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Develop Your Mind, Not Sacred Sites

Develop Your Mind, Not Sacred Sites

North Dakota oil pipeline protesters stand their ground:

'This is sacred land'

Indigenous Protesters Remain Firm Against Dakota Access Pipeline
from Rising Up With Sonali ~

Pipeline’s planned route takes it close to Standing Rock Sioux reservation and Cannon Ball, which could endanger drinking water and threaten sacred sites [Click to Continue Reading & Remember the Celebration of Holocaust]

Native-led Occupation Stalls Dakota Access Pipeline Project
from Rising Up With Sonali ~

Mike Wilhelm ~ Charlatans, Flamin' Groovies, Loose Gravel, and more

Don’t Put Me On, Flamin’ Groovies, 1978 w/Mike Wilhelm
from PK Purvis ~

Peavine, Rev Rabia w/Mike Wilhelm & Hired Guns
from ed chatham ~

Nobody for President ~ NONE of the ABOVE should be a choice on voter ballots

America's problems aren't Obama's fault.
They're George W Bush's

The unhinged arguments at the heart of the 2016 presidential election are not really a debate about the outgoing president. They’re about Bush’s legacy by Richard Wolffe ~ [Click to Continue Reading]

Wanderers ~ a short film by Erik Wernquist
[Ed. Note: Watch 'Full Screen' by clicking:]

Wanderers is a vision of humanity's expansion into the Solar System, based on scientific ideas and concepts of what our future in space might look like, if it ever happens. The locations depicted in the film are digital recreations of actual places in the Solar System, built from real photos and map data where available.

Today's Secret Question Is:

Today's Secret Question Is:

If U.S. politicians made Spyware illegal, sans the Patriot Act, what is this iPhone Spyware, ...Apple had to make an emergency fix for ?

Remember Kids, every time you hear Vulnerabilities, Scream Real Loud:


...and, if one believes in honesty, maybe it is worthwhile knowing about this?
[Brought to you by Illusion; a Not What You See, but What You Think reality]

Boptime with Even Steven + The Legends of Wilmington Jazz

Today, Friday, August 26, 2016
Starting 7:00 PM (EDT) ~ 4:00 PM (PDT)
Rod Misey's
Annual Psychedelic Music Show

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Even Steven's Boptime

On Saturday's Boptime we begin by going back to this day in 1958. At 6am (EDT) we'll hear the Broadway musical "Say Darling," followed by some Third Stream jazz from John Lewis and the MJQ. We continue at 7am (EDT) with more music from this day in 1958. After an episode of Rockabilly Ridge at 8am (EDT) with Michael Ace, on Beatlemania at 9am (EDT) we'll play some of the Beatles' concert at the Hollywood Bowl from this time in 1964. For the early bird, on the Freebox, we'll begin at 4am (EDT) to make room for Rod Misey's Annual Psychedelic Music Show, which begins Friday, August 26, 2016 at 7pm (EDT) [the previous evening]. On the shortened Freebox we continue the psychedelic theme with the classic United States of America album from 1968, Phil Ochs' "Crucifixion," accompanied by the same band, "The Crazy World of Arthur Brown," rare selections from Jimi Hendrix, and music from Frank Zappa. ~ Steve

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Nobody for President ~ NONE of the ABOVE should be a choice on voter ballots

I Read It On Internet, So It Must Be True?

TIL: Hillary Clinton is a psychotic murderer who suffers from syphilis, is months away from death, and her chief of staff is a secret Muslim terrorist at: the Guardian

China launches quantum satellite for 'hack-proof' communications to protect people ... United States launches illegal Patriot Act to eliminate citizen rights, liberty, and freedom
China launches quantum satellite for 'hack-proof' communications (to protect people)
United States launches illegal Patriot Act (where) Republicans and Democrats hope to
eliminate citizen rights, in an attempt to destroy liberty & freedom (?), with significant
corporate & military applications, & (why) NOTA should be a choice on Voter Ballots!

Patriot Act Controversy
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The USA PATRIOT Act has generated a great deal of controversy since its enactment.

Opponents of the Act have been quite vocal in asserting that it was passed opportunistically after the September 11 attacks, believing that there would have been little debate. They view the Act as one that was hurried through the Senate with little change before it was passed. (Senators Patrick Leahy and Russell Feingold proposed amendments to modify the final revision.)

The sheer magnitude of the Act itself was noted by Michael Moore in his controversial film Fahrenheit 9/11. In one of the scenes of the movie, he records Congressman Jim McDermott alleging that no Senator had read the bill and John Conyers, Jr. as saying, "We don't read most of the bills. Do you really know what that would entail if we read every bill that we passed?" Congressman Conyers then answers his own rhetorical question, asserting that if they did it would "slow down the legislative process". As a dramatic device, Moore then hired an ice-cream van and drove around Washington, D.C. with a loud speaker, reading out the Act to puzzled passers-by, which included a few Senators.

However, Moore was not the only commentator to notice that not many people had read the Act. When Dahlia Lithwick and Julia Turne for Slate asked, "How bad is PATRIOT, anyway?", they decided that it was "hard to tell" and stated:

The ACLU, in a new fact sheet challenging the DOJ Web site, wants you to believe that the act threatens our most basic civil liberties. Ashcroft and his roadies call the changes in law "modest and incremental." Since almost Nobody has read the legislation, much of what we think we know about it comes third-hand and spun. Both advocates and opponents are guilty of fear-mongering and distortion in some instances.

