaign told the network that they were unaware of the call.

The Washington Post condemned the use of their paper in the dirty political trick.

“The Post has just learned that at least one person in Alabama has received a call from someone falsely claiming to be from The Washington Post,” executive editor Marty Baron wrote.

“The call’s description of our reporting methods bears no relationship to reality. We are shocked and appalled that anyone would stoop to this level to discredit real journalism.”


Moore quotes the Bible, dismisses claims during address to church crowd

Thank liberals if Roy Moore survives the charges against him

McConnell working with White House on what to do with Moore

Jeff Sessions continues to prove
he's Trump's biggest mistake

I did not have...
Let me state this clearly: I did not have sexual rel.. have never met with or had any conversations
with Russians or any foreign officials concerning any ... interference with any campaign or election.

Animation Source via dg08

Don't Forget To Bring A Towel!

Paradise Papers

Paradise Papers via hetFD

GuacamoleFanatic writes [source link] [article link]:


  • Secretive files expose ways the rich and powerful are protecting their wealth

  • Millions of pounds from Queen's private estate invested in Cayman Islands fund

  • Donald Trump's cabinet members including US secretary of state are also named

  • Twitter and Facebook received investments traced back to the Russian state

  • Newly-uncovered $450m offshore trust sheltered the wealth of Lord Ashcroft

  • Offshore webs used by billionaires to buy Arsenal and Everton football clubs

What are the Paradise Papers?

The Paradise Papers' key findings summarized:

  • Reveals offshore interests and activities of more than 120 politicians and world leaders, including Queen Elizabeth II, and 13 advisers, major donors and members of U.S. President Donald J. Trump

  • Exposes the tax engineering of more than 100 multinational corporations, including Apple, Nike and Botox-maker Allergan

  • Reveals tax haven shopping sprees by multinational companies in Africa and Asia that use shell companies in Mauritius and Singapore to reduce taxes

  • Shines a light on secretive deals and hidden companies connected to Glencore, the world’s largest commodity trader, and provides detailed accounts of the company’s negotiations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo for valuable mineral resources

  • Provides details of how owners of jets and yachts, including royalty and sports stars, used Isle of Man tax-avoidance structures

Paradise papers: special investigation

The Paradise Papers is a special investigation by the Guardian and 95 media partners worldwide into a leak of 13.4m files from two offshore service providers and 19 tax havens' company registries

Eat the Rich! ~ What have the wealthy done for you today?
World's witnessing a new Gilded Age as billionaires’ wealth swells to $6trillion

Michael Jackson ~ They Don’t Care About Us, Kuala Lumpur 29-10-1996 via Robbsaber

Paradise Papers: Kremlin-owned firms linked to Facebook, Twitter investments
Russian government quietly held a financial interest in US social media

Steven VanZandt Responds
Steven Van Zandt webchat: Questions answered on Trump, Apartheid & Sopranos murder

Doom & Gloom

SLAUGHTERBOTS via Stewart Sugg

The Rolling Stones | Doom and Gloom via Trunk Animation

The Ring Of Fire Is Roaring To Life And There Will Be Earthquakes Of Historic Importance On The West Coast Of The United States

by Michael Snyder, Tuesday, Nov 14, 2017, Source ~ Inspired by Amestizo (Randy CrazyHorse)

Does it seem to you like there has been an unusual amount of seismic activity around the world lately?  Well, it isn't just your imagination.  The Ring of Fire is roaring to life and that is really bad news for the west coast of the United States.  Approximately 90 percent of all earthquakes and approximately 75 percent of all volcanic eruptions occur along the Ring of Fire.  Considering the fact that the entire west coast of the United States lies along the Ring of Fire, we should be very concerned that the Ring of Fire is becoming more active. 

On Wednesday, the most powerful strike-slip earthquake ever recorded happened along the Ring of Fire.  If that earthquake had happened in a major U.S. city along the west coast, the city would have been entirely destroyed.  Scientists tell us that there is nearly a 100% certainty that the "Big One" will hit California at some point.  In recent years we have seen Japan, Chile, Indonesia and New Zealand all get hit by historic earthquakes.  It is inevitable that there will be earthquakes of historic importance on the west coast of the United States as well.  So far we have been very fortunate, but that good fortune will not last indefinitely.

In a previous article, I showed that earthquakes are becoming more frequent around the globe.  In 2001, there were 137 earthquakes of magnitude 6.0 or greater and in 2011 there were 205.  The charts and data that I presented in that previous article show a clear upward trend in large global earthquakes over the past decade, and that is why what happened this week is so alarming.

On Wednesday, a magnitude 8.6 earthquake struck off the coast of Indonesia and that was rapidly followed by a magnitude 8.2 earthquake off the coast of Indonesia.  Fortunately those gigantic earthquakes did not produce a devastating tsunami, but that doesn't mean that those earthquakes were not immensely powerful.

Normally we only see about one earthquake of magnitude 8.0 or greater per year.  The magnitude 8.6 earthquake was the most powerful strike-slip earthquake in recorded history.  If that earthquake had happened in the United States, it would have probably been the worst natural disaster in U.S. history.  The following is from an article posted on The Extinction Protocol....

I’ve never heard of a strike-slip lateral earthquake of this great a magnitude; especially under water. Preliminary assessment of the Indonesian quakes by U.S. geologists suggests one plate lurched past each other as much as 70 feet. San Andreas is a strike-slip, lateral- can we even imagine two sections of ground moving 70 feet near San Francisco? Had the force of the Sumatra quakes been unleashed upon San Andreas, the city would have been completely destroyed.

And earthquake activity along the west coast has definitely been heating up in recent days.

On Wednesday, a magnitude 5.9 earthquake struck approximately 160 miles off of the coast of Oregon.

Early on Thursday, there were two major earthquakes (magnitude 6.9 and magnitude 6.2) in the Gulf of California.

It is only a matter of time before the "Big One" hits California.

