3 Steps to Self Revolution

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Steve Bell

3 Steps to Self Revolution
by Dahbud Mensch

Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and that Guy from Connecticut are shredding the safety and happiness of United States citizens.

Whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. - Declaration of Independence, saying screw you to King George

Are You Feeling Safe and Happy?

If the answer is NO here are some things that may help change these feelings.

1). Turn off your Television and Shun Corporate Media to End Neocon Oppression

If you have trouble sleeping, try this experiment for one week.

Everybody usually has a list of chores that need to be done. Turn off your TV for one week (Cold Turkey) and see how many of those chores can get completed. If you need some form of media in the background, dig out your old records, CDs, or tapes and listen to them. Do not listen to or watch the news (via Internet), specifically!

If there is an urge to read, pick up that book you have always 'meant to read', but 'have never gotten around to'.

After the third day, for the most part, one will notice sleep patterns returning.

Here are some things passed on to me by ~@~ regarding Television.

Before the first Gulf War (Desert Storm), Ted Turner's CNN was a 'day-by-day', 'hand-to-mouth', 'rag-tag', media company, that did not make very much money.

By 'on-the-spot' reporting from a 'war zone', CNN started to climb the ratings chart, was soon a competitive 'news player,' and now had the necessary capital to grow.

There was an upper level corporate media executive meeting that occurred where CNN was discussed in great detail and the conclusion reached was, 'if one could gain the public's attention with what later became known as 'reality show' consciousness, media companies could count on a larger share rating and make more money.' They also figured out if they could scare U.S. citizens into staying home, they could get 'captured viewers' and make even more money. A test was arranged to see if this was true.

Since I am sure most will not remember this test, here is what they did. There was a story running in Europe about kids stealing cars and going joy riding. It is important to know there was, at this point, no violence involved in this joy riding, other than, perhaps, messing up the stolen car.

U.S. corporate media started playing this story over and over, until some kid (iirc) in New York, uses a gun to carjack; at which point, corporate media increased the frequency of airing this story.

The end result of this ploy (by corporate media) was a national increase in violent carjacking; installing fear in the average citizen, which was their plan; i.e., make the people of the United States fearful and they will stay home and watch TV.

The next phase of this involved foreign tourists (mostly German) getting murdered in, mostly, Florida and aired in order to build on an already established corporate media public fear base.

The next thing that happened was an explosion of 24/7 media outlets, like the General Electric, Microsoft station, MSNBC, etc. and if you don't recall, shortly after this was when the O.J. Simpson murder trial started... the rest should be obvious.

One thing complicit corporate media does not want you to remember or see, is how they were treated as PIGS during the Vietnam War.

I remember a peaceful march in San Francisco that a media vehicle drove into the middle of, in order to 'get a better shot' of the people in the crowd, and was attacked.

The camera and equipment were stolen, the reporter was locked in the trunk, and the camera and sound crew were beaten when they tried to run away.

It is important to know, at that time, corporate media were turning over tapes of people at demonstrations against the war in Vietnam, to a corrupt Republican Nixon government, who attempted to take action on participants.

After a number of corporate media were hurt at these demonstrations, had their buildings 'tagged as supporters of an illegal war', and people started turning off their TVs, they (corporate media) started to put more effort in reporting the truth about war, which eventually brought the Vietnam war to an end.

Dead and Wonded i Vietnam

I am sure everyone is aware U.S. Secretary of Defense, 1961 to 1968, Robert McNamara, said many years later that he had "lied about the Vietnam war and could have ended it years earlier, saving millions of lives."

McNamara murdered U.S. Troops and got away with it, just like Rumsfeld and the chickenhawks currently running OUR country.

Military families live in dread, while
the rest of America is busy shopping

With the army stretched by Iraq to the brink of restoring the draft,
US politicians rely on the distraction of a tax cut

Gary Younge, Monday August 13, 2007, The Guardian


2). If you take Tranquillizers, Sleeping Pills or Antidepressants you are part of the problem. Learn how to free yourselves from these EVIL drugs. See your doctor.

First, we (all of us here) wish to apologize to anybody we might have offended when speaking about this subject. It was our intention to help and our concept of truth is sometimes harsh; especially when people have been lied to by the medical profession.

Second, if you take any of these drugs, do not stop taking them without talking to a honest doctor. We have discovered from talking with people, who take this junk, that, for the most part, Doctors never explained to their patients they needed to "ease themselves off these bad drugs" in case they wanted to stop. You have been tricked and addicted by "profits not people" corporatists!

Many have seen this link appear here before and this is the reason behind Step 2:

Stoned Out of Their Minds
by Fly_On_The_Wall
Tranquillizers, Sleeping Pills & Antidepressants
by Joan E. Gadsby


Balzac told me an interesting conspiracy story about control of world population.

He said that during the 1980s a group of very wealthy people formed a think tank to study 'sustaining word population increase in the future.'

From the information collected, 'they' decided the world population was growing at 'to rapid a pace to sustain life in the future' and started to figure out how to decrease world population (without getting caught).

Anything said beyond this would probably lead to legal battles, so we will leave you with an experiment to test this projection.

Experiment: Tune into any corporate media during their evening news broadcast and notice how many commercials, they have, for DURGS MOST PEOPLE DO NOT UNDERSTAND and especially listen to the SIDE EFFECTS of these FDA approved drugs. I assure you, if you do this (watch the news and note drug commercials), you will be amazed.

Despite a new onslaught of lies regarding marijuana, there are people who have replaced the above evil drugs with medical marijuana, ...with great success.

If your state approves of medical marijuana, and you have a doctor you trust, ask about switching. If your state does not approve, VOTE for those who would advocate and the truth is tobacco and alcohol KILL and are legal; whereas,

Nobody never died from medical marijuana !

Manipulation Accomplished

3). When eating a sandwich at the delicatessen, be sure to remove the toothpick before taking your first bite.

The Ten Suggestions
by Paul Krassner

1. Stay well-informed and be on the alert for disinformation; besides mainstream media, check out alternative papers and the Internet, especially the international press.

2. Maintain empathy for the motivation of terrorists and sympathizers, bearing in mind that they are victims of their own conditioning.

3. Start saving the world by acting in every aspect of your daily life as though you were a role model for all humankind.

4. Understand and forgive your foibles instead of guilt-tripping yourself.

5. Resist police-state legislation passed in the guise of security.

6. Pro-choice or not, don't abort your inner child.

7. With the stench and sadness of death so much in the air, practice loving those you cherish while they're still alive.

8. Keep feeling hopeful by finding your balance between total despair and the 100th Monkey fable.  As Harry Chapin said, "If we don't act like there's hope, there is no hope."  And remember, placebos work.

9. Pay attention to Godspin, such as, "I never said Promised Land, I said I'd see what I could do."

10. When eating a sandwich at the delicatessen, be sure to remove the toothpick before taking your first bite.

[Ed. Note: (iirc) Paul Krassner sent this to ~@~ on September 20, 2001]


Throughout America's adventure in free government, our basic purposes have been to keep the peace; to foster progress in human achievement, and to enhance liberty, dignity and integrity among people and among nations. To strive for less would be unworthy of a free and religious people. Any failure traceable to arrogance, or our lack of comprehension or readiness to sacrifice would inflict upon us grievous hurt both at home and abroad. - President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Ret. General. - The Military-Industrial [Corporate Media] Complex


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