One prime example of a controversy of the Patriot Act is shown in the case of Susan Lindauer.

Another is the recent court case United States v. Antoine Jones. A nightclub owner was linked to a drug trafficking stash house via a law enforcement GPS tracking device attached to his car. It was placed there without a warrant, which caused a serious conviction obstacle for federal prosecutors in court. Through the years the case rose all the way to the United States Supreme Court where the conviction was overturned in favor of the defendant. The court found that increased monitoring of suspects caused by such legislation like the Patriot Act directly put the suspects' Constitutional rights in jeopardy.

The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) has criticized the law as unconstitutional, especially when "the private communications of law-abiding American citizens might be intercepted incidentally" while the Electronic Frontier Foundation held that the lower standard applied to wiretaps "gives the FBI a 'blank check' to violate the communications privacy of countless innocent Americans". Others do not find the roving wiretap legislation to be as concerning. Professor David D. Cole of the Georgetown University Law Center, a critic of many of the provisions of the Act, found that though they come at a cost to privacy are a sensible measure while Paul Rosenzweig, a Senior Legal Research Fellow in the Center for Legal and Judicial Studies at the Heritage Foundation, argues that roving wiretaps are just a response to rapidly changing communication technology that is not necessarily fixed to a specific location or device.

The Act also allows access to voicemail through a search warrant rather than through a title III wiretap order. James Dempsey, of the CDT, believes that it unnecessarily overlooks the importance of notice under the Fourth Amendment and under a Title III wiretap, and the EFF criticizes the provision's lack of notice. However, the EFF's criticism is more extensive—they believe that the amendment "is in possible violation of the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution" because previously if the FBI listened to voicemail illegally, it could not use the messages in evidence against the defendant. Others disagree with these assessments. Professor Orin Kerr, of the George Washington University school of law, believes that the ECPA "adopted a rather strange rule to regulate voicemail stored with service providers" because "under ECPA, if the government knew that there was one copy of an unopened private message in a person's bedroom and another copy on their remotely stored voicemail, it was illegal for the FBI to simply obtain the voicemail; the law actually compelled the police to invade the home and rifle through peoples' bedrooms so as not to disturb the more private voicemail." In Professor Kerr's opinion, this made little sense and the amendment that was made by the USA PATRIOT Act was reasonable and sensible.

The USA PATRIOT Act's expansion of court jurisdiction to allow the nationwide service of search warrants proved controversial for the EFF. They believe that agencies will be able to "'shop' for judges that have demonstrated a strong bias toward law enforcement with regard to search warrants, using only those judges least likely to say no—even if the warrant doesn't satisfy the strict requirements of the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution", and that it reduces the likelihood that smaller ISPs or phone companies will try to protect the privacy of their clients by challenging the warrant in court—their reasoning is that "a small San Francisco ISP served with such a warrant is unlikely to have the resources to appear before the New York court that issued it."They believe that this is bad because only the communications provider will be able to challenge the warrant as only they will know about it—many warrants are issued ex parte, which means that the target of the order is not present when the order is issued.

For a time, the USA PATRIOT Act allowed for agents to undertake "sneak and peek" searches. Critics such as EPIC and the ACLU strongly criticized the law for violating the Fourth Amendment, with the ACLU going so far as to release an advertisement condemning it and calling for it to be repealed.

After suspected abuses of the USA PATRIOT Act were brought to light in June 2013 with articles about collection of American call records by the NSA and the PRISM program (see 2013 mass surveillance disclosures), Representative Jim Sensenbrenner, Republican of Wisconsin, who introduced the Patriot Act in 2001, said that the National Security Agency overstepped its bounds. He released a statement saying “While I believe the Patriot Act appropriately balanced national security concerns and civil rights, I have always worried about potential abuses.” He added: Seizing phone records of millions of innocent people is excessive and un-American.

[All 2016 Presidential candidates support this illegal Patriot Act which Nobody attempts to protect voters from ...because an obsolete Two Party System continues to resist NONE of the ABOVE as a choice on Voter Ballots ~ Click to continue reading]

Pole shift & animals from Sarah Livesey Dip M.T ~

PPRS ~ Pacific Packet Radio Society, Historic 1st Wireless Digital Communication

Today, on August 23, 1984, I made World History, again.


It has been suggested in a number of documents, publications, and books [] that Curtis Spangler developed and built a QAM modulated data radio computer / transceiver interface and designed THE STANFORD PACKET RADIO NETWORK, under the direction of Michael J. Flynn, with assistance from Andrew Zimmerman, at Computer Systems Laboratory, Electrical Engineering Department, Stanford University, and that he was the person who completed ALOHA's goal, when he successfully transmitted and received [16 signals of] quadrature amplitude modulated data with Dr. Flynn on August 23, 1984.