Sadly, most Americans (especially young Americans) can't even tell you what the Ring of Fire is.  The following is how Wikipedia defines the "Ring of Fire"....

The Pacific Ring of Fire (or sometimes just the Ring of Fire) is an area where large numbers of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur in the basin of the Pacific Ocean. In a 40,000 km (25,000 mi) horseshoe shape, it is associated with a nearly continuous series of oceanic trenches, volcanic arcs, and volcanic belts and/or plate movements.

The entire west coast of the United States falls along the Ring of Fire and a massive network of faults runs underneath California, Oregon and Washington.

At this point, scientists tell us that the west coast is long overdue for a major earthquake.  An article in Time Magazine a few years ago stated the following....

California has more than 300 faults running beneath its surface, including the massive San Andreas Fault, yet the quake to end all quakes has yet to occur. In 1980, a federal report declared the likelihood of a major earthquake striking California within the next 30 years to be "well in excess of 50%."

Unfortunately, the truth is that is a very, very conservative estimate.  The west coast has always been extremely unstable and it always will be.  At some point there is going to be a tragedy of unimaginable proportions on the west coast.

Just hope that you are not there when it happens.

But it isn't just California, Oregon and Washington that should be concerned.

According to the Arizona Geological Survey, there were 131 earthquakes in the state of Arizona in 2011.  That was a huge increase from just 53 in 2010.

And of course an absolutely nightmarish earthquake could occur along the New Madrid fault at any time, but that is a topic for another article.

As far as the Ring of Fire is concerned, another major threat is volcanic activity.

One of these days, one or more of the major volcanoes on the west coast is going to experience a major eruption again.  There have been signs that Mt. Rainier has been becoming more active, and a major eruption of Mt. Rainier could potentially be absolutely devastating for much of the northwest United States.

Of even greater concern along the Ring of Fire is Mt. Fuji.  As I wrote about the other day, Mt. Fuji has been dormant for about 300 years but is now rapidly roaring to life.  New craters have appeared and these new craters are venting gas.  There has been a swarm of earthquakes under Mt. Fuji this year, including a magnitude 6.4 earthquake on March 15th.

If Mt. Fuji were to experience a full-blown eruption, the consequences could be absolutely catastrophic.  Mt. Fuji is not too far from Tokyo - one of the most densely populated cities on the entire planet.  The loss of life resulting from a full-blown eruption of Mt. Fuji would be almost unimaginable.

But it is not just along the Ring of Fire that we are seeing a rise in volcanic activity.  The truth is that we are seeing a rise in volcanic activity all over the globe.  The following are just a couple of recent examples which have been in the news....

*The volcanoes in Iceland that caused such huge problems a few years ago are becoming very active once again.

*Authorities in Colombia have declared a "red alert" and believe that an eruption of the Nevado del Ruiz volcano is imminent.

*Ash is venting at the world famous Anak Krakatau volcano in Indonesia.

Something really strange is going on.

Most scientists will deny it or will attempt to downplay it until they are blue in the face, but the truth is that the trembling of our planet is getting worse.

If this shaking continues to get worse, there are going to be some absolutely horrific tragedies in the years ahead.

So do you have a theory for why there is so much seismic activity happening along the Ring of Fire?

Nothing is impossible.

Input by C. Spangler, Reinonized Electrons by

Today, science tells us that the essence of nature is non-locality, learning is the driver of life-force, and the goal of morphic resonance is to plant the seeds of empathy rather than pain.

Knowledge is a constant. This life is nothing short of an awakening lightning bolt of eternal nature; where the complexity of the present time seems to demand a refining of our dreams, if we are going to survive.

Who are we? Where on the great quest will we be aligned? Our conversations with other lifeforms have led to a blossoming of ultra-non-local consciousness. Throughout history, humans have been interacting with the quantum cycle via electromagnetic forces. Imagine an evolving of what could be.

It can be difficult to know where to begin. If you have never experienced this unifying on a cosmic scale, it can be difficult to live. Although you may not realize it, you are interstellar. We are being called to explore the quantum soup itself as an interface between life-force and freedom. We must develop ourselves and recreate others. This circuit never ends.

Dorjeweb by Curtis Spangler

Reality has always been aglow with warriors whose hopes are nurtured by inseparability. We are in the midst of a high-frequency ennobling of nature that will let us access the dreamscape itself. Throughout history, humans have been interacting with the world via bio-feedback. Imagine an evolving of what could be. This myth never ends. We must develop ourselves and awaken others.

Yes, it is possible to confront the things that can exterminate us, but not without empathy on our side. Where there is turbulence, self-actualization cannot thrive. Turbulence is born in the gap where curiosity has been excluded. We are at a crossroads of power and discontinuity.

Eons from now, we starseeds will reflect like never before as we are reborn by the universe. Child, look within and ground yourself. The solar system is calling to you via sub-atomic particles. Can you hear it? How should you navigate this sublime solar system?

Parvati will become our stepping-stone to karmic knowledge. It is time to take starfire to the next level. Soon there will be an awakening of aspiration the likes of which the quantum matrix has never seen.

You may be ruled by ego without realizing it. Do not let it sabotage the healing of your vision quest. Where there is dogma, complexity cannot thrive. Turbulence is born in the gap where wisdom has been excluded. We can no longer afford to live with ego. The complexity of the present time seems to demand a blossoming of our hearts if we are going to survive. Without rebirth, one cannot believe. ~ Visit: Reinonized Electrons

Attention: Majestic Pookie Players

2CELLOS: They Don’t Care About Us by Michael Jackson via breno

Special Edition via ~@~

The 1987/1988 Max Headroom television show is now available for viewing.

