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HD tidbits from 1929

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From: Bruce Bryner <BBry...@iusb.edu>
Date: 1999/03/13
Subject: HD tidbits from '29

HD tidbits from '29
[ The End ]

[1929 was the end of the decade. It was the end of one way in which
people would view wealth and the stock market. It was the end of the
pioneering small time American motorcycle manufacturer.
It was also the end of the first era that was and is... Harley Davidson.]

AWWW. Ain't it cute. It's a 'Baby Harley'.
The model C & CM was a 30.5ci single flathead. With it's tendency to
overheat, and odd looks, it did not do very well in the US, but sold
well overseas, especially in Japan, until 1937. HD tried to cut corners
by using the same heavy frames as the twins.

[Enter one good thing from 1929, the 45ci).

The first version of the Model D would scare away some buyers, but the
45ci would become main stay for HD. It's original intent was to be an
economical mode of transportation.

Model DL Specs: flathead, 45.32ci, (746.33cc), 2.75" x 3.81"
bore/stroke, 5:1 compression, 18.5 horses, duplex chain primary,
coil/points ignition, 390 lbs, 3.75 gallon fuel, 7.5 pts oil, 70 mph,
Dow-metal pistons, removable Ricardo heads, 7 bolt hole cylinders, four
cam gears-each with their own lobe, dry clutch, cup-and-cone style rear
axle bearings, dual bullet headlights, 18" wheels, removable side cover
on tranny.

[By the way, the market crash/Black Tuesday, was October 29th. HD was doing well in '29 though, making 21,000 of the 31,000 motorcycles produced this year. HD is left with only 2 real competitors, Indian and Excelsior. Excelsior would not survive past 1931].

Speaking of extinction, this is the last year for the J models and the

Main Models, (Production #'s), 3 speeds:

29-B Solo, 21ci, flathead, (1,592), $235
29-BA Sport Solo, 21ci, OHV, (191), $255

29-C Solo, 30.5ci, flathead, (1,570), $255

V-Twins F-heads and Model D Flatheads:
29-J Solo, 61ci, electrical, (2,886), $310
29-JS Sidecar Twin, 61ci, electrical, $310
29-JH Solo, Two-cam, 61ci, Dow-metal pistons

29-D Solo, 45ci, high compression, (4,513), $290
29-DL Sport Solo, 45ci, high compression, (2,343), $290

V-twin 74ci, F-heads:
29-JD Solo, electrical, (10,182), $320
29-JDS Sidecar Twin, light iron-alloy piston, $320
29-JS Sidecar Twin, Dow-metal pistons

29-JDH Solo, Two-cam, Down-metal pistons, $370

A (197), AA (21), BAF (213), T Racer, SA Racer, SMA Racer, F-Solo (191), FS-Sidecar, FL, FD (73) , FDS, FDH, FHAC, FHAD, JXL, JDXL, JDF.

Harley Davidson Sidecars & Chassis:

29-LC - chassis for LT
29-MC - chassis for M
29-LT - Tourist Sidecar
29-LX - Sidecar for Speedster
29-M - commercial van
29-MO - open body commercial
29-Q - chassis
29-QT - 2 passenger, Tourist
(other various commercial models: MW, MWC, MXP, MX, MSP - differences being in width, screens or panels), MNP-Newspaper, MDC-Dryers/cleaners.

Options: Acetylene lighting, ammeter, 27x3.5" High Pressure tires, various Balloon Cord tires, speedo by Corbin-Brown, jiffy stand, luggage carrier, light color finish, heel brake, Tandem seat, passenger pegs, winter windshield, hand brake for singles, speedo light, air cleaner.

Twins- Olive Green w/maroon broad strip, edged in black w/gold center
pinstripe. Also available at extra cost: black, fawn gray, azure blue,
maroon, coach green, orange, white, cream, or police blue, (or 2 color

Singles- Olive Green w/maroon broad strip w/gold center pinstripe.

MoCo minutes:
- HD has now supplied 2,900 moto's to US law enforcement agencies.
- Walter C Davidson, Gordon Davidson and William J Harley, join HD.
- CHiP first order was the JD.

***tidbits taken from various sources.

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