ARRL GATEWAY, Vol. 1, No. 2, August 28, 1984 ~ ARRL Home

On August 23, Curtis Spangler, N6ECT, and Mike Flynn, W2FRT, exchanged packets at 9600 bauds using quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) techniques. Both stations were using personal computers, 9600-bit/s modems, homemade radio/modem interfaces, and 440-MHz radios. Special software, written in Turbo Pascal, drove the synchronous data link controller (SDLC) cards in the computers. Over the five-mile path between the stations, there were no errors using 10 watts, and 60% to 70% throughput at one watt. Via KA6M

Your Gateway to Packet Radio

by Stan Horzepa, WA1LOU
The American Radio Relay League
Page 2-8, Chapter 2

Your Gateway to Packet Radio by Stan Horzepa, WA1LOU, The American Radio Relay League, Page 2~8, Chapter 2
Click for large image

1984: Historic Firsts

Curtis Spangler and Mike Flynn exchanged packets at 9600 bauds on August 23, 1984, using quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) techniques. Over a five-mile path, there were no errors using 10 watts, and 60% to 70% throughput using one watt.

Pacific Packet Radio Society

Wireless Digital Communication was introduced (in the United States) by Dr. Hank Magnuski (Co-founder of PPRS), when his historic KA6M-1 Digital Packet Radio Repeater began operation on:

December 10, 1980
Pacific Packet Radio Society - PPRS - First Packet Radio Repeater - December 10, 1980
Pacific Packet Radio Society gateway | history | photos | papers | links | packet audio | video

Dear Packet Radio Enthusiast,

Thanks very much for the letter of inquiry which you sent me. The response I've received to the initial publicity about the packet repeater has been very enthusiastic, and I have been deluged with requests from hams, both locally and from various points around the country, for more information about the repeater, for schematics, for listings, specifications, modems, proms, SDLC chips, Vancouver boards, and for talks at clubs. Needless to say, all this activity, plus continuing development on the packet hardware and software has kept me very busy, and I apologize for the long delay in responding to your letter. Let me bring you up to date on what has happened, or is happening, since the initial announcement of the repeater, which went on the air in December of 1980.

KA6M/R - Packet Radio Repeater, 1980 ~ Front View
World's First Digital Repeater for Wireless Data Communications
KA6M/R - Packet Radio Repeater. 1980 ~ Front View ~ PPRS photos

KA6M/R - Packet Radio Repeater, 1980 ~ Back View
World's First Digital Repeater for Wireless Data Communications
KA6M/R - Packet Radio Repeater, 1980 ~ Back View ~ PPRS photos

In the early months of this year, the packet repeater was operating out of my residence, and was still an experimental machine. Since then, we have installed a couple of upgrades to the control software, we have used a better CPU card, increased the power level, moved the repeater to 700 feet elevation, and integrated its operation to be 100% compatible with the protocol used by the Vancouver Digital Communications Group (VADCG). The repeater has changed from being a laboratory curiosity to a major Bay Area repeater heard from Berkeley to south San Jose, and the user community has grown from a couple of stations to a network of some 30 users. The packet system here now has a mailbox on-line 24 hours a day, several on-line personal computers, and network links (courtesy of a commercial packet network) to the other active packet radio centers in Vancouver and Ottawa. We have also just installed an HF port on 20 Meters, and are beginning some experiments aimed at establishing connection with AMRAD in Washington and with equipment located at W1AW.

VADCG TNC built by C. Spangler
VADCG TNC built by C. Spangler, N6ECT- PPRS photos

Most of the original packet radio experiments were done in Canada (in part due to the Canadians' pioneering communications spirit, and in part due to less restrictive regulations up there), and three main centers were at work: Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver. The technology employed by each of these groups differed, and each approach has its own merits. My thinking and ideas very closely paralleled the work started by Doug Lockhart, VE7APU, and I can best report on what is happening with groups which have adopted HDLC (High-level Data Link Control) framing as the basis of their protocol. The HDLC/ SDLC frame is a new, universally accepted standard in the data communications industry, and Doug and I feel it offers a good starting point on which to build a packet radio network. As it turns out, groups in Washington D.C., Los Angeles, El Paso, Denver, Sacramento, and Hamilton have also taken up this technology, and it is likely that we already have a sufficient number of people using this technique that it will become the defacto standard in the amateur radio community.

It would be impossible for me to completely describe the protocol and equipment being used in this letter, so I will briefly cover some of the topics and give you some pointers on where to find additional information. As you might guess, this is a new area for amateur radio, and tutorial material and handbooks simply do not yet exist. Many issues and problems remain to be discussed, and there is opportunity to make substantial contributions to the state of the art. [Snip] [Continue Reading] - Thanks again for your interest. See you on the net. Best regards, Hank Magnuski, KA6M - [More Papers and History]

Puddles Pity Party from Marcos Resende ~

Van the Man from S. E. Hall ~

L’Océan, Jeffrey Piton from Jessy Fuchs ~

Points Punk, Oktoplut from Jessy Fuchs ~

Veillée chez Médé, Carotté from Jessy Fuchs ~

Diga Diga Doo by/from Swing Zazou ~

Boptime with Even Steven + The Legends of Wilmington Jazz

Even Steven's Boptime

On Saturday's Boptime we head back to this day in 1954. At 6am (EDT) we'll hear the Broadway musical "The Pajama Game," followed by jazz selections from the same year by Herb Geller and Miles Davis. At 7am (EDT) we'll continue with more from 1954 and remain in New York City as we visit some of the other musical venues from The Big Apple. At 8am (EDT) you'll hear more from this day in 1954, the #1 hits, the movies playing in local theaters, what was on television etc. At 9am (EDT) we'll bop on up to this day in 1959 and hear some of the popular tunes from this day in that year, check out the movies, television shows, and other events. ~ Steve

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Clayton Fire August 2016
Clayton Fire, August 2016 ~ Telephone & Internet Restored
Aftermath of northern California wildfire pictures

Where Ranch house was
Valley Fire, September 2015 ~ Loss of Ranch Photographs

Clayton Fire ~ Technicall speaking, I am growing tired of living like this! ~ boxed up stuff, ready to go for evacuation.
Clayton Fire (boxed up for evacuation)
Technically speaking, I am growing tired of living like this!