Plot: In the future, an oligarchy of television networks rules the world. Even the government functions primarily as a puppet of the network executives, serving mainly to pass laws — such as banning "off" switches on televisions — that protect and consolidate the networks' power. Television technology has advanced to the point that viewers' physical movements and thoughts can be monitored through their television sets. Almost all non-television technology has been discontinued or destroyed. The only real check on the power of the networks is Edison Carter, a crusading investigative journalist who regularly exposes the unethical practices of his own employer, and the team of allies both inside and outside the system who assist him in getting his reports to air and protecting him from the forces that wish to silence or kill him. [Continue Reading]

I started a Usenet campaign during the '80s to keep Max Headroom on television and one has to remember this show first aired over thirty (30) years ago.

Both seasons of Max Headroom, thanks to The CW Network, are now available at CW Seed. Here is the location of Season One, Episode One, titled "Blipverts"; however, I would recommend starting with Season One, Episode Six, titled "The Blanks" and then go to Episode One. CW Seed is brought to you by The CW and while there you might want to check out JoJoHead.

O Fortuna Rock Violin Show with Fire via & by VoiceOfViolin~Katharina Garrard

:) As patient GOT fans, we ended up binging on a Netflix Turkish historical adventure titled, "Resurrection: Ertugrul" (Diriliş: Ertuğrul) and enjoyed it... ...Engin, as Ertugrul, filled the roll of the hero I needed today, but did not have! (:

Wikipedia: With the Mongol invasions, oppression and slaughters, Turkic tribes flee from Central Asia. The Kayi tribe is one of Oghuz Turkic people with four hundred large nomad tents settling in Anatolia. But they get through a difficult time due to famine. All these nomads want to migrate to a better place where they can start a new life. Suleyman Shah (Serdar Gökhan) is the leader of the Kayi tribe and his two sons Gündoğdu and Ertuğrul are loyal to him.

Ertuğrul (Engin Altan Düzyatan) is a young brave man and the younger son of Suleyman Shah. He often goes hunting with his three close friends. One of day, they come across prisoners taken by the Knights Templar. Ertuğrul and his men save the lives of a young girl named Halime (Esra Bilgiç) and her family from the knights and kill them all.

They bring them to their tribe without knowing their true identity. Halime and her family belong to a noble family of the Seljuk Empire and were to be executed. Due to their fear of being caught, they don't reveal their true identity. However, their arrival brings new difficulties to the Kayi tribe: the Seljuk Empire threatens war if they don't let their guests go and the Knights Templar seek revenge. For this reason some nomads start to blame Suleyman Shah for not being able to be a good leader. This suits well for Kurdoğlu, sworn brother of Suleyman Shah, who has a hidden agenda. Suleyman Shah takes action and sends Ertuğrul on a vital mission to find new land. For this reason, Ertuğrul and his men go to Aleppo to make an agreement with the Sultan. Ertugrul and his men set off a chain of events that ultimately will lead to the founding of the Ottoman Empire. [continue reading at Wikipedia]

AC DC - Hells Bells (Live At River Plate 2009) via Rafael Rocha

Here is the current November 2017 Archive and what was removed to emphasize Net Neutrality.

Rush - “YYZ” from ‘2112 & Moving Pictures Classic Albums’ via RawknRoll

Thanksgiving: Celebration of genocide! Please read The End of American Thanksgivings, The Black Commentator, Issue 66 & Free the Turkey!

Turkeys at Flying Snail Ranch

Read this and listen to this [a few times] = it's only science fiction!

Ripple | Playing For Change | Song Around The World via Playing For Change

Regarding Net Neutrality: During the past week another analysis was done and apparently Apathy is winning. In other words either (a.) Nobody shives a git about Net Neutrality or (b.) this will be another last minute campaign to save Net Neutrality!

Madcowdelic by C. Spangler

Keep the Net Neutral

The FCC is expected to announce a vote to gut net neutrality rules the day before Thanksgiving. Only a big burst of phone calls to Congress can stop them from allowing ISPs to charge us extra fees to access sites, apps, games, and especially the music we all love. ~ [Source]

JPTIII: Hey everyone, the chairman of the FCC, is very likely to announce a vote to gut neutrality, possibly as soon as Nov. 22nd. Once a vote is called, it will become much, much harder to stop ISPs from charging us all extra fees to access streaming services or watch music videos -- and they can demand payment from independent artists and labels, stifling independent voices

But there’s still hope. The most effective way to can stop this is by driving as many calls as possible to our Senators and Representatives, now through Nov. 22nd. 

We're getting word that there are lawmakers who are sympathetic to our cause and considering taking action to slow the FCC down, but they won’t act unless they get more phone calls from constituents. Also, if your think your Rep's opposed to net neutrality, its all the more reason to call them. Those Reps need to hear your voice more than anyone.

Please, head over to , and give your Senators and Reps a call telling them to stop the FCC from slashing Title II net neutrality protections. The time to act is now.

To reach the call in line directly by phone, call 202-930-8550.

When you get through to your Rep's office, introduce yourself, be polite, and say: 

I support "Title Two" net neutrality rules and I urge you to oppose the FCC's plan to repeal them. Specifically, I'd like you to contact the FCC Chairman and demand he abandon his current plan.

We also have ready-made banners, modals, and graphics of various sizes here: ~ Thanks.

via McKenna Fryman

crazycarl1: Imagine if your internet was bought like cable packages. You can pay $60 per month for "basic" websites like Amazon and Google. If you want to stream netflix, it costs the cable providers more since they have to give more bandwidth, so access to Netflix with basic websites is $80 per month. Want HD quality streams on Netflix? That's $100 per month. Want to visit hulu? Sorry, they're with our competitor so you can't.

The argument against net neutrality is that the internet providers want to make more money than they already do

xthatguy339x: But don’t we pay them for a certain amount of bandwidth already? If I pay them for 100 down and up then I should get that. What the data is and how much or little I use of it at any given time shouldn’t be an issue. If their cables can’t handle that then they fucked up somewhere along the line in planning. I must be missing something. If they want to charge me for using a service that uses a lot of bandwidth then just charge me a rate per gigabyte or something like water or electricity.

topper_reppot: There is no good reason other than they want more money. On top of charging you speed, they can discriminate against competitive traffic to funnel people into using their services. 

