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A few things are close,
but a majority leaves a lot to be desired...


1. Because Start has to begin somewhere...

Here are a few things related to physics one needs to keep in mind while reading ...and Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, is your friend.

A). Light travels at a particular rate of speed. Most stars, that can be seen, are between 7,000 and 8,000 light years away. A light year is a unit of astronomical distance equivalent to the distance light travels in one year, which is 9.4607 × 1012 km (nearly 6 trillion miles). The most distant star that can be seen with the naked eye is "V762", Cassiopeiae, which is around 16,300 light years away.

[Note: The following information, may or may not have been entirely discovered or disclosed at this moment.]

B). Living, breathing, things emit DC pulse; including the human body, which relates to brain nodes and body/function control. These nodes play a major role in the incredible electronic network that keeps one alive.

1). DC pulse can be measured and provide unique frequency identifiers; however, part of the human equation is missing. The place where zero point decimal nine (0.9) turns into one point zero (1.0) has not been discovered, yet, and, as a result, a majority of equations are incorrect. (fwiw) Using plus/minus values DOES NOT WORK (in this case) because of distance.

a). Because the human species on Earth seems to kill for no reason, which is no fault of their own and will be explained later, it is probably better, at this stage, that number one does not exist because, with that knowledge, an extremely deadly nano weapon; having no physical footprint, could be constructed in order to rid one of that which is considered to inhibit another human's development.

C). Chaos is sometimes defined as 'formless matter existing before creation of the universe' and can be used in something you are not ready to understand called "metapsychic bioneural programming [MBP]," which relies on generation, operation, destruction scripts; also referred to as GOD scripts, and capable of penetrating the simplest of networks throughout the "many mansions" [habitable planets], "in my father's house".

1). Intersection points and platforms exist in chaos; coinciding with 'light travel' & 'unique frequency identifier' crossings, and are mathematically accessible.

a). In simple terms, 'what happened a moment ago, in light, is now traveling through eternal time and space at rate of 300,000 meters or 186,000 miles per second'.

D). One does not actually see; one only reflects that which exists in light.

1). Reflective vision encompasses a little over 180 degrees; from peripheral vision of the right eye to peripheral vision of the left eye.

2). Everything else; including infinite time and space, is on the "other side", or 'back here', behind your head, where all things touch.

E). When all of String theory finally gets out of committee, necessary, extra dimensions will become available.

F). Lies are duality of truth.

G). A close definition relating to all of the above phenomena comes from Tibet, Nepal, India regions and called Akashic Records.

...[more, later]

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