Periscope: Lake County OES, Lake County News, Swiss Piggy, Clayton Fire

CAL OES using Periscope for communication in Lake County Fire Aftermath
from Willits Community Television Inc ~

Brooks & Dunn "Hillbilly Deluxe" from HQ Productions ~

Sprung ~ Harley-Davidson® Springer® Enthusiast

Ride Free II from Paul Bokhari ~

Paul Krassner ~ The Realist, Writer, Comic, Investigative Satirist

Three (3) daughters of groundbreaking comedians, Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor & George Carln. ~ pk

Daughters of Comedy Godfathers: Kelly Carlin, Rain Pryor, & Kitty Bruce
via TheFIREorg ~

Where are the real presidential candidates? ...This isn't funny anymore!
NONE of the ABOVE should be a choice on Voter Ballots ~ Nobody for President

Stupid is as Microsoft does ???
Attention Windows 8.1 thru 10.^ Users
All your base are belong to us ~ bwaaahahaha

"There's an old saying in Tennessee ~ I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee ~ that says, fool me once, shame on ~ shame on you. Fool me ~ you can't get fooled again." ~ War Criminal

In case one has not heard, ArsTechnica reported yesterday that Microsoft accidentally leaked a universal backdoor to Windows.

Microsoft has inadvertently demonstrated the intrinsic security problem of including a universal backdoor in its software after it accidentally leaked its so-called “golden key”— which allows users to unlock any device that’s supposedly protected by Secure Boot, such as phones and tablets.

The key basically allows anyone to bypass the provisions Microsoft has put in place ostensibly to prevent malicious versions of Windows from being installed, on any device running Windows 8.1 and upwards with Secure Boot enabled.

Microsoft has today tried to downplay the importance of the leak, stating that it applies only to Surface devices and phones, not to desktops, but that’s hardly the point. A key piece of code that allows some of its devices to be completely compromised – a piece of code that should have been fiercely guarded – has leaked.

It didn’t even require any malicious intent: the leak appears to be the result of someone making a stupid, but all too human, mistake.

The golden key [was apparently] bundled in dormant form on retail devices, left in as a debugging tool by accident.

As for the code, it’s out there now, and it appears
impossible for Microsoft to fully patch it.
[Note: ??? Without a complete rewrite of the Operating System, which could take years ??? and
May Be A Good Idea? So enjoy your alternative, if assured it doesn't come with a worm?]

According to the researchers, “It’d be impossible in practice for MS to revoke every boot manager earlier than a certain point, as they’d break install media, recovery partitions, backups, etc.” [Click to read entire article]

Boptime with Even Steven + The Legends of Wilmington Jazz

Even Steven's Boptime

On Saturday's Boptime we begin at 6am (EDT) with Charlie Mingus' 1974 album "Mingus Moves." On the The Legends of Wilmington Jazz at 7am (EDT), you'll hear the first commercial recordings from Clifford Brown along with other early tunes, some of which are extraordinarily rare. Also featured will be some rare recordings of Wilmington jazz singer Betty Roché with the Duke Ellington band, along with her only commercial recording with Ellington. At 8am (EDT) we meet on Clifford's Corner with some choice jazz and R&B with Larry Williams. For the early bird at 3am (EDT) on the Freebox we'll feature selections from Club d'elf's "So Below," album, as well as selections from Parov Stelar, Loop 243, Absinthe Junk, and K's Choice. ~ Steve

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Is Somebody Surprised?

Republicans ignor party rules and want anybody; including Mrs. Bill, for president.

Nobody follows Birthday Party rules and wants None of the Above on voter ballots.

USA fears Nobody

Hunter S Thompson says, When I was a kid we didn't have Pokemon Go. If you wanted to wander around looking for things that weren't there, you had to drop acid like a normal person.

'Suena, Suena', Casa Verde Colectivo from Suwanne ~

Nobody for President ~ NONE of the ABOVE should be a choice on voter ballots

A 75 year old speech in the 21th century
from Bertrand Thomas ~


Nobody speaks through the teeth
Nobody speaks
through the teeth

Nobody for President 2016

Naturally, the common people don't want war; neither in Russia nor in England nor in America, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy or a fascist dictatorship or a Parliament or a Communist dictatorship. ... the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country. [Hermann Goring, Nuremberg trials, April 18, 1946]

Operation Northwoods .. Gulf of Tonkin .. Iraqi WMD .. yada

We, the unwilling, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much, for so long, with so little, we are now qualified to do anything with nothing. [Konstantin Jireček]

Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children.

The cost of one modern heavy bomber is this: a modern brick school in more than 30 cities. It is two electric power plants, each serving a town of 60,000 population. It is two fine, fully equipped hospitals. It is some fifty miles of concrete pavement. We pay for a single fighter plane with a half million bushels of wheat. We pay for a single destroyer with new homes that could have housed more than 8,000 people.