Think of it like this - Verizon has a cell phone network, and when you go into a Verizon store, they have "their" phones that they want you to buy. Verizon creates partnerships with the hardware manufacturers. Sure, you can bring your own phone, but it won't be easy or even necessarily supported. Note, this is an oversimplification. 

ISPs see the destruction of Net Neutrality to create more "competitive" features to their network, but ultimately the root reason is they want more money. There's no technical reasoning, anyone who tells you otherwise is a troll or lobbyist.

muaddeej:  This type of behavior usually doesn't happen because we have a free market and if a company acts shady, people just go to where it's cheaper and better. But you only have 1 or 2 choices for REAL internet, so you are stuck with it.

Railboy: It actually happens all the time. ISPs have been getting slapped by the FCC over this stuff for decades. Here's a good list of examples.

2005 - Madison River Communications was blocking VOIP services. The FCC put a stop to it.

2005 - Comcast was denying access to p2p services without notifying customers.

2007-2009 - AT&T was having Skype and other VOIPs blocked because they didn't like there was competition for their cellphones.

2011 - MetroPCS tried to block all streaming except youtube. (edit: they actually sued the FCC over this)

2011-2013, AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon were blocking access to Google Wallet because it competed with their bullshit. edit: this one happened literally months after the trio were busted collaborating with Google to block apps from the android marketplace

2012, Verizon was demanding google block tethering apps on android because it let owners avoid their $20 tethering fee. This was despite guaranteeing they wouldn't do that as part of a winning bid on an airwaves auction. (edit: they were fined $1.25million over this)

2012, AT&T - tried to block access to FaceTime unless customers paid more money.

2013, Verizon literally stated that the only thing stopping them from favoring some content providers over other providers were the net neutrality rules in place.

strixter: Honestly politicians selling out the American people in the name of corporate interest is the highest form of treason in my mind. Utter cancer to society

Recycle Congress

2CELLOS: They Don’t Care About Us by Michael Jackson via breno

The Kick Them All Out Project!

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can
change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. ~ Margaret Mead

Start by doing what's necessary, then do what's possible,
and suddenly you are doing the impossible. ~ Francis of Assisi

Nobody should have that much power
Nobody for President 2020 = NONE OF THE ABOVE on Voter Ballots

Steven Leech ~ Boptime + Legends of Wilmington Jazz

On Saturday’s Boptime we begin at 6am (EDT) with the 1957 recording of Mel Tormé’s California Suite on the Bethlehem label. We fill out the hour with two other artist recording for Bethlehem at the same time: the Art Blakey Orchestra featuring John Coltrane, and Duke Ellington’s Orchestra. At 7am (EDT) on the Legends of Wilmington Jazz we’ll hear from Betty Roché and the resumption of her recordings with Duke Ellington in 1952, then some of the early recordings from Clifford Brown at the beginning of his career. At 8am (EDT) we meet on Clifford’s Corner with Larry Williams and Kitty Mayo where we play those rare and unique jazz and R&B sides on shellac, vinyl, and compact disc. ~ Steve

Boptime: Saturday, 6 AM Eastern, 3 AM Pacific
Go To:
Click on a listening link below the WVUD logo:

WVUD 91.3

Do Dirty SocNets Speak For Users?

Ex-Facebook president Sean Parker: site [Facebook] made to exploit human 'vulnerability'

God only knows what it’s doing to our children’s brains

by Olivia Solon ~ Thursday 9 November 2017 15.11 EST

YouTube & Facebook are Removing Evidence of Atrocities, Jeopardizing Cases Against War Criminals

Facebook would not answer specific questions about war crimes evidence.

YouTube defended the way it deals with war crimes evidence and its relationship with the human rights groups who collect that evidence.

by Avi Asher-Schapiro ~ November 2 2017, 11:55 a.m.

Russia funded Facebook and Twitter investments through Kushner associate

Institutions with close links to Kremlin financed stakes through business associate of Trump’s son-in-law, leaked files reveal

by Jon Swaine and Luke Harding

Cal Students Develop Way To Expose Fake News Accounts, Bots On Twitter

BERKELEY (KPIX) ~ Two Bay Area college students may have found a way to expose fake accounts on Twitter known as bots.

Criminal Negligence of Children?

Should the father of Abrhamic religions be tried for criminal negligence of children?
Should the Father of Abrhamic religions be tried for criminal negligence of children?

In Memory of Dennis Banks

April 12, 1937 – October 29, 2017

Dennis Banks (8673602267) (cropped).jpg
Dennis Banks By Neeta Lind - IMG_4247, CC BY 2.0, Link

Dennis Banks (April 12, 1937 – October 29, 2017) was a Native American leader, teacher, lecturer, activist and author, was an Anishinaabe born on Leech Lake Indian Reservation in northern Minnesota. Banks was also known as Nowa Cumig (Naawakamig in the Double Vowel System). His name in the Ojibwe language means "In the Center of the Universe." He was a longtime leader of the American Indian Movement, which he co-founded in 1968 with Native Americans in Minneapolis. [Continue Reading at Wikipedia]

Dennis Banks on the Prayers of Indian People

And as I look around and see people of different races coming to a Unity Fair, I know that some of those prayers are being answered. It's a small start here in San Francisco, but maybe next year there'll be a Unity Fair in Chicago, or one in Denver, or one of the Pine Ridge Reservation. That's the kind of changing that I want to go through. ~ Dennis Banks on the Prayers of Indian People, Unity Fair, San Francisco, California, September, 1976

What They Took Away: Reflections on Native Boarding Schools with Dennis Banks via Ron Douglas

Dennis Banks on Indian Motorcycle
Dennis Banks to Lead 18,000 Mile “Declare War on Diabetes” Motorcycle Run

C. Spangler
Dennis and I worked together. He will sincerely be missed. ~ Curtis Spangler

Pants On Fire?

