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HD tidbits from 1980

Newsgroups: rec.motorcycles.harley
From: Bruce Bryner <BBry...@iusb.edu>
Date: 1999/02/16
Subject: HD tidbits from '80

HD tidbits from '80

Main Models, (production #s)
all 4 speed, except FLT

XLH - 1,000cc (11,841) $5,867**
XLS - 1,000cc ( 2,926) 'Roadster'
[HD thins to one Sporty. Good move? Watch the subsequent production

FXE - 1,200 (3,169)
FXEF - 80ci (4,773) 'Fat Bob'
FXS - 80ci (5,922) 'Low Rider'
FXS - 1,200 (3) [Here's your rare bike. $155,000 in semi-mint <g>]
FXWG - 80ci (6,085) 'Wide Glide' $5,683**
FXB - 80ci (1,470) 'Sturgis' [tribute tribations] $5,687**

FLH - 1,200 (1,111)/ 80ci (1,625)
FLH police (80ci-391)/(1200-528)
FLHS - 80ci (914) ["Standard?"]
FLHC - 80ci (2,480) (+463 w/side car) "Classic"
FLT - 80ci (528) "Touring"

Paint: birch white, bright blue, saddle brown[I wonder who's saddle],
candy red, rich red, vivid black, FXS sliver charcoal gray.


XH - optional Hugger, [first I've seen this word in the specs], pakcage
w/shorter absorbers and thinner seat. ['cause you really wanna show off
for the Iron Butt tour].
Many of the XLCR's still where showroom pieces, and the Sportster was
having a bit of sales difficulty. Keep watching the production numbers.

FXS - Motorola ignition w/advance, 2-1 exhaust[ugly], stash
pouch[hmmm..what stash do you suppose], sissy bar.
[I have a question here for anyone knowing. My view of Motorola has been computer related. They have made superb electronics for many years regarding telecommunications, and recently, Apple clones. Can anyone tell me how they faired in the HD ignition arena?]

FXB - [Yee Haw, It's Sturgis time] Model FXB Sturgis, based, [yet
another], on the Low Rider.
- belt primary, belt final, 2in extended forks, Motorola ignition, drag
handlebars, kickstart, "Sturgis" lettered badge on forks, windened
swingarm to compensate for wide belt final, rubber block compensator
sprocket, rubber mount instrument tank, oil cooler, short sissy, leather
stash pouch[this is Sturgis], closed breather from crank to breather,
pegs, black chrome and paint scheme[looks good, but ugly pipe(s)], nine
spoke cast wheels, Carb = bendix, brakes = F & R drum, top speed = 106 mph, oil capacity = 4 qts[dang..], 3.5 gallon fuel tank, 65 hp,
Bore/STroke = 3.50 x 4.25".
BTW = "B" stands for 'Belt'[or so I'm to believe], this is another
Willie G creation. Gates Rubber Company, had used Aramid nylon fiber to make belts capable of the final drive intensity, withOUT[supposedly],
adjustment and lube such as chains. The belts DID last longer than HD
first anticipated,[but I REALLY like the sound of the chain]. The new
gearbox offered 3.27:1, equaling 60mph @ 2,500 rpm.[I'll take my quicker acceleration, thank ye]. FXB will be short lived.

FXEF-80 - electronic ignition w/advance, option cast wheels, dual gas
tank[I like it].

*^* New Model-FLT-80 - engine, tranny, primary is bolted into one unit, 3 point rubber engine mount, 5 speed, oil bath enclosed rear chain [favored mostly in SF], "Sport Bike" steering geometry[ya got me, I have no idea what this is. Anyone?], new frame of welded tubes and stampings [again, like it was just bolted before. I would love to hear more on this.], frame extending in front of steering head, frame featuring rectangular steel backbone w/no center post and 2 downtubes and shocks in position to allow more rear wheel travel [it must be a Sport], cone cover shape to oil tank, wheelbase of 62.5[front wheel in Texas, rear wheel in Florida], 16" wheel, 781lbs, "Classic" loggo on front fender[since it so closely resembles older HD's <eg>], instruments mounted on forks, improved exhaust[weeze instead of cough], frame mounted fairing w/dual headlights[Ok, all you new FL owners will like this], spin on oil filter[and rattle off], Motorola ignition w/advance, larger than standard saddlebags, frame mounted seat, dual 10" front brakes, rear brake = (1) 12", storage in fairing, tank w/o mounted speedo, footboards not spring mounted, ignition switch includes fork lock, 2 pieck heel/toe shifter [my fingers hurt]. [ D@^^n, I want one of these!!].

FLHC - "Classic" logo on fender, Motorola.

*^* New Model - FXWG "Wide Glide" - 80ci, 4 speed. Blacked out engine w/polished fins, black w/orange flames, extended forks, wider triple clamps, small front fender, wider front axle, 21" front wheel, dual gas tanks w/FLH style speedo[5 gallon], bobbed rear fender, rigid, stepped seat, forward control, stash pouch, padded sissy[now this is TOO cushy], kickstart, seat height=26.25[geesh, will the Low Rider influence never stop, <e.e.e.g>], spoked wheels, Motorola, buckhorn bars, tiny head light[with easy access to the "stash pouch", what do you care where your headed. "It's where you are, MAN!"], staggered shorty dual exhaust.

MoFoCo minutes:
The feds asked the motorcyle industry to complicate their ID system, due to high rates of theft. [Hmmm.. Senator Bubba's nephew down south is getting caught for stealing alotta bikes, so Senator Bubba gets the manufacturers to make VIN numbers so friggin obscure, no one can possible read them with a single degree of recognition. This is passed in a bill along with 2.3 trillion dollars toward bombs we don't need, so that congressman "got bucks"'s home state will have 1.7 million in revenue to build a bridge across a 4 foot waterway. Got it.]
Yeah, this will help.

Charles Thompson named to 'president and deputy group executive' of HD.

Racing: Randy Moss wins AMA Grand National Champ'eeenship'.

As always, ***tidbits taken from various sources.

The Journey IS the Reward.