This is, I repeat, the best way of life to be found on the road the world has been taking. This is not a way of life at all, in any true sense. Under the cloud of threatening war, it is humanity hanging from a cross of iron. ... Is there no other way the world may live? [Dwight D. Eisenhower, The Chance for Peace, April 16,1953]

History teaches that war begins when governments believe the price of aggression is cheap. [Ronald Reagan]

War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength. [Big Brother, George Orwell]

A reminder God said, "Thou shall not kill" and Jesus extended this concept when he said,

Christians are to no longer execute sinners, so they should not wage carnal war, but spiritual warfare [John 18:36; 2 Corinthians 10:1-6; Ephesians 6:10-18; 1 Timothy 1:18-20; 6:11-14; 2 Timothy 2:3-5; 4:6-8]

Christians must be peacemakers forgiving those who do them harm treating their enemies with love and not seeking revenge [Matthew 5:9; Romans 14:19; Ephesians 4:29-32; Colossians 3:12-14; Matthew 6:9-15; Mark 11:25-26; Luke 6:27-36; Romans 12:17-21; 1 Peter 3:8-12]

Hatred which is the same as murder is unforgiving, vengeful and hostile towards one's enemies [1 John 3:15]

True Lies, Word poem by Taalam Acey, Animation: Haik Hoisington
from Rip & Roy ~

None of the Above should be a choice on voter ballots. [Nobody for President]

Big tank truck with sign on back saying, CAUTION: Vehicle may be Transporting Political Promises! ~ with personal license plate reading, POO PMPR

CAUTION: Vehicle may be Transporting Political Promises! ~ License Plate: POO PMPR

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, Gil Scott-Heron
from jabari akhenamen ~

Telecom Crime
II Corinthians, 11:13-15 ~ Telecom Crime & Punishment

Violation of the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution

Violation of the First Amendment to the Constitution

Unlawful electronic surveillance or disclosure or use of information obtained by electronic surveillance in violation of 50 U.S.C. §1809.

Unlawful interception, use or disclosure of Class communications in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 2511

Unlawful solicitation and obtained disclosure of the contents of communications in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 2702(a)(1) or (a)(2)

Unlawful solicitation and obtained disclosure of non-content records or other information in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 2702(a)(3)

Violation of the Administrative Procedures Act

Violation of the constitutional principle of separation of powers

Cartoon of government wire taps on U.S. Citizens from Cagle Cartoons
Telecom Punishment

Congress votes to immunize lawbreaking
telecoms, legalize warrantless eavesdropping

Yet again, George Bush and Dick Cheney get everything they want from the Democratic-led Congress, this time to put a permanent, and harmless, end to their illegal spying scandal.

The Democratic-led Congress this afternoon voted to put an end to the NSA spying scandal, as the Senate approved a bill — approved last week by the House — to immunize lawbreaking telecoms, terminate all pending lawsuits against them, and vest whole new warrantless eavesdropping powers in the President. The vote in favor of the new FISA bill was 69-28. Barack Obama joined every Senate Republican (and every House Republican other than one) by voting in favor of it, while his now-vanquished primary rival, Sen. Hillary Clinton, voted against it. John McCain wasn’t present for any of the votes, but shared Obama’s support for the bill. The bill will now be sent to an extremely happy George Bush, who already announced that he enthusiastically supports it, and he will sign it into law very shortly. [Click to continue reading Glenn Greenwald's article ~ Click here for more articles]

Don't Ask, Don't Tell ~ Chicken loves hawk?

The battle between Bush and McCain for South Carolina has entered American political lore as one of the nastiest, dirtiest, and most brutal ever. On the one hand, Bush switched his label for himself from "compassionate conservative" to "reformer with results", as part of trying to co-opt McCain's popular message of reform. On the other hand, a variety of business and interest groups that McCain had challenged in the past now pounded him with negative ads.

The day that a new poll showed McCain five points ahead in the state, Bush allied himself on stage with a marginal and controversial veterans activist named J. Thomas Burch, who accused McCain of having "abandoned the veterans" on POW/MIA and Agent Orange issues: "He came home from Vietnam and forgot us." Incensed, McCain ran ads accusing Bush of lying and comparing the governor to Bill Clinton, which Bush complained was "about as low a blow as you can give in a Republican primary." An unidentified party began a semi-underground smear campaign against McCain, delivered by push polls, faxes, e-mails, flyers, audience plants, and the like. These claimed most famously that he had fathered a black child out of wedlock (the McCains' dark-skinned daughter Bridget was adopted from Bangladesh; this misrepresentation was thought to be an especially effective slur in a Deep South state where race was still central), but also that his wife Cindy was a drug addict, that he was a homosexual, and that he was a "Manchurian Candidate" traitor or mentally unstable from his North Vietnam POW days. The Bush campaign strongly denied any involvement with these attacks; Bush said he would fire anyone who ran defamatory push polls. During a break in a debate, Bush put his hand on McCain's arm and reiterated that he had no involvement in the attacks; McCain replied, "Don't give me that shit. And take your hands off me."

McCain fudges his Navy record

During the course of his flying career with the U.S. Navy, John McCain was involved in at least five major mishaps or crashes involving his plane. The most dramatic incidents occurred in 1967. He barely escaped with his life after a missile exploded aboard an aircraft carrier, the USS Forrestal, in July of that year, killing 134 of his fellow crew members. [Click to continue reading Michael Dobbs's article]

John McCain is NOT a war hero!