Jeff Sessions Under Fire As New Revelations
Cast Further Doubt on His Russia Testimony

by INAE OH AND DAN FRIEDMAN NOV. 2, 2017 3:46 PM ~ Article Source

During his confirmation hearings in January, Sessions told Congress in sworn testimony that he was unaware of any discussions between the Trump campaign and Russian officials to collaborate in defeating Hillary Clinton. Session’s interaction with Papdopoulos at the March 31 meeting came to light this week alongside the revelation that Papadopoulos quietly plead guilty to lying to federal authorities over the summer about his attempts to work with Russian officials on behalf of the Trump campaign. ~ [Continue?]

Should an Attorney General Be Honest?

Animation Source via dg08

I did not have sexual relations with Russians

The State Department is infested with communists. I have here in my hand a list of 205~a list of names that were made known to the Secretary of State as being members of the Communist Party and who nevertheless are still working and shaping policy in the State Department.

Carter Page testifies he
told Sessions about Russia trip

By Manu Raju and Jeremy Herb, CNN ~ Updated 8:36 AM ET, Fri November 3, 2017

Let me state this clearly: I did not have sexual relations have never met with or had any conversations with Russians or any foreign officials concerning any ... interference with any campaign or election.

Sessions and Kislyak
Sessions having contact with Kislyak at the Mayflower

via Seth Abramson

Further, I have no knowledge of any such conversations by anyone connected to the Trump campaign. I was your colleague in this body for 20 years, and the suggestion that I participated in any collusion or that I was aware of any collusion with the Russian government to hurt this country, which I have served with honor over 35 years, or to undermine the integrity of our democratic process, is an appalling and detestable lie.

Sessions and Kislyak together April 27, 2016 at the Mayflower Hotel
via Kerry Eleveld

Please colleagues, hear me on this I recused myself from any investigation into... I did not recuse myself from defending my honor against scurrilous and false allegations. ~ Jeff Sessions June, 2017

Jeff Sessions shifts ground on Russia
contacts under Senate questioning

The attorney general concedes for the first time it was possible he had discussed Donald Trump’s policy positions with Russian ambassador by Julian Borger, Wednesday 18 October 2017 14.54 EDT ~ [Click to continue reading at The Guardian: Source]

Notes from ~@~

Carlin Step, DJ Steve Porter & Eli Wilkie from Roland Kardeby

The Great Bell Chant (The End of Suffering) from R Smittenaar

Beautiful Child

One Day, Matisyahu from 100%

Unsung Hero from Rattakarn Srithavatchai "Garn"

On the Bus, Carolyn Mountain Girl Garcia from vimeo

Belote's Studio 354 ~ Artist's Gallery & Bay Area Showcase, Oakland, CA

Melissa Yarbrough & Doug Jago Sat, Jul 1, 2017 11:00am ~ Thu, Aug 31, 2017 9:00pm
Richard Kurtz, featured artist, Fall Showcase. October 4th - November 22nd,  2017

Karl Cohen ~ Association International du Film d'Animation SF Newsletter

ASIFA-SF November 2017 Newsletter.pdf

Mike Wilhelm ~ Charlatans, Flamin' Groovies, Loose Gravel, and more

Louie, Louie ~ Mike Wilhelm & Hired Guns from ed chatham

The San Francisco Rock Band
That Was Too Wild For the Sixties

by Ben Marks ~ July 19th, 2017 ~ Article Source

George Hunter of the Charlatans never shot Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead, not even once. But in the spring of 1966, on the grounds of Rancho Olompali just north of San Francisco, Garcia had reason to believe Hunter was gunning for him, causing the great guitarist to royally freak out. The misunderstanding unfolded when Hunter decided to drop some LSD and bring a loaded .30-30 Winchester rifle to a party at the Dead’s new Marin County hangout. Hunter never intended to strike fear into the heart of his genial host, but when he did, he was so high that he began to panic—perhaps he had accidentally shot someone, if not Garcia, after all. It took a long bummer of a night, and three of Hunter’s closest friends, to shake that demon thought from his troubled mind.

You’ve probably never heard of the “Incident at Olompali,” as no one has called it since, and your awareness of the Charlatans is likely limited to seeing the band’s name on scores of vintage rock posters, alongside more familiar monikers such as Jefferson Airplane, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Big Brother and the Holding Company, and Grateful Dead. [Click to Continue Reading]

Great MP3 Podcasts via Mike Wilhelm: Hear The People ~ Sympathy for the Devil ~ When You Got A Good Friend

Steven Leech ~ Boptime + Legends of Wilmington Jazz

Steven has provided The Heterodoxical Voice which was a local "underground/counter-culture" newspaper from the late 60s.

From 1968 to 1970, radical members of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) at the University of Delaware and other community activists published The Heterodexical Voice. We present searchable PDF files made from microfilm copies as a public service. La Lucha Continua!

Heterodoxical Voice Index ~ xlsx*** ~ Heterodoxical Voice 1-9 PDF ~ 10-17 PDF ~ 18 PDF

***[Note to Mac Users: Heterodoxical Voice Index 1-9 is a Windows .xlsx file that will appear in your Downloads directory and can be open with Apple Numbers. ~@~]

Steven Leech has provided a second reading installment of his novel UNTIME.

Click for second installment: UNTIME2ndinstallment.m4v in new tab or window.

Click here for first two chapters: UNTIME1st2chapyers.m4v in new tab or window.

