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Radio Control Models

Radio Control Foamie Workstation Bench
Foamie Workstation Bench

Update 201602.26

After 63 years of flying without incident, I have been forced to get rid of all my aircraft weighing 0.55 lbs. (or above) because of Google's Eric Schmidt, Politicians, the FAA, and inability of AMA to prevent government registration.

FAA Finally Admits Names And Home Addresses In Drone Registry Will Be Publicly Available

I am now focusing on nano drones, helicopters, and planes weighing less than government registration requirement, rc vehicles, and spending more time on robotics.

Of Interest

The astounding athletic power of quadcopters ~ Raffaello D'Andrea

Flight Assembled Architecture/Architectures volantes
A project by Gramazio & Kohler and Raffaello d'Andrea

Autonomous 3D Flight & Cooperative Control of Multiple Micro Aerial Vehicles
Vijay Kumar ~ http://vimeo.com/20517463

Ars Electronica Futurelab in collaboration with Ascending Technologies
49 quadcopters ~ Klangwolke (Cloud of Sound) ~ Music Festival, Linz, Austria

Drone's view of Burning Man 2014 ~ Eric Cheng

Beautiful Scotland ~ John Duncan ~ http://vimeo.com/100426447

Pipeline Winter 2013 ~ Eric Sterman ~ http://vimeo.com/83187924

Musical Laser Forests, Light Painting, & Quadcopters Meet Marshmallow Laser Feast
The Creators Project ~ http://vimeo.com/64662736

Octocopter ~ Flying over Estonia ~ JAM Aerials ~ http://vimeo.com/78370957

Tricopter ~ The Movie ~ W. Thielicke ~ http://vimeo.com/6766174

A Few of My Favorites

Blade Nano QX
Blade Nano QX

Blade Nano QX Motor Tempatures = 72.2 F degrees
Photograph Taken of Each Motor After Five (5) Minutes of Flight ~ (72.2 F)

nQX without propeller protectors
Propellers have been filed/sanded to remove rough edges

Sloar charging the Nano QX battery
Solar Charging the Nano QX Battery

DX18 - Blade Nano QX
For Nano QX on DX18

For DJI F450 ~ Quad Avatar on DX18 via freechip

Fixing Blade Nano CPX
Fixing Blade Nano CPX

Blade 300X
Blade 300X

300X Blade Prop Weight Before Balancing
Blade 300X Prop Weight Before Balancing

Blade nQX Props and DJI F450 Arms
Blade nQX Props and DJI F450 Arms

nQX Prop Weight Before Balancing
Blade nQX Prop Weight Before Balancing

DJI F450 Arm Weight Before Balancing
DJI F450 Arm Weight Before Balancing

Related Interests

Hexapod Robots ~ Matt Denton ~ http://vimeo.com/31433784

Bajdupod 996R: Arduino hexapod ~ Bajdi ~ http://vimeo.com/67994924

A Responsive Robotics Platform for Hexapod Robotics ~ Future Cities Lab

ROBOTS WE MADE, UNITE! ~ nerdworking ~ http://vimeo.com/22494791

Pleo and Phoenix fall in love ~ Jennero Rossi ~ http://vimeo.com/6197376

Foamboard Scratchbuild University

Experimental Airlines

RC Archive

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