Graduating fifth from the bottom at the U.S. Naval Academy, and known as a “hot dog” – a hard-drinking, carousing party animal — John McCain, upon joining the U.S. Navy from the academy, piloted the only plane in his five plane squadron which was shot down on that particular sortie over North Vietnam. According to fellow pilots, this occurred only because McCain flew below the specified ‘floor’ (altitude) on that particular mission, making him and his plane vulnerable to rocket attack. This was not the first time McCain had lost an aircraft; in fact, McCain lost 5 other aircraft before this one, and one of the aircraft McCain lost was due, according to an official inquiry, because McCain had not maintained sufficient air speed to maintain altitude, but was instead focused on the wrong instruments. [Click to continue reading article]

Liberty Cover-Up and John McCain's Conscience

When are you going to stop covering-up about what really happened to the USS Liberty? [Click to continue reading William Hughes' article ~ Dahbud Mensch comments]

Why do Politician$
Allow Corporation$
to Get Away With Murder?

Is it time for a Corporate Death Penaltyor
call for Public Execution of PG&E Executives?
[Note: If public execution is too harsh, how about tar and feathering?]

Federal prosecutors get judge to cut $500 million plus dollars in natural gas pipeline explosion fines caused by criminal PG&E executives partying with funds set aside to protect residents of San Bruno, where eight people died, fifty-eight people were injured, and thirty-eight homes were destroyed.


The Insider: Politicians race to San Bruno

PG&E diverted safety money for profit, bonuses

PG&E collected millions more for pipeline repair than it spent

PG&E charged: multiple violations of Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Act

PG&E slapped with a record $1.6 billion penalty for fatal San Bruno explosion

On September 16, 2014, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Carol Brown, chief of staff for the president of the California Public Utilities Commission, had communicatedwith PG&E executives to help move litigation to judges they expected would be friendly to PG&E's side. [Judge scandal under federal investigation ~ see 'judge' above ~ II Corinthians, 11:13-15]

[Story Time: During 1980 I met a man (college freshman) who, as a teenager, served 20 years in prison, hard time, for selling 3 marijuana cigarettes to an undercover agent, ...after being coerced by the agent, for six months previous, to make this illegal purchase and resale.

In the meantime, thanks to (?) Politicians, PG&E & CPUC executives are allowed to get away with murder & maiming and walk free, just like Bhopal? (sarcastic) Yup, that's fair!]

2010 San Bruno fire
PG&E 2010 San Bruno pipeline explosion via Wikipedia ~ II Corinthians, 11:13-15

B Movie, Gil Scott-Heron from Alex Benson ~

Well, the first thing I want to say is…"Mandate my ass!"

Because it seems as though we've been convinced that 26% of the registered voters, not even 26% of the American people, but 26% of the registered voters form a mandate – or a landslide. 21% voted for Skippy and 3, 4% voted for somebody else who might have been running.

But, oh yeah, I remember. In this year that we have now declared the year from Shogun to Reagan, I remember what I said about Reagan…meant it. Acted like an actor…Hollyweird. Acted like a liberal. Acted like General Franco when he acted like governor of California, then he acted like a republican. Then he acted like somebody was going to vote for him for president. And now we act like 26% of the registered voters is actually a mandate. We're all actors in this I suppose.

What has happened is that in the last 20 years, America has changed from a producer to a consumer. And all consumers know that when the producer names the tune…the consumer has got to dance. That's the way it is. We used to be a producer – very inflexible at that, and now we are consumers and, finding it difficult to understand. Natural resources and minerals will change your world. The Arabs used to be in the 3rd World. They have bought the 2nd World and put a firm down payment on the 1st one. Controlling your resources will control your world. This country has been surprised by the way the world looks now. They don't know if they want to be Matt Dillon or Bob Dylan. They don't know if they want to be diplomats or continue the same policy - of nuclear nightmare diplomacy. John Foster Dulles ain't nothing but the name of an airport now.

The idea concerns the fact that this country wants nostalgia. They want to go back as far as they can – even if it's only as far as last week. Not to face now or tomorrow, but to face backwards. And yesterday was the day of our cinema heroes riding to the rescue at the last possible moment. The day of the man in the white hat or the man on the white horse - or the man who always came to save America at the last moment – someone always came to save America at the last moment – especially in "B" movies. And when America found itself having a hard time facing the future, they looked for people like John Wayne. But since John Wayne was no longer available, they settled for Ronald Reagan – and it has placed us in a situation that we can only look at – like a "B" movie.

Come with us back to those inglorious days when heroes weren't zeros. Before fair was square. When the cavalry came straight away and all-American men were like Hemingway to the days of the wondrous "B" movie. The producer underwritten by all the millionaires necessary will be Casper "The Defensive" Weinberger – no more animated choice is available. The director will be Attila the Haig, running around frantically declaring himself in control and in charge. The ultimate realization of the inmates taking over at the asylum. The screenplay will be adapted from the book called "Voodoo Economics" by George "Papa Doc" Bush. Music by the "Village People" the very military "Macho Man."

"Macho, macho man!"
" Two-three-four."
" He likes to be – well, you get the point."
"Huuut! Your left! Your left! Your left…right, left, right, left, right…!"

