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You have applied for an account on the MIT ITS system with the login name_____
Please read the enclosed tourist policy statement and rules, and then fill out tile enclose(i information/application form, making sure to sign it in the place indicated, attesting to your having read the policy statement and rules. Then return it to Tourist Policy, 545 Technology SqUarE.-, Cambridge, MA 02139.

You should retain the policy statement and rules for future reference.

When your completed form has been received (please allow at least a week for the U.S. Mail), your account will be initialized. When you log in for the first time, you will receive a message reminding YOU to run tile INQUIRE program (see item 6) and telling you who your "advisor" is (see item 5). This person will be your contact with MIT, and is the person to whom YOU Should direct most Of Your questions and problems and the person who will direct your activities associated with your use of the MIT ITS machine. The laboratories will from time to time inform you about any specific policies you should follow concerning use of the machine on which you have an account.

We hope your use of the MIT ITS machine will prove pleasant and beneficial.