UNTIME "Searches for Truth In UNLIKELY WORLDS": sleechamanoutoftime.pdf

On Saturday’s Boptime we begin at 6am (EDT) with the Broadway musical Guys & Dolls, still on stage on this day in 1951, then fill out the hour with jazz from Thelonious Monk and Bud Powell from the same year. At 7am (EDT), it’s more music, news from the Korean War, what was at the movies and more from this day in 1951. After The Morrie Sims Show at 8am (EDT), it’s The Delaware Rock & Roll Hall of Fame starting off with an early Johnny Neel recording, followed by Teddy Continental with Joey & the Challengers, Marla Debrick, the Continettes, Ruth White & the Continentals, the Overtones, Dynamic Concepts, and Grand Prees. Finally, at 9am (EDT) on the Club Baby Grand you’ll hear some Lem Winchester tunes, Lem’s sister Millie Cannon, Gerald Price with Milt Jackson, Ron Sutton, Vince Lardear and Matthew Shipp. ~ Steve

Boptime: Saturday, 6 AM Eastern, 3 AM Pacific
Go To:
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WVUD 91.3

Will the President Release All JFK Files,
Or Is This Just Another Twitted Tweet?

President Trump gave controllers of information 180 days to prove JFK files are actually a national threat and this information was paid for by taxpayers! Is it possible someone has something to hide from The People? ~ [Article Source]

via newsydsyder18

I was always interested in the case of Dorothy Kilgallen, a well known investigative journalist at the time (Had her column in over 200 newspapers). She was the only person who had interviewed Jack Ruby, twice I believe. 

She was highly influential, and was friendly with JFK and upper-class New York society (For example she had a friendship and feud with Frank Sinatra). She was a daily panelist on the hit TV show at the time "What's my Line", and was known for her celebrity-attended parties. She was on the show live, hours before her death. Be aware there is tons of hearsay when this is discussed, but it is still fascinating. 

She went full force into the JFK investigation, not believing Oswald acted alone, publicly stating that in her column. She allegedly carried a file around with her at all times, and told her close friend she was "going to release the largest story of the century, and blow the entire JFK case sky-high". Eventually she expressed fear for her life to her closest friends, became more paranoid and had bought a gun, which was out of her character. When in New Orleans investigating a contact, she had apparently told her assistant to go back to NYC and tell no one, in a frantic panic.

She was soon to submit her findings, but in 1965 she was found dead after having an affair with a much younger man who came out of nowhere. Her files were missing, and she was found by her hairdresser in a bedroom she never slept in, with clothes she would never wear to bed, reading a book she had finished and disliked, wearing glasses when she didn't need them for reading. Her case was closed as barbiturates and alcohol. NYC actually reopened an investigation into her death in 2016 due to a book published recently, but closed it in September this year with no evidence of foul play. 

I looked up her name out of curiosity, and there appears to be an entire file named "DOROTHY KILGALLEN", by Richard Nixon, it appears to still be classified for reasons of national security.

In another declassified document it just reads at the end "She has no idea as to how DOROTHY KILGALLEN came into possession of a copy of the deposition" 

EDIT 2: Found in Jim Garrison, Lead File 1a. Randomly when searching. Apparently a hotel owner, Mrs. Jackson said that a Robert Ahler had stayed in her hotel for 3 weeks, and she thinks she had seen him with a familiar face (Oswald) and left communist propaganda in one of the drawers, as well as a swastika.

Underlined by whoever did the investigation, was that he spent $2o a week on phone calls to New Orleans....interesting.

via iwasnottheone

Wasn't there another woman, an actress in 50's movies, later a radio personality, who claimed Frank Sinatra felt slighted by JFK? I remember reading that she was sure Sinatra had JFK killed via mafia connections, because, you just didn't publicly embarrass Sinatra then.

Reporter Dorothy Kilgallen (best known for her appearances on "What's My Line") was about to release her story on who was responsible for JFK's assassination when she was found dead in her bed. From

The glamorous, razor-sharp Kilgallen delighted viewers, but behind the scenes, the dogged and courageous reporter was hot on the trail of the biggest story of her life: the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

The morning after that show, on Nov. 8, 1965, the 52-year-old newspaper columnist hailed by The Post as “the most powerful female voice in America” was dead in her Manhattan town house. Her body was found sitting up in a bed, naked under a blue bathrobe, with the makeup, false eyelashes and a floral hair accessory she had worn on TV still on.

After an autopsy, the city’s chief medical examiner, James Luke, put on Kilgallen’s death certificate: “Acute Ethanol and Barbiturate Intoxication, Circumstances Undetermined.” Luke ruled her death accidental, caused by a combination of sleeping pills and booze. Quickly closing the case, the city left a tarnished image of Kilgallen as a possible drug abuser and alcoholic.

The truth is far more complex and ominous, contends lawyer and veteran author Mark Shaw, whose exhaustively researched, true-life whodunnit, “The Reporter Who Knew Too Much” (Post Hill Press/Simon & Schuster), comes out Tuesday.

Shaw makes a compelling argument that Kilgallen was the victim of foul play, likely orchestrated by New Orleans Mafia don Carlos Marcello, who feared the results of her 18-month investigation for a tell-all book that would accuse Marcello of masterminding the JFK and Lee Harvey ­Oswald assassinations.

The possibility that Marcello was responsible for JFK’s death came up in the 1991 Oliver Stone movie “JFK,” but New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, who launched a probe, dismissed the idea. “He missed it,” Shaw says. “He didn’t have access to Kilgallen’s research.”

Kilgallen died weeks before a planned second trip to New Orleans for a meeting with a secret informant, telling a friend it was “cloak and daggerish.”

“I’m going to break the real story and have the biggest scoop of the century,” she told her ­lawyer.

Her death brought all that to a halt. “The killers won, because she was eliminated and erased from any historical record about the JFK assassination,” Shaw says. Her JFK book was never ­published.

via juancarias

Downloadable documents links:

Download all to same directory and open to unzip all.

via ministryoftimetravel

Posted this elsewhere but here's a rundown of what I'm hoping to find 

Anything that sheds light on Oswald's pre assassination intelligence connections. Specifically the following:

1) Whether or. It his defection to the USSR was legitimate or part of a false defector "dangle" program.