A theme song for saber-rallying and selling wars door-to-door. Remember, we're looking for the closest thing we can find to John Wayne. Clichés abound like kangaroos – courtesy of some spaced out Marlin Perkins, a Reagan contemporary. Clichés like, "itchy trigger finger" and "tall in the saddle" and "riding off or on into the sunset." Clichés like, "Get off of my planet by sundown!" More so than clichés like, "he died with his boots on." Marine tough the man is. Bogart tough the man is. Cagney tough the man is. Hollywood tough the man is. Cheap steak tough. And Bonzo's substantial. The ultimate in synthetic selling: A Madison Avenue masterpiece – a miracle – a cotton-candy politician…Presto! Macho!

"Macho, macho man!"

Put your orders in America. And quick as Kodak your leaders duplicate with the accent being on the dupe - cause all of a sudden we have fallen prey to selective amnesia - remembering what we want to remember and forgetting what we choose to forget. All of a sudden, the man who called for a blood bath on our college campuses is supposed to be Dudley "God-damn" Do-Right?

"You go give them liberals hell Ronnie." That was the mandate. To the new "Captain Bly" on the new ship of fools. It was doubtlessly based on his chameleon performance of the past - as a liberal democrat – as the head of the Studio Actor's Guild. When other celluloid saviors were cringing in terror from McCarthy – Ron stood tall. It goes all the way back from Hollywood to hillbilly. From liberal to libelous, from "Bonzo" to Birch idol…born again. Civil rights, women's rights, gay rights…it's all wrong. Call in the cavalry to disrupt this perception of freedom gone wild. God damn it…first one wants freedom, then the whole damn world wants freedom.

Nostalgia, that's what we want…the good ol' days…when we gave'em hell. When the buck stopped somewhere and you could still buy something with it. To a time when movies were in black and white – and so was everything else. Even if we go back to the campaign trail, before six-gun Ron shot off his face and developed hoof-in-mouth. Before the free press went down before full-court press. And were reluctant to review the menu because they knew the only thing available was – Crow.

Lon Chaney, our man of a thousand faces - no match for Ron. Doug Henning does the make-up - special effects from Grecian Formula 16 and Crazy Glue. Transportation furnished by the David Rockefeller of Remote Control Company. Their slogan is, "Why wait for 1984? You can panic now...and avoid the rush."

So much for the good news…

As Wall Street goes, so goes the nation. And here's a look at the closing numbers – racism's up, human rights are down, peace is shaky, war items are hot - the House claims all ties. Jobs are down, money is scarce – and common sense is at an all-time low with heavy trading. Movies were looking better than ever and now no one is looking because, we're starring in a "B" movie. And we would rather have John Wayne…we would rather have John Wayne.

"You don't need to be in no hurry. - You ain't never really got to worry. - And you don't need to check on how you feel. - Just keep repeating that none of this is real. - And if you're sensing, that something's wrong, - Well just remember, that it won't be too long - Before the director cuts the scene…yea."

"This ain't really your life, - Ain't really your life, - Ain't really ain't nothing but a movie."

[Refrain repeated about 25 times or more in an apocalyptic crescendo with a military cadence.]

"This ain't really your life, - Ain't really your life, - Ain't really ain't nothing but a movie."

Surfing the Waste: a Musical Documentary about Dumpster Diving
from Paul Aflalo ~

Boptime with Even Steven + The Legends of Wilmington Jazz

Even Steven's Boptime

Saturday's Boptime falls on August 6th, seventy-one years after the United States dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. World War II was a paradigm shift in cultural and social life on our planet and we're gonna try to provide a sense of that by playing Marc Blitzstein's "Airborne Symphony" at 6am (EDT). At 7am (EDT), on a "Jukebox Liberation" segment, you'll hear an hour's worth of atom bomb songs from the late 1940s and 1950s. At 8am (EDT), on a "My World" segment Nezzie and I run into each other in a world where the Second World War was averted, and on an "Uncle Richard's Neighborhood" we'll get a glimpse what the Roosevelt administration might have accomplished had there'd been no World War II. We'll also get a sense of the music that was popular during the period, but without the War as a backdrop. After a shortened Delaware Rock & Roll Hall of Fame segment, during which I'll tell my personal story about Ian Bruce Douglas, at 9am (EDT) on the Club Baby Grand, we'll hear Clifford Brown's 1955 Music City gig, Lem Winchester's "Down Fuzz," some solo piano pieces from Gerald Price, and more. For the early bird at 3am (EDT) on the Freebox, selections from Firefriend, Secret Colours, Orange Apples, Loop 2.4.3. Also some recent reggae from Kingman & Jonah, Sizzla, Method of Defiance, The Congos, and Burning Spear. You'll hear the album "Vever" featuring Bill Laswell, and wind things up with a couple of pieces from Steve Reich. ~ Steve

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Coldplay - Paradise (Peponi) African Style (Piano/Cello) Cover
The Piano Guys ft. Alex Boye from Sv How ~

Quiero, Casa Verde Colectivo from Israel Solorzano ~

Solar-Terrestrial Data
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Solar-Terrestrial Data via Paul L Herrman, n0nbh

North Auroral OvalSouth Auroral Oval
Auroral oval at North and South Pole ~ Click for page

Solar Terrestrial Activity Report
Solar Terrestrial Activity Report

Solar Weather from Solar Influences Data Analysis Center (SIDC) Solar physics research department of the Royal Observatory of Belgium and ISES Regional Warning Center Brussels for space weather forecasting.
Solar Weather from Solar Influences Data Analysis Center (SIDC)
Solar physics research department of the Royal Observatory of Belgium
and ISES Regional Warning Center Brussels for space weather forecasting.

