Bobby Kent

Still Here by Bobby Kent

Still Here

Complete Track 09 MP3 - Sweeping Through The City - Shirley Caesar


Track 01 - MP3 Sample - Still Here - Milton Briggham - Performed by Miss Mass Choir

Track 02 - MP3 Sample - You Can't Beat God Giving - written by Doris Akers

Track 03 - MP3 Sample - Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus - Lymes Timmothy Britten

Track 04 - MP3 Sample - He Touched Me - Bill Gaither

Track 05 - MP3 Sample - I Can't Help But Serve The Lord

Track 06 - MP3 Sample - Oh I Want To See Him - R.H. Cornelius

Track 07 - MP3 Sample - Trust Him

Track 08 - MP3 Sample - The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power - Andre Crouch

Track 09 - MP3 Sample - Sweeping Through The City - Shirley Caesar [Complete track above]

Music is free, Shipping and Handling $10.00

Under His Influence by Bobby Kent
Under His Influence

Complete Track 07 MP3 - Standing On The Promises - Russel K. Carter, 1886


Track 01 - MP3 Sample - Take Me Back - Andre Crouch

Track 02 - MP3 Sample - I'll Say Yes To The Lord - Unknown

Track 03 - MP3 Sample - Send It On Down - Geron Davis

Track 04 - MP3 Sample - I Shall Wear A Crown - James Cleveland

Track 05 - MP3 Sample - Just A Little While To Stay Here - Eugene Monroe Bartlett, 1885

Track 06 - MP3 Sample - I Surrender All - Judson W.Van DeVentner, 1896

Track 07 - MP3 Sample - Standing On The Promises - Russel K. Carter, 1886 [Complete track above]

Track 08 - MP3 Sample - By And Bye - Charles Trindley, 1905

Music is free, Shipping and Handling $10.00

The list of thanks for the recording of these two CD's is as follows:

Tim Chasee, owner of TK Studios, for letting me record there. Thank you Tim!

Bob Hertzler, the sound engineer and mixer, for all his hard work at the controls and mixing board, for all his hard work. Thank you Bob!

Steve "thunder" Sunderbruchfor his hot drums! Thank you Steve!

And the musician family of Rushin' River and friends, whose support and inspiration were heartfelt ..and instrumental in getting me out to California for the first CD. Thank you..I love you all!

I am not selling this music. It is free to anyone who would like one or both! All I ask is for shipping and cost of the materials to burn and send out to you. $10.00 per each CD

Write me at: to work out details. I also have paypal.

You may write me and request my address to send check or MO if you wish, when you write me, and I'll get your shipping info.

Thank you so much for your support of my music. May you be blesst as you listen to this joyful noise.

Say AMEN, Somebody !!

Special amd loving thanks to Zuckerprinz, who has supported and burned the CD from the beginning!

And last but not least ~@~ (curtis), a friend who helped me do this!!

God bless us one and all, Bobby Kent

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