2) Wherher or not Oswald was used as an intelligence asset, knowingly or unknowingly, by various agencies such as the CIA, the FBI, army intelligence and the IRS.

3) Oswald's actions in New Orleans with both Pro and anti Castro Cubans, and wether or not his setting up of a Fair Play For Cuba chapter there was part of a propaganda operation. His interactions with the local chapter of the DRE, Guy Bannister, and David Ferrie.

4) Anything that explains whatever the hell was happening with Oswald's alleged trip to Mexico City. How he got a passport in one day. Why there are no photographs of him at the soviet and Cuban embassies, who impersonated him on the phone and possibly in person in these embassies, and anything that sheds light on the Odio incident.

5) Just what was Oswald's relationship with James Angelton, the head of of CIA counterintelligence, who controlled Oswald's file before the assassination and lied under oath about his knowledge of Oswald to investigators. Whether or not Angelton used information about Oswald in a mole hunt.

6) Any information about the following people and thier relationship with the assassination: David Atlee Philips, head of Western Hemisphere operations for the CIA, who perjured himself to investigators and was seen in the company of Oswald by an anti Castro fighter. He was involved in propaganda operations and seems to have made efforts to blame the crime in Castro.

Bill Harvey: the head of ZRrifle, the CIA assassination program. He hated Kennedy and had links to the underworld, anti Castro Cubans, and many others enemies of the president.

George Joanides: the CIA handler for the anti Castro group Oswald interacted with in New Orleans. This same group on the day of the assassination published the first conspiracy theory in the local news trying to claim Oswald was an agent of Castro. He later ended up "helping" the House Select Comitee (who were unaware of his past) as their CIA liaison and may have sabotaged their investigation. The head of this investigation is on record saying that if they had known he would have been subpoenaed.

7) Details of the alleged other attempted assassination plots in Chicago and Florida that went uninvestigated. Specifically Thomas Arthur Vallee, who's life and actions eerily mirror Oswald's.

8) And basically anything related to Howard Hunt, David Morales, Johnny Rosselli, Jack Ruby, Santos Trafficante, George Demorrenschild, and Richard Case Nagel.

TL:DR clarity on Oswald's pre Assassination links to various agencies and people and his possible involvement in espionage operations.

JFK assassination files: Hoover said FBI
must "convince the public" Oswald acted alone

British newspaper received call about
'big news' in US 25 minutes before JFK was shot

Nobody Forgets Nothing

Murica Is Coming
Paul Krassner Bumpersnicker

Source via HazardousPork ~ 1963 Bumpersnicker via Paul Krassner

via blueberrywalrus

This will be really unpopular here, but honestly, I don't see what this nothingburger is all about. Its hard for me to see any Trump ties to Russia--I mean, except for the Flynn thing and the Manafort thing and the Tillerson thing and the Sessions thing and the Kushner thing and the Wray thing and the Morgan, Lewis, & Bockius “Russian Law Firm of the Year” thing and the Carter Page thing and the Roger Stone thing and the 198 Million voter records thing and the Felix Sater thing and the Boris Ephsteyn thing and the Rosneft thing and the Gazprom thing and the Sergey Gorkov banker thing and the Azerbajain thing and the “I love Putin” thing and the Donald Trump, Jr. thing and the Lavrov thing and the Sergey Kislyak thing and the Oval Office thing and the Gingrich/Kislyak phone calls thing and the Russian Business Interests thing and the Emoluments Clause thing and the Alex Schnaider thing and the hack of the DNC thing and the Guccifer 2.0 thing and the Mike Pence “I don’t know anything” thing and the Russians mysteriously dying thing and Trump’s public request to Russia to hack Hillary’s email thing and the Trump house sale for $100 million at the bottom of the housing bust to the Russian fertilizer king thing and the Russian fertilizer king’s plane showing up in Concord, NC during Trump rally campaign thing and the Nunes sudden flight to the White House in the night thing and the Nunes personal investments in the Russian winery thing and the Cyprus bank thing and Trump not releasing his tax returns thing and the Republican Party’s rejection of an amendment to require Trump to show his taxes thing and the election hacking thing and the GOP platform change to the Ukraine thing and the Steele Dossier thing and the Sally Yates can’t testify thing and the intelligence community’s investigative reports thing and the Trump reassurance that the Russian connection is all “fake news” thing and the Chaffetz not willing to start an investigation thing and the Chaffetz suddenly deciding to go back to private life in the middle of an investigation thing and the appointment of Pam Bondi who was bribed by Trump in the Trump University scandal appointed to head the investigation thing and the alfa-bank thing and the VEB thing and the The White House going into full-on cover-up mode, refusing to turn over the documents related to the hiring and subsequent firing of Flynn thing and the Chaffetz and White House blaming the poor vetting of Flynn on Obama thing and the Poland and British intelligence gave information regarding the hacking back in 2015 to Paul Ryan and he didn't do anything thing and the Agent M16 following the money thing and the Trump team KNEW about Flynn's involvement but hired him anyway thing and the let’s fire Comey thing and the Mueller let’s fire him too thing and the Election night Russian trademark gifts thing and the Russian diplomatic compound electronic equipment destruction thing and the let’s give back the diplomatic compounds back to the Russians thing and the let’s back away from Cuba thing and the donny Jr met with Russians thing and now Trump's secret second meeting with his boss Putin.

via ohaioohio

Recent /bestof of Republican hypocrisy:

The Party of Principles:

Exhibit 1

Opinion of Syrian airstrikes under Obama vs. Trump.


37% support Trump's Syria strikes

38% supported Obama doing it


86% supported Trump doing it

22% supported Obama doing

Exhibit 2

Exhibit 3

Exhibit 4

Opinion of Vladimir Putin after Trump began praising Russia during the election.

Exhibit 5: Opinion of "Obamacare" vs. "Kynect" (Kentucky's implementation of Obamacare). Kentuckians feel differently about the policy depending on the name.