European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre

Worldwide earthquakes with M4.0+ past 24 hours
Worldwide earthquakes with M4.0+ Last 24 Hours

Make Amateur Radio Part of Your Plan

from Dan Bell ~ ~ License

How to become an Amateur Radio Operator in the USA

Note: During the day I casually monitor a waterfall (1) (2) (3) on 20m, +/- 14,070 MHz and during early evening 40m, +/- 7,035 MHz, using PSK31, 5 watts QRP, for solar decline propagation studies. If I catch a signal directed at my call, I will QSL via email.

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Carlin Step, DJ Steve Porter & Eli Wilkie
from Roland Kardeby ~

The Great Bell Chant (The End of Suffering)
from R Smittenaar ~

Beautiful Child

One Day, Matisyahu
from 100% ~

Unsung Hero ~ Still Anonymous
from Rattakarn Srithavatchai "Garn" ~

Freedom of expression and freedom of speech aren't really important unless they're heard...It's hard for me to stay silent when I keep hearing that peace is only attainable through war. And there's nothing more scary than watching ignorance in action. So I dedicated this Emmy to all the people who feel compelled to speak out and not afraid to speak to power and won't shut up and refuse to be silenced. ~ Tom Smothers

Cree Prophecy

Only after the last tree has been cut down,

Only after the last river has been poisoned,

Only after the last fish has been caught,

Only then will you find money cannot be eaten.

Blue flowers and a Pink flamingo, Flying Snail Ranch's garden
Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

[From Word Worlds, Where simplifying complexity becomes art]: The Heyókȟa symbolize and portray many aspects of the sacred, the Wakȟáŋ. Their satire presents important questions by fooling around. They ask difficult questions, and say things others are too afraid to say. By reading between the lines, the audience is able to think about things not usually thought about, or to look at things in a different way.

Principally, the Heyókȟa functions both as a mirror and a teacher, using extreme behaviors to mirror others, thereby forcing them to examine their own doubts, fears, hatreds, and weaknesses. Heyókȟas also have the power to heal emotional pain; such power comes from the experience of shame--they sing of shameful events in their lives, beg for food, and live as clowns. They provoke laughter in distressing situations of despair and provoke fear and chaos when people feel complacent and overly secure, to keep them from taking themselves too seriously or believing they are more powerful than they are.

In addition, sacred clowns serve an important role in shaping tribal codes. Heyókȟa's don't seem to care about taboos, rules, regulations, social norms, or boundaries. Paradoxically, however, it is by violating these norms and taboos that they help to define the accepted boundaries, rules, and societal guidelines for ethical and moral behavior. This is because they are the only ones who can ask "Why?" about sensitive topics and employ satire to question the specialists and carriers of sacred knowledge or those in positions of power and authority. In doing so, they demonstrate concretely the theories of balance and imbalance. Their role is to penetrate deception, turn over rocks, and create a deeper awareness.

Nobody for President ~ NONE of the ABOVE should be a choice on voter ballots


'This is why people hate Congress':
politics stymies fight against Zika virus

Lawmakers have tried to allocate funding against the disease- but attached ‘poison pill’ measures and a seven-week recess haven’t helped matters [Click to Continue reading]

First case of baby born with Zika-related
microcephaly reported in New York City

New York City department of health officials say the baby’s mother was infected after traveling to an area with ongoing Zika transmission [Click to Continue Reading]

Pregnant women told to delay travel
to Florida over Zika virus fears

Public Health England updates travel advice after first cases of mosquito-borne disease are transmitted on US mainland [Click to Continue Reading]

Democrats demand Congress end its
vacation to approve Zika funding

Doctors’ fears of low funding and the first mosquito-borne infections in Florida prompt senators’ demand that Republican peers return for emergency funds [Click to Continue Reading]

None of the Above Should Be A Choice on Voter Ballots

None of the Above should be a valid choice on voter ballots

American Dream, George Carlin
from Ishtar ~

Nobody should have that much power

Nobody for President 2016 = NONE OF THE ABOVE on Voter Ballots

Oh, I hope that I see you again I never even caught your name As you looked through my window pane ~ So I'm writing this message today I'm thinking that you'll have a way Of hearing the notes in my tune ~ Where are you going? Where have you been? I can imagine other worlds you have seen ~ Beautiful faces and music so serene ~ So I do hope I see you again My universal citizen You went as quickly as you came ~ You know the power Your love is right You have good reason To stay out of sight ~~ But break our illusions and help us Be the light ~ The Promise by Mike Pinder

Without love in the dream, it will never come true. ~ Jerry Garcia/Robert Hunter

And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make. ~ John Lennon

Artist, John Flores

The man whispered, "God, speak to me" and a meadowlark sang. But the man did not hear. So the man yelled "God, speak to me" and the thunder rolled across the sky. But the man did not listen. The man looked around and said, "God let me see you" and a star shined brightly. But the man did not notice. And the man shouted, "God show me a miracle" and a life was born. But the man did not know. So the man cried out in despair, "Touch me God, and let me know you are there" Whereupon God reached down and touched the man. But the man brushed the butterfly away and walked on.

Somebody is looking at whatever you do, so always present your most charming you
Don't miss out on a blessing because
it isn't packaged the way you expect!

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