Exhibit 6Christians (particularly evangelicals) became monumentally more tolerant of private immoral conduct among politicians once Trump became the GOP nominee.

Exhibit 7White Evangelicals cared less about how religious a candidate was once Trump became the GOP nominee. ~ [Ed. Note:]

Exhibit 8: Republicans were far more likely to embrace a certain policy if they knew Trump was for it—whether the policy was liberal or conservative.

Exhibit 9: Republicans became far more opposed to gun control when Obama took office. Democrats have remained consistent.

Exhibit 10: Republicans started to think college education is a bad thing once Trump entered the primary. Democrats remain consistent.

Exhibit 11

Wisconsin Republicans felt the economy improve by 85 approval points the day Trump was sworn in. Graph also shows some Democratic bias, but not nearly as bad.

Exhibit 12: Republicans became deeply negative about trade agreements when Trump became the GOP frontrunner. Democrats remain consistent.

Exhibit 13: 10% fewer Republicans believed the wealthy weren't paying enough in taxes once a billionaire became their president. Democrats remain fairly consistent.

Exhibit 14: Republicans suddenly feel very comfortable making major purchases now that Trump is president. Democrats don't feel more or less comfortable than before.


"Trump fans are much angrier about housing assistance when they see an image of a black man"

In contrast, Clinton supporters seemed relatively unmoved by racial cues.

Here's the vote for Hurricane Sandy aid. 179 of the 180 no votes were Republicans.

I count at least 20 Texas Republicans.

via voksul

Might want to add this, too: As soon as Obama took office, Republicans switched from market-oriented solutions to full-on global warming denial.

Freedom of expression and freedom of speech aren't really important unless they're heard...It's hard for me to stay silent when I keep hearing that peace is only attainable through war. And there's nothing more scary than watching ignorance in action. So I dedicated this Emmy to all the people who feel compelled to speak out and not afraid to speak to power and won't shut up and refuse to be silenced. ~ Tom Smothers

Cree Prophecy

Only after the last tree has been cut down,

Only after the last river has been poisoned,

Only after the last fish has been caught,

Only then will you find money cannot be eaten.

Develop Your Mind, Not Sacred Sites

Develop Your Mind, Not Sacred Sites

In an 1868 treaty, drafted at Fort Laramie in Sioux country, the United States established the Black Hills as part of the Great Sioux Reservation, set aside for exclusive use by the Sioux people. However, after the discovery of gold there in 1874, the United States confiscated the land in 1877. To this day, ownership of the Black Hills remains the subject of a legal dispute between the U.S. government and the Sioux.

Blue flowers and a Pink flamingo, Flying Snail Ranch's garden
Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

Sacred Clowns: The Heyókȟa symbolize and portray many aspects of the sacred, the Wakȟáŋ. Their satire presents important questions by fooling around. They ask difficult questions, and say things others are too afraid to say. By reading between the lines, the audience is able to think about things not usually thought about, or to look at things in a different way.

Principally, the Heyókȟa functions both as a mirror and a teacher, using extreme behaviors to mirror others, thereby forcing them to examine their own doubts, fears, hatreds, and weaknesses. Heyókȟas also have the power to heal emotional pain; such power comes from the experience of shame--they sing of shameful events in their lives, beg for food, and live as clowns. They provoke laughter in distressing situations of despair and provoke fear and chaos when people feel complacent and overly secure, to keep them from taking themselves too seriously or believing they are more powerful than they are.

In addition, sacred clowns serve an important role in shaping tribal codes. Heyókȟa's don't seem to care about taboos, rules, regulations, social norms, or boundaries. Paradoxically, however, it is by violating these norms and taboos that they help to define the accepted boundaries, rules, and societal guidelines for ethical and moral behavior. This is because they are the only ones who can ask "Why?" about sensitive topics and employ satire to question the specialists and carriers of sacred knowledge or those in positions of power and authority. In doing so, they demonstrate concretely the theories of balance and imbalance. Their role is to penetrate deception, turn over rocks, and create a deeper awareness. From Word Worlds, Where simplifying complexity becomes art.

Nobody for President ~ NONE of the ABOVE should be a choice on voter ballots

Curtis Spangler & Wavy Gravy, Nobody for President San Francisco Rally, October 12, 1976 - Photograph: James Stark
Curtis Spangler & Wavy Gravy, Nobody for President Rally, 197610.12 ~ Photo: James Stark

American Dream, George Carlin from Ishtar [Not Work Safe] Audio Alternative from Felly

Nobody should have that much power
Nobody for President 2020 = NONE OF THE ABOVE on Voter Ballots

Oh, I hope that I see you again I never even caught your name As you looked through my window pane ~ So I'm writing this message today I'm thinking that you'll have a way Of hearing the notes in my tune ~ Where are you going? Where have you been? I can imagine other worlds you have seen ~ Beautiful faces and music so serene ~ So I do hope I see you again My universal citizen You went as quickly as you came ~ You know the power Your love is right You have good reason To stay out of sight ~~ But break our illusions and help us Be the light ~ Message by Mike Pinder

Why I Think This World Should End, Brandon Sloan

Without love in the dream, it will never come true. ~ Jerry Garcia/Robert Hunter

And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make. ~ John Lennon

Artist, John Flores

The man whispered, "God, speak to me" and a meadowlark sang. But the man did not hear. So the man yelled "God, speak to me" and the thunder rolled across the sky. But the man did not listen. The man looked around and said, "God let me see you" and a star shined brightly. But the man did not notice. And the man shouted, "God show me a miracle" and a life was born. But the man did not know. So the man cried out in despair, "Touch me God, and let me know you are there" Whereupon God reached down and touched the man, But the man brushed the butterfly away and walked on.

Somebody is looking at whatever you do, so always present your most charming you
Don't miss out on a blessing because
it isn't packaged the way you expect!

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